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Difference Between Viber and Vonage Facebook Application

Viber vs Vonage Facebook Application

VoIP has become very popular for the sole reason that it allows unlimited calls without charges from the telecom. Once strictly on computers only, the rapid development of smartphones has also made it possible to use VoIP on the move. Viber and the Vonage Facebook Application, commonly known as the Vonage App, are two of the many apps that allow VoIP on the phone. Their biggest difference is in how they integrate to the phone. Viber syncs with the phonebook and uses the mobile phone number as a unique identifier. On the other hand, the Vonage app lacks this level of integration as it is quite separate from the phone. It requires a Facebook account to log-in. The advantage of using the most popular networking site is the very high probability that your friends are on there.

Availability is also another key factor. The Vonage app is available for both the iOS(iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android (HTC, Samsung, Motorola, etc.). On the other hand, Viber is currently usable for the iOS only; although the Viber team is working on getting it to the Android soon.

Just to follow up on the first point, Viber is much less intrusive than the Vonage app. You still see your contacts in the same way except that those who use Viber are marked so that you know who you call for free. It also runs silently in the background and only interrupts you if you get a VoIP call from your contacts. You do not need to worry about signing in or out on the Viber like you do on the Vonage app. The Vonage app can close the gap, though, but it requires some know-how during the installation in order to change the relevant settings. Viber is basically easier and simpler to use than the Vonage app.

What’s great about the Vonage app is that you can pretty much do most of your Facebook tasks on it. You can update your statues, chat with friends, and send them messages even if they do not have the Vonage app installed; they do need to have it installed before you can call them. Viber does not have this capability as it is not linked into Facebook.


1.Viber syncs with your phonebook while Vonage App syncs with your Facebook account.
2.Viber is not yet available for Android while the Vonage App is.
3.Viber integrates nicely with your phone while the Vonage App doesn’t.
4.Vonage app allows you to chat with your Facebook friends and post status updates while Viber does not.

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