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Facebook and LinkedIn are two social networking sites that let people connect to other people, whom they already know or would like to get to know better. Each member creates his or her own profile which other people can then see. The primary difference between the two is the intended use of each. Facebook is focused more on socializing, meeting new friends and building relationships. LinkedIn, on the other hand, focuses more on creating business relationships, where the user can create deals, look for jobs, and hire employees straight from the web. As a direct consequence of this integral difference, users of LinkedIn tend to be older than the users of Facebook.

As LinkedIn is business oriented, companies can post information about themselves, like locations and what they are about, among other things. Users can then search for these companies and gain access to this information to gauge whether they would like to apply to that company. Facebook does not have this feature, as it focuses more on person to person relationships, and not on large entities like companies. LinkedIn also provides a service called LinkedIn Answers. This is very similar to the services of Google and Yahoo, where people can post questions and answers.

With both sites, people can create accounts for free, but LinkedIn users have the option to take a paid membership, something that is not available with Facebook. By getting a paid membership, you gain access to features that are unavailable for the free account. Paid memberships vary in price and limits imposed on the number of times you can use each feature. Facebook does not offer paid membership plans, and users can only get a free account.

Although there are debates to which one is better, and people sometimes suggest that you abandon one in favor of the other, you can actually have accounts with both. Having two accounts can even be beneficial, as it allows you to separate your personal life from your working life. We always strive to appear professional at work, as it indicates excellent ethics. Anything goes when it comes to your personal life, and you can let your true self show, no matter how quirky you are.


1. Facebook focuses entirely on the social aspects of networking, while LinkedIn is geared more towards business aspects.

2. Users of LinkedIn are generally older than Facebook users.

3. LinkedIn can provide users with information about a certain company, while Facebook cannot.

4. LinkedIn has an Answers service, while Facebook does not.

5. LinkedIn has paid account plans, while Facebook does not have paid memberships.

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