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People nowadays want to achieve greater heights in their education. And so, they resort to all means from getting online degrees or simply being certified with some academic programs. With these, they can heighten their ladder of success and open brand new possibilities in their career. But what’s the difference between a certificate and a degree anyway?

Foremost, it is important to know that most jobs require their employees certain degrees or certifications. This varies according to the industry you are involved because some companies may hire you even with just a certification and no degree at all and vice versa. The requisites really vary per profession. But the truth is, not all degrees offer the same level of learning to that which is given by certification programs. Some professionals even become more skilled, by being certified.

Getting a certification usually imply that you underwent and completed a specialized form of training. It can also mean that you have the technical knowledge of some sort about a specific field. It is generally faster to complete it compared to getting the hard core degrees as most certification programs take less than a year to complete. These certificates can be obtained from several authorized certifying firms or institutes and even from the schools that also offer full pledged degrees.

Oftentimes, these certification programs don’t require an extensive theory or education background though this is not always the case. However, many certification programs require someone to finish a degree first or at least have started taking one. Hence, those who haven’t finished any will not have a chance of getting one ‘“ that is not before finishing his or her degree. Certifications can also augment the credentials of someone who has a degree. This is exactly one of the reasons why there are no more extensive theories being taught while on the training. Even with a degree, employment seekers still have a hard time finding work because of the lack of certain trainings and certifications.

Conversely, if you’re really serious in your academic path it is probably better to get a degree. From a simple associate degree to a bachelor’s degree up to getting a masters and eventually a doctorate, truly having a degree will make all of these faster and possible. Getting a degree implies that you are well rounded and that you have learned a broader knowledge base or simply finished college.

1. Certifications usually don’t require a broad knowledge base as compared to degrees.

2. Certifications are faster to get than those degrees that ordinarily require two to four years for completion.

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