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  1. Steven Cisternas
    December 16, 2018

    Great article. Zuckerberg has long way to go in his philanthropy before he catches up with Bill Gates….


    • Zachary
      April 11, 2019

      They are both grifters who have privatized, feudalized, and hoarded technology from the public commons (from which they benefited handsomely) and will hold back further technological and social progress decades if not centuries through monopolization, obscene levels of monetization, and fraudulently skirting the patent system through technology obfuscation, and trade secrets. Its par for the course these cheaters have and continue to collude with criminals in our intelligence agencies to expand the surveillance state in a massive scale privacy crimes aginst 4th Ammendment rights while promoting a corporate elite agenda through propaganda and censoring free speech…risking our very democracy. Meanwhile, regulators asleep at the wheel, turn a blind eye to enforcing antitrust legistation prohibiting such monopolistic power, racketeering, and unmerited wealth and resource extraction. Both belong in prison, and should share enough Pigovian taxes to place them into poverty…not receiving accolades from bootlickers in the media who want a piece of their corrupt pie.


  2. Martin
    April 23, 2020



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