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aztecsAztecs vs Mayans

Aztecs and Mayans are both ancient American civilizations that the conquering Spaniards encountered when they set foot on that continent. There were some important differences between the two. Firstly the Aztecs were huge believers of human sacrifice and were at it all the time. The Mayans on the other hand believed in offering blood instead, though they were not averse to sacrificing the captain of a leading football team!

What really set the Mayans apart was there very scientific temperament. They studied stars and in fact had come up with a very scientific calendar comparable to the modern one. They had an obsession with time and tried to measure it by studying astronomy and correlating it with their current events. The Aztecs on the other hand were a very warlike people who waged war against their neighboring tribes forcing them to pay tribute. The male warrior had the pride of place in the Aztec society. Among the Mayans who consisted of many city states, each with their own sovereign ruler, the ruler’s prestige mattered the most. The Aztecs on the other hand were ruled by one supreme ruler.

The Aztecs and Mayans were at different geographical locations as well. While the former ruled the roost in Central America the latter held sway in the western South America. The Mayans are an older people and were around a thousand years before the Aztecs even arrived in Central America. The Aztecs were the dominant culture in Mexico at the time of Cortez’s arrival in Mexico in the 1500s. The Mayans by then had deteriorated into a decadent and decrepit race living on past glory.

The Mayans still live in the Yucatan in much the same way as their post classic ancestors. The Aztecs, who on the other hand were decimated by the Spaniards, can perhaps be glimpsed among the present day Mexicans. Their languages too were different. The Aztecs spoke Nahuatl, while the Mayans spoke Maya. Their names for God too were different. Aztecs called him Quetzalcoatl and the Mayans had Kukulcan.

The Mayan style of art was true to life, having representations of contemporary life in murals. Among the Aztecs were outstanding craftsmen and sculptors. Of the two the Mayans were a gentler and kinder, civilization. The Aztecs on the other hand were a proud war like people who took pride in their martial tradition. Perhaps that is the reason that the fearsome Aztecs are no longer around. They lived by the sword and died by it. The Mayans on the other hand can still be found in the millions.

Thus we can see that two native American civilizations distinct from each other and separated by location, religion, custom and indeed time can still dazzle the modern world with their achievements and way of life. Their contact with the old world led to their demise, more so in the case of Aztecs, and this wanton loss of a way of life makes you wonder about the motivations of the so called more advanced Spaniards who colonized a continent.

1.Aztecs believed in human sacrifice, the Mayans believed in offering blood.
2.The Mayans had a scientific bent of mind and studied the stars, The Aztecs were warlike.
3.The Mayans had city states each ruled by a sovereign ruler, the Aztecs were ruled by a supreme ruler.
4.Aztecs spoke Nahuatl, while the Mayans spoke Maya.
5.Aztecs called God Quetzalcoatl and the Mayans Kukulcan.
6.The Mayan style of art was true to life, having representations of contemporary life in murals. The Aztecs were outstanding craftsmen and sculptors

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  1. aztecs were way more than outstanding craftsmen and sculptors..and about the spaniards aka the white man..wel theyl always be who they are.

    • I think the aztec and myan people were outstanding people i think its amazing how smart they were and how scientifically advance they were and makes me wonder about there myths and cultor and there way of life just amazed that they were bigger than the roman empire who we base alot our laws on and goverment on. just a great civilization

    • Wow you need more details to help me get a good grade.

    • The Spanish are not white.

      • Yes the Spanish are white. Spain is in Europe, people (original people not immigrants who live there today) are caucasian. Read some history. Spain’s original inhabitants were iberian (a mediterranean people similar to the Greeks and Phoenicians). These people were caucasian. Spain was invaded by Celts from central Europe who mixed with the Iberians in Central Spain. Northern Spain had a high concentration of Celts. To this day in Galicia (Northwestern Spain) the celtic people of that area play bagpipes much like their cousins in Scotland and Ireland do. Spain was also invaded by Germanic Tribes like the Goths and Visigoths. In fact several early Christian kingdoms in Spain were ruled by Germanic Kings like Alaric and Roderick. Spain was also conquered by the Moors for a period of time who were eventually driven back. Due to this influence there is a tendency to find Spaniards of darker complexion in the southern regions-Andalucia for instance. But it is not uncommon to find Spaniards with blond hair and blue eyes in the north. Far too many people like you confuse Spaniards with Latin Americans who have a lot of indigenous ancestry (Native American blood) and are consequently darker complected. Have you ever been to Spain? They do not look like Mexicans or other Latin Americans. I want you to look up this name-Fernando Torres. He is a Spanish Soccer player. He looks like he could be from Scandinavia. He is pail faced with freckles and has blond hair. If Spaniards weren’t white then why did the Indians they first encountered in the New World refer to them as white men with blond beards? You really need to do your homework and read up on your history pal.

        • I might point out that the definitions of “Caucasian” and “white” are as clear as mud. Their use ranges from problematic to potentially offensive. See wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasian_race.

        • Spaniards are not white.

          • People from Spain are considered Caucasian or white.Although white is a fairly recent and a made up term.

        • Excellent history review. Thank you. Enjoyed

        • Your kidding right there mexicans who look russian they are pale as ghost mexicans can be white black we even have ginger mexicans. And there is most certainly many people on all latin america that look spanishnot just in europe. You obbiously dont know what your talking about. What is it that you think mexicans look like short fat with sombteros and mustaches. I can ssure you my fathers family from chihuahua are all over 6 feet blonde hair blue/green eyes. My 10 year old daughter is almost taller than me with blonde hair green eyes. To a mexican father and i am mexican / guatemalan.

          • True im Mexican and im 6 feet tall im not blond nor have colored eyes but i have dark mixed with light blond hair its kinda weird lol but yea

          • Obviously it’s the blend of your ancestors being raped and slaughtered during the Spanish enquisition … Mexicans are of darker complexion ,caused by(melanin) in our skin from evolution caused by the sun.. most humans from the Southern Hemisphere are of darker pigment.. until the modern era where all races are interbreeding creating more impure blood lines, your colored eyes and light skin come from white man genetics from the northern colder region de el mundo

        • You spelled pale faced incorrectly.

        • Absolutely precise response, sir! Touche

        • Loved it good knowledge of history

        • My father and his relatives are fair with green or blue eyes and blonde or brown hair and we are Mexican. You can’t say Spaniards don’t look like Mexicans because Mexicans come in all different colors. And it’s untrue that we have “a lot” of native blood. It varies depending on the region.

      • Spainards are White! Their Europeans. I’m half Spanish and half Mexican. There were some dark Spainards because the Moore’s invaded Spain and Portugal. But my mother’s side of the Family are all White! Most Blond haired and most with blue and green eyes. I look Mexican. My Brother looks White. I’m dark brown eyes black hair. My Brother is White Brown hair (blond till he was about 8) and green eyed!

    • lol white people ruin everything, no surprise.

    • well they’ll

    • This whole article is so full of inaccuracies told about Aztec history over and over again. Some have already been misproven. The Aztecs themselves also studied the skies where more advanced than given credit for. They also wheren’t as bloodthisty as you would beleive. They would not kill during war rather take prisoners for blood offersings. While you mentioned the Maya did blood offerings and the Aztecs where just serial killers. This article is totally wrong!

    • The Aztecs were smart the mexican are dumb ! thats the differance . mexicana are mix people some have more spnish and other more aztec you. can tell ! but see the aztecs were good at what they did mexican cant do anything unless the USA helps them!

      • Jhon Hill you have the nerves , to call Mexican’s stupid…! I’m Mexican – American, before you call others st*pid, take a good look in the mirror…! (FYI) You might want to stay in school, it’ll help you with your spelling…!

      • SMH this guy ‍♂️

    • Excuse me, but Spaniards are not (“THE WHITE MAN”), Europeans came over & decimated the Native People of the Americas. Also, the Europians & English were the People who came here & wanted freedom from Opressive rule of the king. As you know these people won their independence, only to continue their own opressiveness of peoples of many nations of Africa in the form of Slavery.

    • Wow. Everyone blames the white man. Just except that the Spaniards over took your Aztec people and move on. Stop looking to blame the white man for everything! Spain did over take a lot of nations and were very powerful Garcia! But, just like any nation. They rise and fall. Maybe if the Aztecs weren’t so primitive, prideful, warlike, and were more peaceful. They might still be around today like the Mayans!

    • The Mayans spoke yukatec

  2. This article states that the Aztecs are no longer around. Of course we are. You can find us in any U.S. city. We are called Mexicans or Chicanos now. Haven’t you seen us in your local neighborhood? lol

    • um no u guys are dead it clearly states it!!! theres a difference btewwen aztecs and mexicans !!! hahaha and mayans are my ancesters and dey rock!!! dey invented da mayan calendar!!!

      • the aztecs had the same calendar and aztecs are mexican go to mexico and find out why they call us LOS AZTECAS

        • the mexicans were mostly bred from the conquering conquistadors.

          • If that were true, Mexicans would not be short in stature and brown skinned considering the conquering Spanish were white. Mexicans are obviously mostly Native American by there appearance alone, and probably have roots if both Aztec and Mayan decent.

      • “The Aztecs were the dominant culture in Mexico at the time of Cortez’s arrival in Mexico in the 1500s. The Mayans by then had deteriorated into a decadent and decrepit race living on past glory.”

        Read this paragraph one more time. The piece contradicts itself.

        • I dont see the contradiction. I would like to know in what numbers the Aztecs survived the coming of the Spaniards.

          • I really liked the information and it helped me with my essay. But I would.recommend adding more details about serious facts like blood and human sacrifice. I am a ten year old girl. But unlike everything else! 😀

      • dua, the maya invited the maya calender.

      • Lol yea there is a difference between aztecs and mexican… and im apart of those natives in central America…..be proud to be Mexican

      • I see they didn’t invent spell check.

    • Lol! True

    • Exactly! So many natives/indigenous people’s facial features can be seen directly on Latinos in America. My gf is from El Salvador and identifies with Mayan’s as her ancestry, so cool how latinos are able to pinpoint and trace their ancestry to such advanced civilizations.

    • Don’t know where these people get their info from.. no way in hell you can annihilate the whole tribe… Aztecs aren’t dead were the darker complected Mexicans but we’re also Mayans one in the same just different methods of living there were killer warriors in Mayans just as much as in the Aztecs .. difference was what the Aztecs established ,then out of fear of death conformed to Christianity cause the Spaniards had guns while we had knives stones and arrows

  3. I find this article to be completly biased and wrong. Stating ”
    Of the two the Mayans were a gentler and kinder, civilization” come on, what kind of a scholarly article writes this? As to the Aztecs strongly believing in sacrfice, they did it for religous purposes just like the mayans.

    A lot needs to be revised for this article. Its a shame that this type of information about the Aztecs and Mesoamerica in general, still keeps being published.

    • how do you know if this is false? where you alive in the time of the mayan and aztec? i dont think so and im just saying btw…..

      • How do you know this is right? where you alive during the time of the aztecs and the mayans? I think not, just sayin btw…

      • Well I can say so being Aztec myself. God is not Quetzalcoatl (although he is the equivalent of the Mayan Kukulkan)
        There are many god’s. To have one as God (with a capital G) is foreign to my ancestors. And also, the Mayans too gave human sacrifices. We did it for the same reasons. For the blood. And we are very much alive and thriving. There are literally over a million of people in Mexico who speak our language today, and MANY more that are at least part Aztec. We also did not call ourselves Aztec, but Mexica (where Mexico gets its name from). Also, we too studied the stars and astronomy. We were great at it, and we even have our own calender (the one with the face in the middle, as opposed to the Mayans that have the one with a man like figure). One of the greatest myths, that sadly this article shows, is that we are somehow dead and extinct. Also, when the Aztecs conquered a people, they were now considered to be Mexica. Their gods were adopted and respected. And the tribute (of money) was extremely small. And that was all, the conquered areas still held pretty much the same rights as they did before. Also, the Maya were not a dieing race as this article puts forth. They were (and still are) also thriving today. There are millions of them still alive (and again, with many more with Mayan ancestry). Also, most Mexican customs and traditions come from the Aztecs. I find this article to be amazingly racist. Even Mexicans today (especially in the US) try and learn more about the Aztecs and the other Indios of Mexico, to learn about THEIR ancestors. There are Aztec dances all the time in Mexico, in front of the capital. The capital of Mexico (Mexico D.F.) is also the Aztec capital (Tenochtitlan). We built cities, and adopted other abandoned ones (Teotihuacan). Our temples are extremely precise in architecture, to the point that during some parts of the year, the sun’s shadow causes designs to fall on the temples. We were not a people just concerned with war (although we did have that. I am not denying that.) Our culture had many more things. That is like giving a class on German culture and talking about World War Two.

        • thanks 4 explaining this idiots abouts the real Aztecs and mayas we r still alive when the Aztec empire in mexico city was destroyed many aztecs ran away and started a new begining in other parts of mexico and so did mayas

        • yea,

          this is so true. This article is a bunch of racist crap. Mayans generally live in guatamala and always have. their culture today is still thriving. OK they stopped building big cities. mainly because citys are a drag to live in for indigenous soul people. Too much made out of bloodthirsty warriors degraded culture. This crap is ALL projections from the spanish who were in fact a bunch of insane murderous blood thirsty barbarians with a totally degraded culture of theft and mass murder.
          This is similar to how Charles Manson tries to tell the rest of us we are not “spiritual” like him. It’ called being criminally insane. Also all of the native cultures from guatamala to say north carolina were all so very similar in their world view. My wife is “so called” creek indian and she talks about sun and moon time and animal soul and the like just like the people from south america. Here in the US all of the tribal names were just made up by the white people and have nothing to do really with who the people were. The white people keep “genetic” record for who is “native” of this tribe or that. It’ all just made up because the white people are horrible absurd racists who think they can tell people who they are just like this article. Some people carry around a card saying they are “cherokee” but they are descended from something else lost to them. Even words like cherokee come from white people asking someone “who are those people over there”. The response was most likely something enlightened like “piss off” or my favorite “huh”.
          The word “yucatan” that appears in this article is in fact the native word “huh”. as in what do you call this place ? spoken in spanish to someone who can’t speak spanish. reply “huh” or in the native language of the speaker “yukatan”. white people are so pathetic. Hey dudes this place is called “huh”. “kulkucan” is “god” wow. what news that is.
          actually gods to native people live over there in the forest. They sing songs and growel and what not. white people like to murder god alot too.

        • How interesting your article and intelligent to read what you shared. I learned a great deal. Lived for twelve years late in life on the El Caribe coast and had many wonderful Maya friends with whom I am in touch to this day via Facebook. I actually only “do” Facebook because of them as they have no other means of communication. Facebook appears to be separate and probably costs less. Telmex is a corrupt killer and charges you whether you made a call or not, so good for them they all have cell phones now. FB might be accessed through their cell phones as I cannot imagine they could afford either a laptop or computer. Los Mayitas considered themselves “los humildes” or “indigenas” and in general lived in huts in the outskirts of bigger cities or in villages in Yucatan. The roofs always flew away in a hurricane as did some of the walls. Unpaved roads, many did not have toilets, just a hole in the ground and their homes were without floors, only dirt, so chickens and other birds walked in and out. La Donna or Sr. Senora had one leg removed from an infection, and there were hamacas hanging everywhere, some family size to fit Mama, Papa and a few of the little ninos. So in those poor conditions they lived with dignity and grace. Generous to me always and shared what they had to give. I am reading about the indians in Jalisco as I am presently in a relationship with someone from there who ended up living in Guadalajara, a mariachi who then later had a band here in California. We are both older and only met a year ago and it’s amazing. I am Europea from a northern country, always blond but now pure white that is taken for blond and big blue eyes shaped like the eyes of a Maya. He does not have the usual huge Mexican eyes and his skin is much lighter than los Morenos I became used to seeing. Did not occur to me he was of Indian ancestry until yesterday. Has no formal education but is so, so intelligent and has a wonderful, thoughtful mind and great curiosity. He writes poetry and songs and used to be a vocalist here and in Jalisco, also played base guitarra. We are so fortunate. I studied many languages, the last of which was Spanish, in Northern CA but seriously in Cancun with University students from Europe. I would only study in the morning and skip the afternoon conversation classes as I did not want to be exposed to their accents more than absolutely necessary. Mainly German and Swiss students, and I studied German for nine years a long time ago. Actually enjoyed the Italian and French young people much more. Not their fault but my own problem, and that is likely the reason why I decided to immigrate to the US in the first place while I prefer to live in Mexico and would go back any day. My love for Mexico is deep and forever and I hope this will reach some of you who can appreciate my sentiments. The Mexicans born here are an entirely different breed and do not know the culture though they think they do. Refuse to speak Spanish with “white people” or los gringos or guerras, only because of false pride or is it ignorance. Resentment about someone who was born elsewhere and totally assimilated with los puros Mexicanos who insists on speaking THEIR language once back in the US. They go see abuelita for a few days every other Christmas and think they know the culture well. Abuelita does not feel the same way, I can assure you all. She loves you regardless but dislike your manera and would be very upset if she knew you mistreat people who speak “your” language very well and without any accent to speak of. I actually even sound pretty much like a Yucateca, if you ask me. It should not bother me for you are often so arrogant, ignorant and has lost the beautiful culture of your ancestry. Unless your parents are strong and conscientious, you have not a clue. Do not even know a firm handshake that is a daily routine in Mexico. I grew up with that and we also bowed slightly, but you would not know what I am talking about. Mexicans told me on a recent visit that many Mexicans from here prefer to speak English. Could well be they are too embarrassed as they do not know the courtesy phrases that are always used when addressing anyone in business or on the street. So los hoteles would not be all that impressed with your Spanish. I sound resentful but it’s mainly hurt because I invested so many years and gained so much, and had hoped I could get to know some of you. But only los inmigrantes, I am afraid. I am an immigrant also so that makes sense.

          • Wow, I’m taken back. I solely made this account to say thank you to you.
            The world needs more people with open eyes as well as hearts like yours.

          • These comments… LOL ffs it’s damn near 2019 and the ish from 2010 and 2011 sound like today’s ignorances.
            Now I know for sure that not a darn thing has changed since or before then.

    • There appears to be some factual errors in this article about basic geographic info:

      “The Aztecs and Mayans were at different geographical locations as well. While the former ruled the roost in Central America the latter held sway in the western South America.”

      That is incorrect.

      The Inca ‘held sway’ in western South America (Peru, Bolivia) not the Maya, who were ‘roosted’ in Central America (Yucatan, Guatemala). The Aztecs were further north in Mexico

    • i was very impressed at first i dint want to click on the website. i had to do a chart on diffrences and simularites on myans and aztes.
      this had really helped me and i got an A+ on my test so try it out

  4. This article is totally biased and has little relation to reality. VERY poorly researched. Almost everything the author said about the Aztecs was simply not true. Disgraceful.

  5. It’s a shame that people defend horrific mass murder as some sort of holy or higher purposed thing just because it’s their pet ancient culture or ethnic group’s atrocities being criticized. Aztecs butchered people in the hundreds of thousands. The blood flowed from their alters like rivers. The Spaniards walked into a depraved land of blood, war and even cannibalism. The other poster saying the Spaniards “are what they are” is indicative of the backwards racist liberal mindset of today. The bottom line is the Mayans were already dissolved as a cohesive civilization by the time the Europeans arrived, but the Aztecs were fighting unending tribal wars that was decimating the population. The leaders and foot soldiers of losing battles were all slain en masse at the alters. The Spaniards were not able to just walk in and take over with their “superior” 16th century weapons and obliterate that culture as the twisted lies of today purport. They were extremely outnumbered by the Aztecs and they were not militarily superior. This is well documented, in direct combat an Aztec group and a European group were about even in armor and weaponry effectiveness. What actually turned the tide was a few leaders of Aztecs tribes who recognized that they were on the brink of extinction joined forces with the Europeans to stop the culture of bloodshed and genocide. Learn real history and not modern propaganda.

    • Thankyou for the intelligent response – a nice precise on the Mayan/Aztec origins. Scocial Anthropologists familiar with the Mayan/Aztec history would be pleased to know that someone is setting the record straight and correcting the misconceptions about the MayansAztecs.

    • What books are you reading to write what you write? ….. I am researching the different sources of information that peopleo/students read according to their origin of country. So far, each country has its own source but it is misguided.

    • I appreciate your thourough response to answer these outrages comments that obviously lack knowledge but I want to add one more fact as far as the Europeans are concerned. Your reply fails to introduce the fact that they introduced my ancestors to epidemic diseases that they had never dealt with before which in turn killed off a lot of them. That might have made it a little easier for the Europeans to conquer, don’t you think?

    • i thought it was disease,greed and the spread of christianity that ended the mayans and aztecs. to my knowledge the yaquis are still thriving today and can fully reproduce them selves 100 percent and they were natives of mexico but limited their contact with the spaniards

    • Thanks for this knowledge

    • You are mistaken about why the Aztecs were defeated by the Spanish. Yes, the Aztecs did outnumber the Spanish but it was the tactics and strategy of the Spanish that gave them the great advantage and victory. This is incredibly well documented and there is absolutley no doubt about it at all. Your claim is bizarre. The Aztecs simply could not defend themselves against Spanish tactics and strategy. For example, the Spanish, somewhat like modern armies, were very disciplined and fought according to plans. The Aztecs, on the other hand, did not have organized plans as such. Basically, they were disorganized in battle with each warrior doing his own thing, for the most part, and that’s why they were defeated. We saw a similar situation when Native Americans were defeated by the U.S. Army. The indians did not fight according to detailed plans. Again, it was basically a disorganized each-man-for-himself situation.

      • I would like to add to this post that the main reason for this is that native peoples in both north and south america have trouble believing even to this day that human beings could be so uncivilized and lie and kill like the whites do. As to the so called “knowledge” of archeologists or white historians. All their so called “knowledge” is made up and twisted psychological projections. Is their even one of these posters who can even speak one of the over 30 currently in use dialects of highland mayan language. there are hundreds of currently in use mayan villiages and towns. some of them with populations like the Quiche of over a million people. Do any of these so called “experts” with all the answers even bother to ask. I heard a Hopi elder say once. “You know a while man came and dug up a little figurine over there once and wrote a book about what the ancient thing he found meant”. “I had just burried the thing a few weeks ago and he never bothered to ask what it was.” “the drag was i had to make another one”. “the things the white man wrote about my thing he stole however were very comical and worth having to remake it”.

    • Excellent post, Euphemia 🙂

  6. Aztecs not around?…thats funny i thought we just lost our true Nahuatl language……..

  7. thanks so much this help me so much!!!!!!! on my researched!!!!<3333 btw chicanos honey u suck!!! my ancesters are mayans and dey were way better peeps than stupid chicanos aka mexicans! u can die for me……….peace!

    • mayas were in mexico to so mayas and aztecs r really the same thing with different name although the aztecs had more heart we never gave up we fought till the end and today were called mexican we are a mixture of aztec and spanish !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::)))))

  8. i think the mayans and aztecs are more mind thinker than the others, because of their amazing art that views their life in the past as it is more advantageousness and predictive in the future not only to them but also as a whole.. 🙂

    • My wife is from mexico and likes to claim to be of Aztec race and now a u.s.a. citizen I was born in California by Mexican parents, neither one claims to be Aztic or Mayan are has even talk me about this subject. When I was studying in Durango mexico, I was told that I was no longer Mexican but “Chicano” my wife tells me the same. But they did say that I eat like a real Mexican the way I handheld the tortillas. We are all born again Christians by faith through the shedding blood of Jesus Christ made at calvery. Today we all are injoying the peace,love,and joy that God wants to give to everyone in the world (John 3:16-21) I believe this is what all ancient culture’s were looking for, thats why we finde the same typs of practices in these varias regions including the Aztics and the Mayan. It is said that Columbus was seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit when on his quest. It was not all a buetiful picture as we see in history. God’s will be done,Amen.

  9. when i was reading some informations in those mayans and aztecs.. I’m so amaze into their temples and traditions that questioned to my mind in how they found those practices as it is more in murals and religious belief..!! i think that those mayans and aztecs are not rationalized as we distinguished there biliefs because it is not an humanitarian belief because of those practices part of there traditions and religion.. and i am so happy that those practices are not now existed into our society today as it on human sacrificing and bloodletting.. 🙂

  10. as we could see into the other cultures tradition as on their way of life and practices.. their are some similarities that we can think now that there an origins of traditions as occurred to the those indigenous people in the whole world.!! just an idea..

  11. this article states that Aztecs no longer exist of course we do my great grandma was an Aztec today were called mexicans and of course southern mexico has mayas to and i feel proud of being mexican and aztec and both mayas and aztecs were great civilizations so be proud to be latino or hispanic and viva los AZTECAS were all over the us and mexico we dont exist HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You can’t say that all Mexicans are Aztecs. Come on. the truth of the matter is that Mexicans from the North are mestizo- Spaniard/Native. Northern Native Tribes included Tarahumara or other indegenious people. But to claim that all Mexicans are Aztec is erroneous. There might still be 100% aztecas in the south, but definitely not in the north.

  12. I’m just a kid and I love this! <3

  13. I enjoyed reading the commments on this article.

  14. I absolutely hate how Mexicans love to claim that their ancestors are Mayan or that they are decendents of Maya people. If you’re family truly comes from Mayan culture…then you still have family that you actively speak to and they are first cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, sisters, brothers…immediate family – those ties do not go away. I know other Mayans who still have ties to their family – you can’t be decended because they rarely mix with other Mexicans. So please stop claiming it just because you think it’s cool. Mayans are a tight knit culture unique and separate from contemporary Mexican Culture and as a side note…Mexicans treat the Maya VERY poorly – there are Genocides and territory wars to this day. I know this because I’m half Maya and my father is FULL…first language – MAYAN. My grandparents only speak a few words in Spanish, the rest in the native Maya language – my great grandparents didn’t even speak ONE word of Spanish! I can truly say that I come from the Maya and I’m incredibly proud of it and visit my family frequently…what about the rest of you claiming it? you have some kind of proof, do you even know who you are related to? Because I’m guessing it’s all tall tales told by your family members…

    • Yeah, listen to the English speaking Mayan. he comes to us from a far away land, learned the native language, and has now decided to share some knowledge with us

    • Well said brother. I’m Mayan and my ancestors and family went thru a lot just to keep the culture and languages alive: survived genocides, disease, discrimination, and wars. I’m proud to say I can speak a Mayan language fluently, and can speak to my grandparents. So it also sort of irks me when someone who has no relations to any Mayan community, and no knowledge of the languages/cultures, claims to be Maya (especially those who are from the cultures and peoples that were committing the genocides). Not that I hate those people, but the fact is they’re not Mayan They shouldn’t make false claims nor should they speak for us.

    • I’m from the North of Mexico and I know that here in the north we are mestizo- Spaniard/Tarahumara. by no means I have Mayan blood; but i’m pretty damn sure there are Mexicans out there in the South with some Mayan roots. There are people that have Italian roots (per say) but don’t know anything about Italy. You sound like either you are 100% or not. tell me what happens when a 100% Chinese and an 100% Italian have children— their children will be 50% Chinese and 50% Italian. then what happens if their children marry a Mexican. their children will be 50% Mexican, 25% Chinese, 25% Italian. of course, my example includes nationalities not races. but you see the point.

  15. Is it so hard to believe that a Native Mayan can travel to another country, adapt to a new culture and live there…like for example, in the United States? Well, that’s exactly what happened in my family ding-dong. My father is full Maya Indian and he came to America (legally, in case you’re wondering) – he speaks 3 languages and had to learn Spanish to travel through Mexico, then English to make it in this country. I also speak 3 languages. I was born in the United States, I attended school in this country and believe it or not COLLEGE TOO! My ENTIRE family on my fathers side; grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins are 100% full-blooded Mayan people. I speak English..Hmmmmm I wonder why? Oh, I know! maybe because I was BORN HERE in the US!!! It’s not that hard Chuck – let’s think before we type.

    • Hey what is your mom’s side,from white? or some other indigenous tribe or people of mexico or african or what? Ahh the irony.

    • Coba, ties can fade away. if you’re a Mexican living in Mexico, those ties will remain. but if you’re Mexican living in the states, those ties will fade away with each generation. for example, I have seen it million times, the first generation of Mexicans that immigrate to the States don’t speak English. their kids will speak both Spanish and English (but primarily Spanish). their kids will speak mostly English and some Spanish, and so on. So maybe there were Mayans that left their land and their subsequent generations incorporated into new lifestyles and culture, that is Mexican Culture. Not to mentioned that most likely they “mixed” with non-Mayan.

  16. “The Aztecs and Mayans were at different geographical locations as well. While the former ruled the roost in Central America the latter held sway in the western South America.”


    I thought the Aztecs ruled Central Mexico (which is not located in Central America), they had little power or presences in Central America (which was dominated by Mayans). I don’t believe Mayans or Aztecs were ever in South America. Mexico and Central America is part of the North American continent. The Mayan region is in Southern Mexico and top half of Central America.

  17. Hey this stuff works

  18. I come from the Aztecs and am proud of my heritage. I also have roots to Spain as well. I believe what is important is what each of us takes from what we learn about our ancestry. There are always going to be errors in articles, research etc. We are going to disagree with others and what they say or write. We can only partially learn about any civialization, nationality, customs from what was recorded, found and still practiced today. Trace your lineage and see what you find. Without these people we would not be here today.

  19. All peoples of the “America’s” are Asian… look it up.

    • lol..All people in America are Asian… even slaves ? You are clearly delusional, (a true American) need to show biological proof of your claim.

      • I think he meant to say that Indians are believed to be a mix of Asian and Black. I personally don’t believe in this, I just don’t see the black features on an Indian. I can definitely see the Asian. but also, if this was true then Mexicans would have black roots. Believe me, Mexicans don’t run and jump like blacks do. How many Mexicans have played in the NBA or have running back/wide receiver positions in the NFL. Najera, LLamas, and that’s it.

    • You are clearly an idiot so what are you white well big news buddy you all are not from the caucas mountains but from central asia so you guys are asian as well and we all have origins(well atleast homo sapiens) in africa and not all africans are black.North africans or what the world calls them berbers, are just darker than me. Just educated you a bit and one more thing,Indigenous people are similar to northeastern asiatic people but have a wide enough what they call “genetic drift” to be considered (and are) a seperate group of peoples.

  20. Maya or Mayan.

    I am a proud Maya; I do not want to offend anyone. But you must understand the difference between Maya , and Mayan

    1. Mayan is referring to the Languish that is spoken by the Maya people.

    2. Maya is referring to the people.

    You can Google it.

  21. Awesome – I love to see a REAL Maya speaking up! We are few and far between. It sucks that Mexicans with no ties to the culture claim that they come from our people -It’s not right and it offends me. My family has been through a lot and it’s really not fair that any old Mexican can just flat out say they are part Maya Indian just because they have roots in Mexico. Be proud of being Mexican…just claim it!

  22. Coba is full of crap, he is a bitter because he is from el Salvador. Mexicans are Mexica descendants of the Aztecs, u are messed in ur head due to the Civil war in ur country. But we aren’t to blame for your place of origin. Im sure being Salvi is embarrassing but be proud its the least u can do. I’m not spitting hate I’m simply pointing out what really is going n. U should hate the Europeans. They phuck up everything! They are full of greed. Look at the middle east they phuck that up. Greed is the root of evil. Crazy whites. We Will get our land back California and all he rest of the states will be given back to the Mexica . I only care for Cali cuz that’s where I’m from we got the best Kush! That Bubba Kush! Fire! Stop the hate!!!

    • No, he speaks the truth (I’m Mayan). And I doubt the dude is Salvi, Maya people no longer live in El Salvador. And a Salvi would claim pipil or lenca. But you never know…

      And you are generalizing, not all Mexicans are from the Mexica. Mexican is a nationality. Mexica is not the same as Mexican (Mexican nationals sort of copied the name to honor the Mexica). There were dozens of Indian nations in Mexico, some were at war with the Mexica. Many Mexicans are descendant from these people. The Spanish wiped out most of the Mexica, so chances are there are more Mexicans that are descendant from the Indians that alliance themselves with the Spaniards.

      BTW, California truly belonged to the Indians that lived there. Not the Spanish who stole it, and not the Mexicans came with the Spaniard but later who kicked the Spaniards out (nor the Americans who kicked the Mexican government out). California never belonged to the Mexica.

      • Well said Q.
        …and to clarify, my family is not from El Salvador. We are Maya from Quintana Roo.

      • I totally agree with you on the fact that we took your land. I may be an American, but i’m not proud of the way we slaughtered indians and took land from the Spanish.

    • Mayan or Azteca or whatever stupid non existent natives you claim to be, you’re still a bunch of f&$@ng Mexicans. Guess what cobra, I a salvy. Look up Atlacatl. Google it bitch. He wasn’t a coward like montezuma. Here’s something else; you stupid Mexicans still worship “la Virgen de Guadalupe” which was a tool used by the spaniards to enslave you.

  23. You know I got a bleezy sparked! Puff puff give, no passing cuz its mine! Mayan people weren’t ignorant like Coba is.. he isn’t Maya, he is a Salvi with hate toward Mexicans.

  24. Who would win from a battle? The Mayan or the Aztecs? Wild guess… Mayan.

  25. “The Mayans by then had deteriorated into a decadent and decrepit race living on past glory.”

    What does that even mean? That’s completely biased, unscientific and silly. This article, while providing some bits of useful information, is mostly opinionated editorial of limited value. – a Yale anthropology student.

  26. Who gives a shit? Have you all forgotten that we are all, um, human? I will never understand why people are proud to be a certain ethnicity/nationality. Be proud of your achievements, not where you come from.

    • Well I don’t see being proud of your culture, religion, rituals being practiced is wrong. It’s a tradition, but you’re right there is only one race in this world. If you don’t consider yourself a homo sapien then I dont know what race you might be which I will totally respect.

  27. all i wanted was to find out about mayan people….due to end of world today (hahaah) .. whats the truth…. ??? and whats with the hate… who cares where we descend from.. its where we are and what we doing that counts!!

  28. Thanx this really helped on my project!!!!!!!

  29. This writer did not do a good job.

  30. Do ya have any more differences?

  31. Where is the data that the Mayans influence extended into South American sourced from? I have only ever seen data that their influence extended only into Central America? Though they did go a bit further South than that Aztecs by some accounts.

  32. Because my family comes from Mexico City and I still have relatives that speak the native dialect of Meztizo, I am a straight decent of the Aztecs. In fact I have a natural tendency to wanna woop some ass now and then. I’ll sacrifice your ass if you piss me off! Then I’ll have my Mayan slave clean my axe topless by the river.

  33. I live in Tucson and I have heard people speaking Aztec and some call it different names. I have heard Nahuat, Nahual, and of course the classical name Nahuatl. There are some places down in Mexico where people, still speak Aztecan dialects. I have also met Mayan Mexicans here that speak Mayan. The person who wrote this is going by a main stream view that I learned in school, and then I researched and realized what I was told was wrong. Look up the Lacandon Maya as well.

  34. This article is misleading when it comes to sacrifice. The Mayan are well known for sacrifice, just as much as the Aztec. The person who wrote this article lacks research. I have done plenty of research and the Mayan possibly even did more sacrifice. Why. Lack of fresh water in the cenotes which many archaeologists now agree their demise. Hey buddy who wrote this…do your research !!!

  35. I’m Mexican and that’s, that.Soy puro Mexico putos!!!

  36. God this is the most inaccurate thing ever! First of the Maya (not Mayans, Mayan was the language not the people) were in no way kinder and gentler. In fact most historians agree that the brutality of Mayan warfare was practically unrivaled because of their practice of torturing prisoners of war to death as a sacrifice to the gods. Second the Maya were NOT in south america in any capacity and actually primarily settled on the Yucatan peninsula and Guatemala, where as the Aztecs settled in the more arid regions of Central Mexico. They were both immensely scientifically advanced and each had rich and ancient cultures built much more on sophisticated agriculture, civic engineering, and theology than warfare. (Both were quite warlike but neither exceptionally so) When the Spanish arrived the Maya were not as is described in this article and actually still had a sizable population, they had simply abandoned the gigantic cities that they are famous for, although no one is actually entirely sure why (most anthropologists suspect that the poor soil conditions of the Yucatan combined with tropical climate and enormous cities that dwarfed any city in Europe at the time led to soil depletion and disease, forcing people to relocate to smaller settlements). Also to everyone talking about the Maya and Aztec were savages who just slaughtered each other and that the Spanish were a civilizing and good force should know that the Spanish slaughtered and enslaved upwards of 10 million people in their conquests, and that the Maya and Aztecs lived in larger cities than Europeans, had longer life spans, had figured out advanced Mathematics and created arguably the most efficient farms the world had ever seen, all before the columbian exchange.

    • Wow I admire your knowledge in history! Really awesome! By the way I’m Mexican bien there raised in the USA & my great grandmother from my mother’s side was from Hungary so all of my mom’s side of the family ate white complected with blue eyes! Just my brother & I were not born with those traits because we got more of our father’s genes! But I totally get everything your saying and yes some people are ignorant out there about Spaniards & Mexicans which are a world of different!

  37. Though Christianity is a load of horse manure, it was a good thing they wiped out the Aztecs, pity so many Mayan survived 🙂

    • Holy shit ! I’m reading is in 2021 … I feel like I just stepped back in time 2013 + …Wow ..Thanks for all info , I think …

    • Aztecs(MEXICA) are very much alive .. the conquistadors just happened to have guns while we had bows arrows and knives.. so you go ahead speak nonsense..ass!!

  38. I am an Earthling

  39. I only wanted to educate myself more about Aztec folk!
    Somehow I end up on comments..many are nothing but hateful words by ignorant people, it seems..they are mainly racist..omg!
    Wake up people! Why do many people waste their lives hating others because they are different?!
    Ignorance still thriving I see..

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