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Amsterdam vs. Holland

Amsterdam is known today as the capital of the European country the Netherlands. Like other European countries the Netherlands is divided into provinces, which act as states. Holland is the name given to a specific region in the Netherlands; it is comprised of the province North Holland and South Holland. Both Amsterdam and Holland are Dutch speaking areas on the east side of the country now recognized as the Netherlands.

With a population of nearly 800,000 people, Amsterdam is at the heart of the Netherlands culturally. However despite being the historic hub of trade Amsterdam is not where the government of the Netherlands rules from. The Hague is located in Southern Holland and is considered the capital of the government, it is where the laws are made. The provinces of North and South Holland are separate provinces each with their own capitals: North Holland is Haarlem and South Holland is the Hague. These two areas that were split from one another in 1840 are situated on the North Sea, where foreign trade is easily accommodated. Since Amsterdam is not on the North Sea, city designers decided to make is accessible to the same trade advantages, so an intricate system of canals was developed. These canals have helped to make Amsterdam a strong trader, which in turn has helped the city flourish.

The history of these two areas is very different from one another. Amsterdam was one the richest city of the world because it was the hub of worldwide trade for many years, until the 1600s when the plague caused the death of nearly 20 percent of the city’s population. However, once the Industrial Revolution occurred, Amsterdam once again used the opportunity to become a European power. New buildings and canals were built to help the city thrive, until World War II occurred in the mid 1900s. Nazi Germany invaded parts of the Netherlands, causing crisis across much of Amsterdam. North and South Holland were similar situation. Once a part of the French Empire, since 1830 when the Belgian Revolution occurred there has been a separation between what was once just Holland.
Today, Holland is home to the largest cities in the Netherlands and is the most lucrative area of the country. Amsterdam is a popular tourist attraction and uses its canals to keep them at the forefront of the international trading industry.

While Amsterdam and Holland are common areas of the Netherlands, there are many differences between the two. The city of Amsterdam and the area known as Holland each have their own history and their own reasons for being successful.

1. Amsterdam is the geographical capital of the Netherlands. Holland is an area comprised of the provinces North Holland and South Holland located on the North Sea in the Netherlands.
2. North and South Holland are located on the North Sea. Amsterdam is still connected to the North Sea through a series of canals.
3. The location of Holland and the city of Amsterdam have made them active participants in many of history’s forefronts. Both were affected by the plague, the Industrial Revolution, and World War II.

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  1. Quite confusingly, the country Netherlands is also known to many as Holland.

  2. can anyone give me copyright guidelines pertaining to getting articles from other sites.?

  3. Both Amsterdam and Holland are Dutch speaking areas on the WEST side

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