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Difference Between Android and Meego

Android vs Meego

Meego is another platform that follows the path of Android. It is also open source and based on Linux. The main difference between Android and Meego is maturity; Android is considered to be a mature software that has been tried and tested while Meego is fairly new and has not gone through as much scrutiny and testing as Android has.

Android was created by Google and is still currently backed by the software giant. Android enjoys seamless integration with all of Google’s services. On the other hand, Meego is being backed by the concerted efforts of Nokia and Intel. Quite recently, Nokia has announced that its smartphones would be featuring Windows Phone 7; effectively putting Meego on ice and its future in question.

As a consequence of the first difference between the two, you can get Android on a lot more devices than you can Meego. Android is used by many phone manufacturers like HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, and many more. So far, Meego is only used in one phone (the Nokia N900) and a handful of netbooks. So if you are shopping for a new phone, then Android is your only option.

Another area of interest for most consumers is the number of applications that they can install on their device. Android has hundreds of thousands of applications in the Android market. Supported by thousands of enthusiastic developers, the actual number of apps is constantly increasing on a daily basis. In comparison, Meego doesn’t have many. Although some argue that there are a lot of Linux apps that can be easily ported to Meego, there are no guarantees that all apps would work. Those apps are also not optimized for the smaller screen sizes that the Meego would be operating on.

As already stated above, the future of Meego is quite questionable, and there would be no sense in waiting for it. Even if Nokia pushes on with its development, there is still the question of whether developers would flock to the platform. Android is already a successful operating system that has proven itself in smartphones and even in tablet devices. There is no indication that Android is losing steam as developments continue at a rapid rate.


1.Android is a mature OS while Meego is still in its early stages.
2.Android is backed by Google while Meego is backed by Intel and Nokia.
3.Android is in more devices than Meego.
4.Android has more apps than Meego.

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  1. Sir,
    I would like to proffer my opinion that although Nokia has axed Meego-based phones from it’s lineup, it has gotten a fresh breath of life in the form of a NEW OS altogether – JOLLA Sailfish! It is an OS which is yet being developed, YET many OEMs have already shown a keen interest in the same. As for its comparison to Android, we shall have to wait and see how well JOLLA play their cards.

    P.S. It is a common misconception that GOOGLE created Android – it was taken over in its nascent stages of development and EVOLVED to its current stature by Google. :p

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