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Amazon vs Amazon Marketplace

While the names may create some confusion, there are subtle differences between the website Amazon and Amazon Marketplace. Amazon the website itself is a sales site similar to the major retailers we shop from on a daily basis, like Wal-Mart or Target. This Amazon site sells everything from baby products to home décor and clothing. Amazon Marketplace is a culmination of various retailers who are selling their products through Amazon’s Marketplace, it has been referred to as a shopping center for retailers like Wal-Mart and Target. Amazon may be helping these other retailers to ship their products or gain additional revenue for their businesses.
When shopping from Amazon.com you are shopping directly from Amazon, and are viewing a selection of the only products that Amazon has to offer. If you shop from Amazon Marketplace you are shopping from Amazon alongside other retailers who have chosen to use Amazon’s services. This allows for more price comparisons between the online retailer and other companies. Typically because of the various retailers available, Amazon Marketplace has a larger variety of items to purchase.
Not all retailers are allowed to sell in Amazon Marketplace. Only retailers from certain countries are allowed to sell and the members must have financial accounts in the few countries the Marketplace allows. At Amazon Marketplace, sellers can also purchase new and used items, which is not the case at Amazon.com, where all items are new. Amazon Marketplace also charges a fee for their service when something from your site is sold. Typically it is a percentage of the item that is sold. When something from Amazon is purchased, that money all directly goes to Amazon.com.
Both Amazon and Amazon Marketplace are accessible online and carry products similar to most online retail sites. If an item you seek is not available from Amazon.com, it is quite possibly found on Amazon Marketplace from another retailer. Amazon Marketplace is a way for other sites to sell their products, as Amazon is a widely searched site. Both sites still have ratings and product info to explain the products to consumers.
While it may seem that the differences are minor between Amazon and Amazon Marketplace, they are actually run very differently and both generate millions of customers and dollars each year for Amazon.

1. Amazon is an online retailer of various products. Amazon Marketplace is the online shopping network where other retailers can sell their products from the Amazon site.
2. Amazon.com is a listing of products Amazon has to offer. The Amazon Marketplace lists Amazon’s products and the products of other sites that are part of the Marketplace.
3. Amazon Marketplace allows sellers to resell used and new items, whereas Amazon does not.
4. Both Amazon and Amazon Marketplace carry products similar to other major online retailers.
5. Amazon Marketplace takes a percentage of each sale completed between another seller and the buyer. When purchases are made from Amazon there is no middle man, so all money is given to Amazon.

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  2. Thank you man!
    Just now I understand this differential . You wrote useful article.
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  3. I have a charge to Amazon Marketplace on my credit card and don’t know why. I need to know why and how to get reimbursed.

  4. Can you make a return to amazon marketplace internet. If so, how?

  5. Very clear and concise. Thank you!

  6. There is a vendor pushing free samples of stuff like Garcinia, Facial products, hair products under the guise of Amazon Marketplace. It first invites you to complete a questionnaire – mostly questions about how you use Amazon, then it leads you to a list of vendors with the products mentioned. But the products they are pushing are not free: they will charge shipping, then they enter you their automated delivery program. Very hard to get out of once you’ve been bitten. The vendor that sells the Garcinia (Top Choice) is no where to be found if you want to cancel your order – if you call them, they cannot find your order, and it’s impossible to cancel. I got my credit card company to chase all of these down and to cancel the order and get me a refund. It’s a real scam, and makes me distrust Amazon.

  7. this is not working for me- when i click the green button, i get sent to regular amazon with the higher price.

    how do i buy from wikibuy?

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  9. I have 2 charges on my Discover card that I do not think are mine.
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    #2 is the same name and address and it is for $27.54
    Would you please check this and let me know. Thanks Barbara Lee

  10. I have 2 charges on my Visa card that I do not think are mine. #1 is Amazon Mktplace AMZN.com/BillWA for amount of $24.91 and #2 is Amazon Mktplace AMZN.com/Bill WA for amount of $20.00

    Please verify who (address and phone number along with name) of who authorized this charge or purchased this inventory.

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  12. Thank you for clearing this up and giving a simple answer.

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