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Difference Between RTM and Final Windows 7

RTM VS Final Windows 7

With every new software, it undergoes a specific cycle with separate stages that mark the development of the software. The RTM and final versions are two versions of the Windows 7 operating system. If you are looking to see what the difference between RTM and final is, there is actually none. The RTM and final versions of Windows 7 are virtually identical and you would find no new features in the final version that is not available in the RTM version.

In the cycle of a software, the RTM version always appears prior to the final version. This is because it takes a while to finalize and package the software, and then getting them to the store shelves. There’s a number of interpretations for RTM, there’s Ready to Manufacturing, Ready to Marketing, and Ready to Market. All of these terms basically mean the same thing. RTM versions are typically sent to computer makers so that they can install it in their products as well as to production, so that the installer discs can be created and packaged along with the necessary license keys. Computer makers need the extra time in order to test that their products work flawlessly with Windows 7 and to iron out minor bugs that may appear in the drivers as well as hardware.

Although the RTM and final versions are pretty much identical, there may still be minor differences when it comes to the looks as well as the documentation. These differences are very minor and may range from different wallpaper or typological corrections in the documentation. They, in no way, alter the performance or features of the operating system.

Every once in a while, there may be important updates that are found during the short time period between the RTM and final versions. Regardless, the updates can still be downloaded via automatic updates and the RTM and final version installations would still end up identical after patching the software updates. You just need to connect your computer to the Internet and let Windows 7 check for updates after you’ve finished the installation.


1.The RTM version is identical to the Final version of Windows 7
2.The RTM version appears prior to the Final version of Windows 7
3.There may be minor differences in aesthetics and documentations

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