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Middle School vs Junior High

Education is the transfer and dissemination of knowledge, values, and skills from one person to another and helps shape the individual’s mind, character, and physical abilities. It can be experienced in man’s everyday lives, but it is formally applied by educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities.

Formal education starts at the preschool level then on to the primary or elementary level, secondary level, college, and higher levels. Before an individual reaches a certain level, he must first pass the lower levels of education.
While most educational systems automatically allow those who have completed their elementary levels to enter high school immediately after graduation, there are some institutions that require students to complete preparatory levels such as a middle school or a junior high school before students can proceed to high school.

While these two systems may have the same objective, that is, to prepare the students for a high school education, they have several distinct differences. Not only are they different in their approach to education, they also differ in the kind and quality of education that they offer their students.

One distinct difference between the two is the age of the students; junior high has older students than middle school because it only includes grades 7 and 8 as compared to middle school which includes grades 6, 7, and 8.
Junior high school teaches the standard subject matter only and offers to help the students with cognitive and memory development as well as information processing. Middle school, on the other hand, offers to help students in their social and organizational development as well as personality and emotional formation in addition to the regular subject matter.

Middle school allows teachers to work as a team with each teacher having knowledge of different disciplines and teaching the same group of students with the same level while junior high assigns students to teachers of a required subject at random.
The classes of junior high school are regular; students go to the same classes each day while middle school allows a block schedule wherein the subjects are divided into longer periods that can be attended on alternate days.


1.Junior high school is a high school preparatory level that includes students of 7th and 8th grades while middle school is a high school preparatory level that also includes 6th grade students as well as 7th and 8th grade students.
2.Middle school has a broader scope that includes personality, emotional, social, and organizational development in addition to the usual subject matters while junior high school is focused on the subject matter only and on the mental development of students.
3.Middle school teachers work in groups teaching all assigned subject matters to students of the same level while junior high school assigns each student to teachers at random.
4.Junior high school is like a regular class with students going to the same class each day while middle school has block scheduling and allows classes to be divided into longer periods on alternate days.

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  1. I went to Jr High in Los Angeles (LAUSD) we were grades 7-9. My high school was also LAUSD and it was 10-12. That’s all changed now, but we did change teachers between classes in both.

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