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Difference between Man and Boy

Difference between man and boy

Biologically, both man and boy belong to the same male sex. However, there are certain remarkable features that differentiate a boy from a man. Whilst males often view themselves as belonging to the same category by virtue of sex, women in particular have set standards that try to differentiate boys from men. The issue of personality is the main factor that is used to identify the difference between man and boy. It should also be noted that there are also other biological features that differentiate man from boy as going to be illustrated in detail below.

Key features that characterize a man

There are different physical features that differentiate man from a boy. A man is someone who has fully developed physically and his body is characterized by broad shoulders. The other physical feature that differentiates a man from a boy is that the former is characterized by fully developed muscles. In other words, a man is powerful than a boy in terms of performance of different tasks that rare manual in nature.

The other notable feature is that a man has beard and his voice is also deep. As man grows from young age, there are certain changes that can be observed on him. Beard starts to develop and some people can keep it or shave it. However, even a clean shaven man can still be distinguished from a boy since his face is no longer that smooth like a young boy.

Apart from physical maturity, it can also be seen that a man is mature in terms of reasoning as well as behaviour. A man is capable of assessing the situation on the ground and make informed decisions that are rational. The reasoning capacity of a man is not characterized by emotions like that of a boy who often thinks that he knows everything and is always right in

A man is confident in most things that he does in most cases. The main reason behind can be attributed to his maturity and he also knows exactly what he wants. When a man is dating a woman for example, he fully knows what he wants and what he expects from the relationship. A man is not shy when pursuing something that he really desires in life unlike a boy who lacks confidence.

There are certain standards that are prescribed by women that try to differentiate man from a boy in terms of dating. The aspect of love is one main standard measure that is considered by women when they want to identify the difference between man and boy. For instance, man’s love to a woman is characterized by action not just words. A man is caring to the woman and he believes in dialogue in solving the differences that may exist between them.

A man is protective to the woman and he gives her the much needed comfort always. The other issue is that man is not jealousy of the success of his woman and he always shows respect to her. A man is a good listener to his female counterpart, a rare feature that is not common in most boys who want to control the direction of the relationship every time.

A man believes that in a relationship, both man and woman should provide equally instead of one party expecting to provide everything while the female in particular is just at the receiving end. Man views a relationship as a platform that facilitates mutual growth and development and he is of the view that romance and sex come after love has fully developed between them.

A man is interested in personality of the woman instead of aspects such as physical beauty. One good thing about a man is that he appreciates his woman and he does not care about what other people will think about her. The most important thing between a man and woman is that bond between them that is characterized by true love.

Key features that characterize a boy

In most cases, a male person still referred to as a boy is still in the growth stage and has not fully developed in terms of physique like a man. The body of a boy is usually slim and slender and there are signs that he is still growing to become a man. A boy is also characterized by a smooth face without any beard. The face of a young boy is clean and in most cases, it looks innocent in terms of appearance.

The other major aspect that characterizes a boy is that the level of maturity in terms of reasoning is limited compared to fully developed man. A boy often looks at things at face value instead of trying to look deep into the issue at hand and make informed decisions. A boy’s actions are usually driven by emotions instead of rationality in terms of reasoning and decision making.

A boy often lacks confidence in performing different issues and he is shy in some cases especially when he is dating a girl. A boy usually suffers from indecisions and lacks confidence to deal with certain challenging issues at a particular moment. As a result, a boy ends up making poor decisions that can compromise the quality of the desired goals due to lack of confidence.

When it comes to the aspect of love, it can be observed that a boy is usually possessive of her woman. The union between the two is characterised by jealousy such that a boy would not tolerate a scenario where another man speaks to his lady. A boy thinks that he has the right to ownership of the woman and is therefore supposed to make all decisions with little input from the other party. This does not constitute true love since the boy will be behaving as if a woman has no feelings or rights to make decisions.

A boy thinks he should provide for a woman and he does not cherish the idea of feminism where a female is of the idea of equality between men and women. A boy often feels insecure in a relationship and he tries to monopolize it to his own advantage for fear of inferiority complex where he may end up being viewed as inferior.

A boy is concerned about appearance of the woman and is mainly interested in aspects such as beauty. Physical appearance is what matters to the boy in a relationship since he is interested by what his peers would say about his girl. A boy also often lacks respect for his woman and is not prepared to listen to what she says. The other issue is that a boy prioritizes romance and sex in a relationship instead of true love and friendship.

Table showing the difference between man and boy

Man Boy
Man displays high degree of maturity A boy is immature in terms of reasoning
A man is fully developed physically Still growing
A man is confident A boy is less confident
A man displays true love A boy is concerned about romance
A man believes in equality with a woman A boy believes he is more equal than a woman
Man values personality of a woman A boy values appearance of a woman

Summary of differences between man and boy


  • A man is more mature than a boy in terms of reasoning and behaviour. To that effect, a man makes informed decisions compared to a boy.

Physical appearance

  • A man is fully developed physically while a boy still shows signs of growing.


  • A man is confident in what he does compared to a boy who is less confident and shy in some cases.

True love

  • A man believes that true love is the backbone of a relationship while a boy is more interested in romance and sex.

Personality equality

  • A man believes that personality of a woman is more important in a relationship unlike a boy who is interested in physical appearance and aspects like beauty


Over and above, it can be seen that though man and boy belong to the same sex category, they are different in quite a number of features. Being males does not make man and boy similar due to a number of reasons. Physically, it can be observed that man is masculine and fully developed compared to a boy who is still young and growing. A man is also characterised by a high degree of maturity while a boy is immature and often fails to deal decisively with certain challenges in life. The other notable feature of a real man as illustrated above is that he values true love unlike a boy who often displays infatuation towards a woman. A man also values the personality of the woman instead of physical appearance which is prioritized by boys in most cases. The other issue is that a boy doe not value equality with a woman since he believes that he is on top and in control of the relationship.

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