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Difference Between Vista Ultimate and Vista Business

Vista Ultimate vs. Vista Business: you choose

Windows Vista, developed by Microsoft, is the successor of Windows XP. It is an operating system that has six marketing editions and claims to match or be compatible with every personality of Windows users. Two of its greatest editions are Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. Both, as well as the others, have received good reviews from critics when they were launched in 2006. Now the two editions are widely used in homes and corporations all around the world.

So if you’re new to Microsoft Windows systems and you’ve just recently purchased computer units, do not quickly make decisions of which operating system you should choose. If you have been advised separately to choose Vista Business or to choose Vista Ultimate, you should first know what the differences are.

Windows Vista Business is, obviously, for business. It caters to business or corporate people. This edition is perfect for any business office setting. Its features include tons of business resources, it has better security system, and it also has a better backup tool. It has superior mobile technology that allows you and your employees to navigate and be connected inside or outside the premises of the office. Vista Business has better search and organization features that allow you and your employees to look for information easily. Not only that, Vista Business has network management features.

Moreover, Vista Business makes the perfect operating system business partner because of its formality that bans or blocks every distracting Windows functionality, such as: games, media center, movie maker, and a lot more that are not ‘business’ related.

Vista Business, to put it quite simply, will make your business life run smoothly and progressively. It has everything you’ll ever need.

Vista Ultimate, on the other hand, can perform ultimately anything. It has plenty of extras. It is almost twice as expensive than Vista Business actually costs, but there are reasons. Firstly, Vista Ultimate was designed by Microsoft for people who want it all. It smoothly lets you do anything you want to do and then shifts you back on letting you do the things you need to do. Secondly, Vista Ultimate is just sweet. Unlike Vista Business, Vista Ultimate has games, and videos, and music, and more games. This operating system lets you enjoy life. Thirdly, if you prefer to use it for work, then don’t fret because if your PC is a laptop, Vista Ultimate could just extend your battery life while you share documents to colleagues or clients. Not only that, you also get to an advanced and layered security protection. In short, Vista Ultimate lets you live the best of both worlds (work world and home world).

1. Vista Ultimate also has everything that Vista Business has; only that it has plenty of ‘extras’.
2. Vista Ultimate is perfect for both home use and work use, while Vista Business only fits into the category of work use.
3. Vista Ultimate costs twice as much as Vista Business.
4. Vista Business has none of the distractions that Vista Ultimate has.

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