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Difference Between Walmart and Walmart Supercenter

Walmart, known as Walmart Inc., is the leader in multinational retail ventures with stores in many major cities in the world. Formerly known as Walmart Stores, Inc, Walmart Inc. is an American retail corporation operating a big chain of discounted departmental stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets.

With over six types of stores, Walmart Inc. leads the pack in its fields of speciality. However, there is some obvious confusion that happens when people talk about Walmart and Walmart Supercenter. Most individuals have no idea whether these two are totally different entities or they are one and the same. As such, the two often get interchanged with one being used in place of the other and vice versa.

So, what really is Walmart Inc. and what is the Walmart Supercenter? What makes them different despite sharing an almost similar name? We sought to shed some light on that and bring you the notable differences between them.


What is Walmart?

Walmart, as explained above, is now referred to as Walmart Inc. it was originally opened and run as Walmart Stores, Inc., a family but publicly run conglomerate with interests mainly in fashion, entertained, groceries, clubs, and many others.

Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart was founded in 1962 by Sam Walton. It was then incorporated on 31st October 1969.

Walmart’s Statistics

Statistics, as of 31st October 2018, put together everything owned by Walmart at slightly above 11,000. This includes 11,277 stores as well as clubs that operate under 55 names and in 27 countries worldwide.

Walmart Inc. now runs as:

  • Walmart in the United States, Chile and Canada.
  • Walmart de México y Centroamérica in Mexico and Central America.
  • Asda in the UK.
  • Seiyu Group in Japan.
  • Best Price in India.
  • Amigo Supermarkets in Puerto Rico.
  • Massmart in South Africa.
  • Bompreco in Brazil.

It also has wholly owned operations in South Africa, Argentina, Canada, and Chile.

Walmart Inc. operates under four divisions. These are Walmart U.S., Sam’s Club, Walmart International, and Global eCommerce. Under these divisions, there are different retail formats including hypermarkets, supermarkets, supercentres, cash-and-carry stores, warehouse clubs, specialty electronics, apparel stores, restaurants, home improvement stores, drugstores, digital retail stores, and convenience stores.


What is the Walmart Supercenter?

The Walmart Supercenter is one of the various divisions of Walmart Inc. Regardless, it is branded simply as “Walmart”. The first one of these centres was opened in 1988 in Washington, Missouri.

Walmart Supercenter is a chain of hypermarkets varying in sizes from between 69,000 – 260,000 square feet or 6,400 – 24,200 square metres. The supercentres stock general merchandise with full-service supermarkets. They also stock such goods as delicatessen, meat and poultry, frozen foods, baked goods, garden produce, dairy products, and fresh seafood.

Many of the supercentres also have:

  • Tire & Lube Express
  • Pet shops
  • Garden centres
  • Optical centres
  • Pharmacies
  • One-hour photo processing labs.
  • Alcove shops including hair and nail salons, cellular phone stores, local bank branches, video rental stores, and fast food outlets.
  • Portrait studios

As of 31st October 2018, there was a total tally of 3,568 Walmart Supercenters in Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and in 49 of the 50 U.S. states. This is with the exception of Hawaii. Crossgates Commons in Albany, New York is home to the largest Walmart Supercenter covering 260,000 square feet, equivalent to 24,000 metres and occupying two floors.


Differences Between Walmart and Walmart Supercenters

Here are the notable distinctions between the two entities.

  1. Location

Walmart Inc. has its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas state while the first Walmart Supercenter was opened in Washington, Missouri.

  1. Ownership

Walmart Inc. is owned by the Walton family with 50 percent of the shares owned by the Walton heirs and heiresses while Walmart Supercenters fall under a division of Walmart Inc.

  1. Sales

Walmart Supercenters sell approximately 120,000 items each while Walmart’s online stores sell about 35 million products.

  1. Size of Walmart Vs. Walmart Supercenters

Walmart Supercenters are larger in size and offer full-service supermarkets and merchandise while Walmart Inc. is a downsized entity.

Also, Walmart has a tally of about 11,277 outlets worldwide, including the supercentres while Walmart Supercenters have a tally of around 3,568 stores in 49 of the 50 U.S states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

  1. Opening Dates

Walmart first opened its doors in 1962 and got incorporated in 1969. On the other hand, the first Walmart Supercenter opened its doors in 1988 in Washington, Missouri.

  1. Presence

Walmart Inc. has a presence in over 27 countries while the Walmart Supercenters are concentrated in Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and in 49 states of the U.S.

Walmart Vs. Walmart Supercenters: Comparison Table


Summary of Walmart Vs. Walmart Supercenters

Even though Walmart Inc. and Walmart Supercenters are different entities and operate separately, they belong to the same parent entity. They have both held their grounds and dominated the markets in their individual fields. While Walmart Inc. is the parent entity, Walmart Supercenters have continued to hold their stand and control their market shares individually. On ownership, the two are partly owned by the Walton family with the heirs and heiresses owning 50 percent of the total shares of Walmart Inc.


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  1. Can I get a list of Walmart’s that are not Supercenters? If not how do I, as a consumer tell the difference?

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