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VRQ and NVQ are two different vocational qualifications.”VRQ” stands for “Vocationally-Related Qualification,” and “NVQ” stands for “National Vocational Qualification.” Both qualifications are recognized nationally and internationally. These qualifications are helpful in opening up career opportunities and are a good way of learning something new at any point in time of one’s life. Different levels of the qualifications are given as per the person finishing the levels of learning, for example, Level 1 or Level 2, etc. These different levels are also recognized by all employers, and candidates are selected as per the level requirement completed. These qualifications are absolutely necessary to find employment in the beauty industry. Many institutions provide courses ranging from 5 days’ training to 12 weeks. Some institutes offer a “Certificate of Credit” which is useful in completing the course from the point where one left off if they were not able to complete the qualification in one session.

“NVQ” stands for “National Vocational Qualification.” An NVQ qualification is recognized nationally and internationally. It is a competence based, work-related qualification. This qualification reflects the knowledge and skills required to effectively do a certain job, for example, in a salon, etc. An NVQ is basically represented in a workplace or different settings which replicate the same environment as a work environment. NVQs do not require undertaking any particular learning program and taking formal written examinations. The portfolio which is built by NVQ candidates includes evidence of workplace experience.

In different countries, the qualification is referred to by different names. The different levels refer to the level of skill you have reached in your career. Thus, while applying for a job, the employers ask for a particular level equivalent. For example, an NVQ-3 or equivalent qualification may be required. In America, the NVQ equivalent is a qualified “State Registered Hairdresser.” In Scotland, the NVQ equivalent is “Scottish Vocational Qualification.”

“VRQ” stands for “Vocationally-Related Qualification.” VRQs are study-based, structured-training programs which provide practical skill and knowledge required for a certain job. The candidate has to take written tests as well as has to be assessed on the basis of workplace-related activities. VRQs are more popular qualifications. They have different levels which represent the knowledge and skill acquired by the candidate. Level 1 represents Beginner, Level 2-Intermediate, Level 3-Advanced, and Level 4-Senior/management. The certification is given by international bodies like City & Guilds or VTCT, etc.


1.“NVQ” stands for “National Vocational Qualification”; “VRQ” stands for “Vocationally- Related Qualification.”
2.NVQs are competence based, work-related qualifications. They do not require undertaking any particular learning program and taking formal written examinations; VRQs are study-based, structured-training programs.

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