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PMI, the acronym for the nonprofit organization Project Management Institute, offers different types of project management-related certifications. Two of which are the CAPM and the PMP. These certifications help professionals like managers become more eligible and gain an advantage over the rest in terms of being the priority preference of the employer. Both are achieved by passing a multiple-choice-type examination.

PMP (Project Management Professional) and CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) are gaining ground globally most especially that PMI is an ISO-accredited organization that does not require you to be a member in order to be certified. The only catch when you’re not a PMI member is that you obviously have to pay more (about $555) if you want to get certified,as opposed to paying only $250 (more or less) for registered PMI members.

With regard to the PMP certification, it is a certificate granted to professionals who already possess both the preliminary skills and experience but are still seeking to improve their techniques or skills in project management. By contrast, CAPM is for novice managers who wanted to become an asset to any kind of project.

To be eligible for a PMP certification, the candidate must have passed a four-year degree. It is also required that he or she has sufficient experience in project management for three years (the minimum). An exception is given to those who have not yet obtained a degree. For them to be PMP certified, they need to have a minimum of five years’ experience in project management. This requirement does not seem like much taking into consideration that it is one of the most in demand and highly recognized (if not the most recognized) of all PMI certifications.

When you already have a PMP certification, it does not end there. You actually have to earn PDUs or Professional Development Units in order for you to maintain the certification. You can accomplish such by teaching formal education, publishing texts or articles, and even completing additional courses.


1.PMI is an ISO-accredited organization that grants internationally recognized certifications to professionals in the realm of project management.
2.PMP is just one of the certifications granted by PMI. It is for the skill enhancement of the more experienced professional.
3.One must pass a written or computer-based exam for a fee ranging from $250 to $555 in order to get a PMP certification. Gaining PDUs is also needed to maintain the certification.

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