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Difference Between Roomba and Neato

Roomba and Neato are two of the leading manufacturers of automated vacuum cleaners. Both are well recognized names in the smart home space known for their state-of-the-art line of robotic vacuum cleaners. Roomba is a family of autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners sold and managed by iRobot, whereas Neato is a robotics company that makes smart cleaning machines. Both hold a major share of the smart home cleaning market. We compare the top tier smart vacuum cleaners from Roomba and Neato.


Roomba is a line of smart robotic vacuum cleaners sold by iRobot, the leading global consumer robot company that designs top-quality intelligent smart home products, especially robotic vacuum cleaners. iRobot builds innovative home products, including the Roomba line of robot vacuums and Braava line of robot mops. The company was founded in 1990 by three members of the MIT’s AI Lab.


Neato is a robotics company and a subsidiary of Germany-based, family-owned business, Vorwerk. Based in San Jose, California, Neato is known for its fine line of robotic vacuum cleaners. The company was founded in Newark, California in 2005, and made its robot vacuum debut with the XV-11 in 2010. Neato vacuums are known for their unique D-shaped form factor and straight-line cleaning pattern.

Difference between Roomba and Neato


Maybe not the first thing someone would notice in a robotic vacuum cleaner, but when comparing Roomba and Neato, the very first noticeable difference is the shape. That being said, Roombas are known for their round-shaped robots whereas Neato botvacs stand out with their unique D-shaped form factor. Thanks to the D-shape design, Neato botvacs are suitable for all floor types and get closer to walls and into tough corners.


When you go shopping for robotic vacuum cleaners, the most important thing you look for is how they go about cleaning your house and how efficiently. The top of the line models of both the brands are premium ones. Neato botvacs use the powerful laser mapping technology to scan the room to smartly figure out the distance between objects and the size of obstacles. Roombas, particularly the S9 Plus comes with a self-emptying bin, which is a major plus. In terms of basic functionality, both the robotic vacuums are fairly matched.


Roomba’s top of the end model, the Roomba S9 Plus is easily the most expensive automated robotic vacuum cleaner on the market, thanks to a hefty $1,399 price tag, which is insane. But you get some cool top-notch features for this much money. The Neato Botvac D7 is also a great smart cleaning machine in almost half the Roomba’s price. At $599, the Botvac D7 ought to be the preferred choice among many homeowners. Both clean quickly and efficiently.

Smart Features

Both Roombas and Neato botvacs work well with Amazon and Google Assistant so you can easily pick either one of them and get them to start cleaning just with your voice command. The Roomba S9 Plus cleans itself and empties the dust in its own dustbin. That’s kind of an extra feature but definitely cool. Both let you schedule times to clean certain rooms. The Neato D7 certainly covers more ground and cleans the same amount of space in less time, thanks to its powerful laser mapping technology. Besides, both of them allow you to demarcate off-limit areas.

Roomba vs. Neato: Comparison Chart


Both the devices are evenly matched in terms of basic functionality like cleaning power, navigation, and smart features. A Roomba certainly does more if you’re willing to pay more. But if you consider value for money in the extra features category, the round goes to Neato. The Roombas edge out the botvacs as far as the cleaning power is concerned, but the Neato is faster, navigate more efficiently, and cover more grounds. So, if money is no big deal for you, you can go straight ahead with the Roomba. But if you consider value over money, Neato is the one for you.

What is better Neato or Roomba?

Both Neato and Roomba are fairly matched in terms of basic functionality like cleaning power, navigation, and smart features. Roomba is better if you’re willing to pay. Neato is a better value product, though.

What is better than Roomba?

Eufy is probably the best alternative to Roomba, particularly the RoboVac X8 shines in all categories, thanks to its smart, powerful features.

Is Neato a good robot vacuum?

Neato botvacs are among the best smart cleaning machines on the market. Also, the Neato app is fairly well-designed and easy to use, and the smart features are a major bonus. So overall, Neato is a leading name in the robot vacuum market.

What is the best vacuum robot on the market?

The Roomba S9 Plus is one of the best rated autonomous robot vacuums on the market. Its strong suction and cleaning power combined with automatic dirt disposal technology make it a worthy contender.

How long does Neato last?

Robot vacuums in general, not just Neato botvacs, typically last in the range of four to six years, but that also depends on the usage.

Where are Neato Robotics made?

Neato Robotics is located in San Jose, California.

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