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Difference Between Oracle and MySQL

Oracle vs MySQL

Oracle and MySQL are among the most popular relational databases that are used today, whether it is online or offline. They are both made by the Oracle Corporation so a lot of people are asking what the differences between the two are. Well, the main difference between Oracle and MySQL is their capabilities as Oracle is a much more powerful software than MySQL. You get things like inline views, role based security, advanced replication, and many more. A few key features that Oracle has over MySQL are listed below.

The first major advantage of Oracle is its ability to distribute large databases across multiple servers in order to handle large transaction loads and to optimize performance. MySQL is limited to a single database and as such, is not suited for very large databases that are accessed millions of times every day. Another limitation of MySQL is the lack of save points that should help in restoring the database to a previous state. MySQL is limited to the COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements.

Oracle also supports the creation of programs that are embedded within the database by way of a procedural language. These programs are very powerful as they can be executed independently or can be triggered by certain events occurring within the database.

Because of the differences in capabilities, Oracle is better for large scale deployments where its extensive capabilities come into good use. The only downside of Oracle is the licensing costs that are needed in order to use the software. These costs are often exorbitant and way beyond the reach of ordinary web publishers and even for some medium scale businesses. For this reason, Oracle is often limited to huge companies. On the other hand, MySQL provides an easy way to get the basic core functionalities of a relational database at no cost. MySQL is provided under the GNU GPL license that basically means that anyone can use as long as any other work derived from it is shared under the same license.


1.Oracle is way more powerful than MySQL
2.Oracle supports distributed databases while MySQL doesn’t
3.Oracle supports save points while MySQL doesn’t
4.Oracle allows programs within the database while MySQL doesn’t
5.Oracle is suited for enterprise deployments while MySQL is suited for small to medium scale
6.Oracle requires that you pay a licensing fee while MySQL doesn’t

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