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Difference Between VPN and VNC

vpnVPN vs VNC

Virtual Private Networking is a software implementation that allows users to connect computers that are on a large public network like the internet to behave as if they are connected to the same switch. In comparison, VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is another software implementation but for a totally different purpose. VNC is used to control the desktop of a computer from another computer via the network connection.

VPN is a more advanced version that provides the same functionalities as tunneling protocols. It allows other applications that can connect on a local network but does not have the ability to connect via the internet to have this capability. Two examples of this would be Hamachi and Garena. Hamachi is an all around VPN software while Garena is VPN software that is focused specifically on gaming.

VNC is extremely useful if you need to access your desktop from somewhere else or if you need to access your files securely from another computer. One of the more famous applications of VNC is remote access for support where an IT personnel takes control of the computer to change some settings or to fix a certain problem. Some large companies provide this to their employees as it is a lot faster compared to talking them through the whole procedure or having the IT personnel go to workstation. VNC can also be used by people who work at home on occasion. With VNC, you can access your work computer and work as if you are right on your desk.

VNC utilizes a lot of bandwidth because it constantly sends updates of how the screen appears. If you want to utilize VNC over the internet, you would need to have high speed internet connections at both locations. You would also need to configure things properly, including the router and firewalls, in order to let the connection through. Having a functional VPN in place makes the whole process a lot easier as it removes the additional steps that needs to be taken in order to ensure that the connection is accepted as it should be.

1. VPN is a method of creating a private network on top of a larger public network while VNC is software that allows one user on a computer to control another computer over Ethernet
2. VNC is often used on top of VPN to access another running computer or files on it

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