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taiwan-flagChinese vs Taiwanese

People living in China are known as Chinese, and those in Taiwan are known as Taiwanese. Ethnically, Chinese and Taiwanese are considered to be the same. Though Chinese and Taiwanese have many similarities in their culture, language, politics and lifestyle, they differ in many ways. Since 1949, Chinese and Taiwanese are in conflict with each other.

China is known as the People’s Republic of China, and Taiwan is known as the Republic of China. When talking about the demography, Taiwan is smaller compared to China.

First of all, let’s see how the Chinese and the Taiwanese differ in their character. The Taiwanese are considered to maintain better human relations than the Chinese. The Taiwanese are considered to have a more loving heart than the Chinese.

Unlike the Taiwanese, Chinese are more ambitious.

Taiwanese have more respect for each other, and they also upkeep the equality of males and females. On the other hand, Chinese women do not have an equal status to Chinese men. Moreover, Taiwanese women have more freedom than Chinese women.

Unlike the Chinese, Taiwanese people enjoy more political freedom. Another thing that can be noticed is that the education standards are higher in Taiwan than in China. Even health standards, Taiwanese are more advanced than Chinese.

When talking about their languages, Chinese mandarin is widely used by Chinese and Taiwanese. However, there are differences in the accent.

In economic terms, Taiwanese have a better economic position than the Chinese. For example, while eight percent of the Chinese population live in poverty, only 0.95 percent of Taiwanese people are under the poverty line.

It has been said that Taiwanese are more advanced in many aspects when compared to the Chinese.


1. The Taiwanese are considered to maintain better human relations than the Chinese.

2. Unlike the Taiwanese, the Chinese are more ambitious.

3. The Taiwanese are considered to have a more loving heart than the Chinese.

4. Taiwanese have more respect for each other, and they also upkeep the equality of males and females.

5. Taiwanese women have more freedom than the Chinese women.

6. In economic terms, Taiwanese have a better economic position than the Chinese.

7. Unlike the Chinese, Taiwanese people enjoy more political freedom.

8. The education standards are higher in Taiwan than in China.

9. In health standards, the Taiwanese are more advanced than the Chinese.

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  1. I don’t think it is objective.
    The 3rd term show a wrong idea.
    Every country or area has both kink people and evil people.

    • This list is retarded.

      Taiwanese do not have a “loving heart” compared to the Chinese. Taiwanese act like they have high standards but they don’t. If Taiwanese are so smart, reclaim your country from the Communists. Education higher than Chinese standards for what purpose? To be a bunch of nerds? LOL!

      Taiwanese have respect? LMFAO. And whats up with gender “equality”? Chinese are Communists. They have true gender equality. Unfortunately, the person that wrote this didn’t know what Communism is about.

      • “Chinese are Communists. They have true gender equality. Unfortunately, the person that wrote this didn’t know what Communism is about.” its funny because you think the ideal of Communism is complete and can be completely enforced.
        Gender equality in city areas of China… maybe…
        Go the country sides and you wouldn’t say the same.
        The gender inequality is inside the culture of Chinese rooted over centuries, and how old is Communism in China O_O

        Few recent issues that prove your point completely idiotic and stupid:

      • Taiwan is NOT communist. Taiwan is a constitutional republic.

      • Look, you’re the one without a “loving heart.” Let me explain. The Taiwanese didn’t take back China because the land mass reduced the number of people in the army. Also, you might as well compare Taiwan’s land area to China’s. Now, who’s the smart one here? Sure, the Taiwanese didn’t take back China, but it couldn’t be helped. Also, China has been drifting away from communism these few decades. I would blame it on that cause instead of calling the Chinese “communist cray crays” and insist that it didn’t happen. I mean, look, if you are from Eastern Asia, then you should most likely know.

      • For my experience, over 5 months stay in Taiwan and a month in Mainland China there is a gap between these two countries when it comes to humanity I think. Mainland Chinese are little friendly according to my experience with few I guess. I think one of the mistakes in their educational sector is not opening the society to cultural diversities sooner. Beside the USA and some parts of Europe, they really don’t know how the world is beautiful because of the different kind of people and cultures in it. Africa is not a country but a continent. Being black does not mean you are dirty, it’s just the color. Being black does not mean you smell. I am not stink. I remember a Taiwanese lady at a cultural festival who stood behind me for several minutes and just looked in my face telling me you smell good. I took that as an insult to my race but did not confront her because I knew she was ignorance. Despite coming from Liberia, Africa, there is a perception we had about Chinese that they are poor too and that is not the fact. This came from those Chinese movies where people will have nowhere to live beside building canoes/huts on the water to live. Secondly, people believed that there was no more land in China so everyone was living over the rivers. I think the Western Media have lot to do in these cases. In Liberia, we eat cassava leave without any harm but I told a Taiwanese about it he said it is poisonous did you eat without any harm? These are what make the world very Beautiful despite he eats frog and I don’t. Don’t take this personal good friends

      • Since most of your comment was based on bias and your own opinions on , I will respond with my own opinion. First of all haters are going to hate and that is exactly WHO you are. Secondly I have lived and visited Taiwan for more than 6 years, nicest people on the planet bar none. They do have good hearts..with each generation they are making huge strides in their economic and social standing. For a country that has been ruled over by oppression for so many years I am amazed at their good hearts for all. There is no place on earth that less people live below the poverty line than in Taiwan..granted you probably won’t get rich in Taiwan but Taiwan gives you what you need at an affordable price. Hope that you reconsider your head and open your heart.

      • To answer your stupidity and ignorance we Taiwan people never belong to China, we are originated people, not associated with China, period, we have nothing to do with u

    • “Chinese are Communists. They have true gender equality. Unfortunately, the person that wrote this didn’t know what Communism is about.” its funny because you think the ideal of Communism is complete and can be completely enforced.
      Gender equality in city areas of China… maybe…
      Go the country sides and you wouldn’t say the same.
      The gender inequality is inside the culture of Chinese rooted over centuries, and how old is Communism in China O_O

      Few recent issues that prove your point completely idiotic and stupid:

  2. this is highly biased, period.

  3. Hong Kong People = Chinese
    Hong Kong >= Taiwan (in some if not most cases for the points in the summary)
    ∴ Taiwan !> Chinese

    5000+ years of History of Taiwanese = 5000+ years of History History of Chinese
    Ancestors of Taiwanese = Ancestors of Chinese
    Spoken + Written Language of Taiwanese = Spoken + Written Language of Chinese
    Most Taiwanese Culture = Most Chinese Culture
    ∴ Taiwanese = Chinese?

    In my opinion, the deal with Chinese vs Taiwanese is like:
    1) Two brothers in the Chan family got into a fight because they don’t agree with each other.
    2) Most members of the family agrees with the elder brother.
    3) Younger brother is looses and leaves the family with those who support him.
    4) Younger brother say he is not a Chan anymore.
    5) Elder brother wants to keep the family together and don’t allow secession.

    This is a similar case compare to the American Civil War. Just like the Union vs the Confederate. Brothers literary fighting and killing each other in the battlefield.

    An ancient Chinese poet compared brothers to beans and bean stalks. Civil War is basically using bean stalks as fuel to fry the beans. They both came from the same roots, why ended up torturing each other?

    What I don’t get is why would anyone cruel enough to add oil to the fire instead of solving the conflicts between the two brothers.

    • Bill I think you’re a mainlander, you sounded just like the Chinese government, a poor soul brainwashed by the Communist Party of China (CPC).

      It’s funny that in your analogy, the “elder” brother ended up destroying most part of the Chan family, while the “younger” brother retained most of the traditions and values that runs deep in the Chan family.

      Actually, you also got their role reversed because it is the “elder” brother who lost the civil war, not the “younger” brother. The ROC government, the present day Taiwanese government was established in 1911, way before the PRC government that was established in 1949.

      In addition to your confusion about who’s who, the communists started the civil war trying to take advantage of the weakened ROC government after WW2, and the ROC ended up on the island of
      Taiwan. After 60 years of separation, two grew apart and there is little resemblance between Taiwan and China. In fact, PRC never flew its flag over the island of Taiwan.

      Honestly, this brother analogy is probably one of the CPC propaganda that further drives the Taiwanese away from China.

      • Dude, I am a Taiwanese and your statements are totally wrong! PRC did not started the civil war, ROC and PRC worked together to drive the Japs away from the mainland. After the WW2 end, ROC leader Chiang Kai Shek broke the peaceful contract between communism and republic. ROC then started to attack the PRC but Chiang Kai Shek did not expect that Lin Biao which is one of the top commander will betrayed him and so ROC lost.
        You need to know, PRC did not start the civil war. It was Chiang Kai Shek from ROC. And let me tell you, I have lots of PRC friends in Singapore, at first they are indeed rude but when you started to know them, they are very helpful especially when you are in trouble with your assignment even in different group. Sometimes I can even say, I prefer to get contact with mainlander than hong kong people.
        People saying propaganda movie, why is propaganda if is showing the truth? Unlike those american movie, German or Russian did something great in the WW2 but american movie shows american the one doing it.
        I am just getting sick of everyone speaking about ROC and PRC like they know us well. Taiwan the island is not part of China but is part of the Republic, just like Korea separated with 2 different parties.
        But the problem is UN never recognize us as a country but a state of China.
        And for what about propaganda? I watch lot of propaganda movie but all I have seen was they only telling us that we Taiwanese and Chinese attack each other. Propaganda? even the KMT fight against the Japs and that call propaganda too? If you talk about brainwashed by PRC, how do you brainwashed 1 bil of people? Even Russia and Germany have a hard time doing that. The PRC told their citizens “brothers never fight”. In ROC, we are telling the same but different slogan “Do not let the politics divide us”. And I knew this slogan only after I am in Singapore.

        • Why is there even a discussion about this? Why is this article still up? This is clearly extremely biased, did not help me at all with what I was looking for, and is obviously sparking pointless and completely unnecessary quarrels. Please take this down. Before this I had generally accepted this website as reliable. Guess I’ll have to find another site where the comments aren’t exploding with hate.

    • please don’t make comparisons between the taiwan/china situation and the american civil war. it’s like comparing apples and bananas. they are two completely different events with different circumstances. the american civil war was to do with slavery and a whole lot of other issues (which you choose not to mention) instead you talk about it simply as “brothers killing brothers”.

      ive heard this comparison before, always by the same pro-china and pro-unification people. i can’t help but wonder if this isn’t just some political propaganda taught to you by your communist masters.

      • Sir or Ma’am,

        Excuse me for a second,

        I am American. OK?
        It seems that within this chat, we have both taiwanese and chinese. Now, it seems that they are both biased towards their countries and that both are not quite thinking this through. This article is not exactly accurate, I agree, but we don’t have to take pity on each other, or call each other some weird stuff.

        let’s all calm down

        Thank You,

    • disagree HK ppl>=TW ppl and disagree HK ppl=Chinese

      • I have a friend who visited HK once. from what he observed mainland chinese are rude compared to HK citiens.

        • I lived in Beijing for 6 years
          I lived in Hong Kong for 7 years
          I lived in Taipei for 5 years
          And I grow up in USA for 25 years

          I can honestly to say there are rude people in all 3. No one are better than another. Yes there are more percentages people in poverty in Mainland China vs Taiwan and HK, but you are also talking about 267 times more people live in MC. It will not be fair to compare culture of 1 /267 vs 267 .

  4. I agree with this article. I’m a nonbiased Taiwanese AMERICAN born and raised in the US. I’ve been to both China and Taiwan. Taiwanese people are much nicer. In China, people think I’m weird for saying “thank you”.
    Chinese people are much more obsessed with wealth, unfortunately.
    Politics aside, I would much rather live in Taiwan than China. Hell, even my mainland Chinese friends say so after they’ve been to Taiwan.

  5. that’s so silly … actually, in china people are always taugh to respect Taiwanese and to know taiwan is a part of China …. but Taiwanese usually treats chinese people rude and unfriendly…. and compare with 2 place… taiwan’s culture is only one part of chinese culture, in fact.. so plz ,when u saying those silly and fake things, u needa know at least some truth what Real chinese culture is …. and Taiwanese aint nicer than china …. maybe they showed their respect to Americans or Japanese..but they are totally Racist ….that’s why i said you just talked bout so silly things …

    • The day Taiwan will become a part of China is the day when the Chinese learn how to queue like civilised people. Until then, I will conclude that Taiwan and China are culturally and politically different.

    • When the mainlanders come visit Taiwan they are mostly rude, they smoke in crowded areas, are loud, complain, and spit anywhere they please. Very rarely there is that nice young married couple that were taught good manners, usually from Shanghai. Otherwise, they are mostly rude. These are from my personal observations. Too bad the PRC was too busy brainwashing you and forgetting to teach common courtesy and appreciation for our culture. I remember going through the National Museum and overhearing a couple saying that we stole these treasures. What a joke, if we didn’t take our precious treasures the PRC would have burned them like complete lunatics. Seriously what were they thinking back then burning thousands of years of ancient Chinese culture, when France, England, and all those other imperialistic countries had already raided our shores before those damned Japanese came and raped our women? Imagine how improved China would be if the communists had never taken over. Look at how improved Taiwan is compared to China. China would be Taiwan a hundredfold right now if KMT had remained in control.

      • Complete true! It was surprising when I got in a restaurant in Huaian a waitress served me but sat nearby looking at me because I am black. She didn’t stop there but started coughing and splitting right in the restaurant why I was eating. There was no appetite to continue any longer. The Chinese are racist. If you sat in the bus, no one will like to sit by you on the next seat unlike train because of limited seat, time and distance traveling They smoke everywhere. They are good in Sciences but too far from civilizations!

        Secondly, they need to improve on their styles of eating on a dinning table.

    • I agree with the statement that Taiwan is no more a part of China than Canada is England. I really dislike stereotyping but in my experience, generally, Taiwanese people are friendlier. Chinese people are typically more self-serving, probably because of increased competitiveness in mainland China. HOWEVER, I have known extremely nice Chinese people as well as not-so-nice Taiwanese people. (P.S. The corruption of the pro-China “blue” party does not help China’s case…)

  6. In my opinion, it is totally nonsense.
    The Author know nothing about China and Chinese people.
    Taiwan is a part of China.

    • Tracy, I cant agree with u more, this article has obvious biased, I think the owner of this website should rid this article.

    • Taiwan is NOT part of China. They only share their cultural origins but they are in no way part of each other. They is mainly due to their political differences. Many of the Chinese who do no want to be in a Communist Republic left for Taiwan.

    • Stop bs, Taiwan is Taiwan. China is China.
      You are like saying America is Canada, WTF.

      • In the past, both country are china, mainland china from communist chinese, and taiwan from nationalist chinese. then, both two chinese create their own country, PRC (People’s Republic of China), and ROC (Republic of China)

      • In the past, both country are china, mainland china from communist chinese, and taiwan from nationalist chinese. then, both two chinese create their own country, PRC (People’s Republic of China), and ROC (Republic of China).

    • Can we just stop arguing? This has been contested for awhile, and it will be into the future. Obviously the article is biased, but we are all too.

      I would like to start with I have never been to Taiwan, nor China. I am a white American. I was interested in the topic, so I read it. Taiwan, as much as I think it should be independent, is not recognized as such internationally. They are thriving, but so is China, using their altered form of communism to mass produce goods. However, this is not sustainable forever, and I believe they’re slowly drifting capitalistic. I still doubt Taiwan would reconcile, though, and would likely continue to try and gain international recognition for their independence.

      Historically, I’ve heard the story told with Democracy established in China in 1911. However, many problems occurred and in the 20s, the leader of the Democratic party was assassinated by a member of the Communist minority. A civil war broke out, which drove the Communists to hide out in the mountains and other places on the Tibetan plateau. When the Japanese invaded, the Communists and the Democratic Nationalists reconciled their differences to drive out the greater threat. The Nationalist tactics of fighting in the open, how they’d been fighting the Communists, were less successful than the Communists tactics of guerilla warfare, which they’d honed against the Nationalists. This caused the people of China to put more support behind the Communists, especially in areas like Japanese occupied Nanjing. With greater support, they overwhelmed the Nationalists after the Japanese were driven out, and the Nationalists fled to the island of Formosa, renamed Taiwan. This Democratic government was only ever formally recognized as having jurisdiction over all of China by the United States, and they stayed this way until 1979, when the USA recognized the Communist government in Beijing.

    • Please, get your facts right. Taiwan is Taiwan. China is China. In fact, Taiwan represented China in the United Nations until 1971! Take a look around you and don’t be brainwashed.

  7. i think this artical is rude. we do not care you say you are a Taiwanese, but you should not disparage Chinese.

  8. Well… The article self is rude and biased. Though it cannot be said that Taiwan is a part of China.
    I saw the replies and found that most of the replies found that the article is highly biased, as a Taiwanese, I cannot agree with the arguments in the article, too.
    But frankly speaking, Taiwan has not only peoople from china, but also aborigine and other ethnicity, and our culture is also partly different from China, not to say our political system and society are also different from China.
    Earlier KMT kept brain-washing Taiwanese that they were Chinese, that was a really sad history, and CCP has kept telling their people and rest of the world, that Taiwan is part of China, this argument ignore most of the objective facts. The stronger has always the power to interpret the history as they wish… pretty sad…
    Taiwan is not a part of China, but what the article said is also not the truth. I’m sad that the point of views in the article is incorrect and highly biased. It tells nothing.

  9. lol bias article. All those Taiwanese idiots that say that Taiwan has nicer people is bullsh*t. Taiwanese is just as bad as HongKis and Mainlanders. Even in the US Taiwanese people are the worst drivers. Taiwanese people are also timid. Taiwanese people are friendly at the beginning but the longer you know them, the longer you start to realize they are terrible people. I went to Taiwan and I was going to take an empty seat in a train and some Taiwanese bi*ch threw her bag on the empty seat and then rushed to it. WTF!? how rude! I think Asians are all the same. They have no respect for other races but themselves. Japanese people are the most racist asians of all.

    • To Dave who think he knows about Asian,

      If I said all you Caucasian are the same, equally rude and racist like yourself and only see other countries more inferior than yourself, what would you feel? You talk as if people in Asia are all bad guys and people from your country are all nice, kind and good people. As a matter of fact, I’ve been to Canada, US and Europe and I met rude people just like you and to be honest, people like yourself are the main reason why I hate western world. Please keep in mind that your white supremacist is not working here in Asia. Why don’t you state your country and birth place and let us know which country can bear people like you so I don’t have to drag the rest of them here. So, go fuck yourself and go back to your country and better off don’t come back to Asia. We are not welcome people like you here.

    • Brainless piece of shiiz. Always think your race is always more inferior then others, this is one main element that causes war.

    • Bitch off Dave, caucasians are in fact the worst races of all time ive ever seen in my life, rude and racist. u guys are always acting as if white people are the god make ones and they should always be on the top wich is actually nonsense and bullshit. i cant wait to see the race of white people got destroyed by asians, blacks and browns. oh yea btw u guys suck at math hahaha! 😀

    • Screw u
      What if I suddenly started insulting Caucasians? U should have more respect considering the outcome of the civil war. Go throw your bigoted shit somewhere else and consider that not everyone of one race is the same, you bigot. Of course, I’m not saying that all of you are racist, as that would make me a hypocrite, but try considering what I just said and toss aside that pile of shit I was talking about.

  10. dude, we have different written characters and different histories, ok?
    can’t you read? simplified chinese and traditional chinese are different!
    we only share the ancient history, that’s all. it’s just like north korea and south korea, they are no longer the same after they split.
    use your brain, man!

    • Dude both traditional and simplied characters are of Chinese, from China and used by Chinese mainlander, OK? Do u think only u Taiwanese use and know tranditional characters?

  11. If so, why after visiting Taiwan, most people from mainland China feel Taiwan is not as better as mainland China’s economy? You should go to mainland China and Taiwan? When you see the two places, then we are pretty sure you will change you mind totally~

  12. I am not a racist.All of you were just too conceited,you knows nothing,however you thought you know everything,which is the funnies joke.
    One is not a really educated person,unless he will cross-examine himself and ask “what is the truth indeed or am i knowing the absolute damn fact?”
    My english is poor as you shit minds…sorry

  13. This article is completely biased. Don’t take me wrong, I like both Chinese and Taiwanese, but this article is just wrong… At least it is probably not written by someone who has a “loving heart”…

  14. I’m Thailand Chinese. I know there are lots differences between Taiwanese & Chinese. Most known differences are bellow:

    1) the origin.
    Chinese population is huge, with 90.5% Han people and 9.5% minorities living in “tens of provinces”, with hundreds of dialects & accents, and different looks.

    Taiwanese living in an “island” near Fujian province, with 98% Han people, 85% were immigrants just from “Fujian province” (one of the 34 provinces in China), they speak just “Min Nan閩南語”dialect (now called Taiwanese) and “Hakka客家” dialects. The rest of Taiwanese (13%) were from other provinces of China.
    So Chinese people are more diverse than Taiwanese.

    That is to say, when you randomly pick two Chinese, they must look quite different; when you randomly pick two Taiwanese, there is more chance to look somewhat alike (more likely to be with Fujian characteristics).

    2)gold medals in Olympics.
    Chinese athletes got “75” gold medals in last Olympics; where as Taiwanese got “0” last time.

    3) individual income.
    Chinese has way much more millionaires than Taiwanese; However, on average Taiwanese is higher than Chinese.

    4) altitudes toward each other.
    Chinese primary school textbook has no negative description on Taiwan, the media have few reports on Taiwan in the past;

    Taiwanese primary schools generally teach the students that China are slums; Chinese primary school textbook tell the students, Taiwan is Treasure Island.

    So basically, Chinese have positive altitude toward Taiwan; whereas Taiwanese generally despise Chinese.

    5) altitude towards Japanese
    Although Chinese have obvious negativity toward Japanese people, it is more easier to enrage Chinese when some Japanese do not admit the killing during ii world war.
    However, most Taiwanese “benshenren” have huge crush on Japan, no matter what, because Japanese controlled Taiwanese(“benshenren”) for 50 years and eradicated some of the Chinese root inside Taiwanese.

    6) altitude toward Korean
    Lots of Chinese and Taiwanese somewhat don’t like Korean because Korean claimed Chinese traditional culture and even Confucius is originated from Korea. However, Taiwanese have more disagreement with Korean because Korea has surpassed Taiwan in terms of economy and culture influence to Asia.

    7) altitude toward American
    Both Chinese and Taiwanese like American. However, Taiwanese like American way much more, because they depend on America’s protection.

    8) democracy
    Taiwanese have somewhat democracy, whereas Chinese don’t.

    9) technology
    Chinese more devote to strategic technology such as spaceship, landing the moon, satellites, bio-tech. Taiwanese focus on semi-conductor, pc industry.

    10) language
    Both speak the same Mandarin, however, Chinese (together with Singaporean and Malay Chinese) write simplified Chinese character, Taiwanese (and Hongkong Macao) people write traditional Chinese character.

  15. KMT (Blue)Taiwanese thinks they are both Taiwanese and Chinese —–move from China during 1940s and 1950s.
    DDP (Green) Taiwanese thinks they are Taiwanese, not Chinese——move from Fujian (China) during Ming & Qing Dynasty.

    However, both KMT and DDP don’t want to be controlled by CCP China.

    because they are more closedly related to Chinese, KMT can estabish good relationship with Chinese; DDP don’t want to talk to Chinese.

  16. This is got to be one of the most racist article I have ever read.

    “First of all, let’s see how the Chinese and the Taiwanese differ in their character. The Taiwanese are considered to maintain better human relations than the Chinese. The Taiwanese are considered to have a more loving heart than the Chinese.”

    I stopped right there. are you trying to say the Han people on Mainland China are more evil than the Han people living in Taiwan? That does not make sense, is it because of the water they drink? You cannot make an assumption about an entire people without any concert evidence to back it up. It will be like saying White people are superior than Black people because White people have more loving heart than the Black…..

    • Actually, the so-saying majority Taiwanese are Han is the product of brainwashing education and by ancient Chinese. Many gene experiments have shown that majority of Taiwanese(more than 80%) people are actually Pingpu which is one of the biggest aboriginal group among 14 officially recognised indigenous people. Way back about 400 years ago when the first time Fukien people started immigrate to Taiwan, to control the land Chinese government occupied indigenous people’ lands and forced them to take up Chinese surname as part of the strategy of assimilation. For those disagree to take up Chinese surname and change their pedigree of clan, they will be taxed at incredibly high rate, undertake all sorts of heavy duty hard labours and be expelled to reside on high mountain. People who didn’t give in got the name of as aboriginals nowadays and for those surrendered became Han origin which as a matter of fact is not the truth.

  17. the.Article vs Cream4lunch’s viewpoint:

    I am a Taiwanese born in SOUTH AFRICA and speaking on my viewpoint, this article is bias since it is more positive towards Taiwan but cream4lunch’s viewpoint is just as much bias as the article.

    Firstly to ALL of you, you should not compare unequal basis, afterall China IS 100 times larger than Taiwan… and you’ll see what my point is after you read this —>

    1.) Ofcoarse China is diverse, just look how big China is compared to Taiwan on a map, Taiwan is a tiny spot almost unable to be seen, it is also not even as big as a province in China and I don’t think you would expect a single province in China to have many different looks of people, accents and dialect inside it. It is simply one province so why judge Taiwan, it is also true that the Taiwanese originated from China, Fujian Province which they now speak “Min Nan” a slightly modified version of the Fujian language, but by now a lot of different people are also mixing into Taiwan such as the Hakka, an even tinnier tinnier island, the phillipines, Indonesian and a lot of Chinese themselves.
    2.) Olympics:
    Lol! Taiwan is so tiny, where do you expect to find a person that has the potential to be top number 1 athlete in the world in such a small place, it would almost be a practical joke, compared to China who has millions and millions of people I would only think its quite fair that they win 75 gold medals.
    3.) Income and standards:
    China is a great country and has rapidly grown since the past few years with its wealth and standards which is something Taiwan would never be able to achieve. Why? Because China is huge, and has many people but this is why it is also a disadvantage because it is hard to control this much people whereas in Taiwan it is easier to sort problems out. Also in China it has an unequal balance, you get people that rich rich, extreme rich and others that are poor poor, extreme poor. In Taiwan it is balanced therefore easy to balance the economy and that’s why the average standard is higher.
    4.) Why “as people say” do the Taiwanese “despise” the Chinese?
    Simply that Chinese been communist wishes to dominate over Taiwan as well, the Taiwanese only wishes to be a country on its own, been democratic and having more freedom, they have worked well like that for many years but if China demands war on Taiwan, clearly, Taiwan would be easily wiped out, that is also why the Taiwanese would rather depend on the Americans for protection, and this happens to be brought upon them only by China itself. Taiwan wants to be a country by itself and yet why do China insist on taking over, firstly China claims that Taiwan was originally part of China, a small piece of land that drifted apart, I cannot argue that it is wrong, but Taiwan also claims that it was a land by itself already, simply because they do not wish to become communist, it is already well built been democratic, if something is good, why would you want to change it to bad? And simply the Taiwanese therefore assumes it is “greed” whether it is truly or not, or just partially we do not know, since it is governmential but like most people would agree, Taiwan is better Democratic and on its own, it does not need communism.
    5.) Skipping the others…and jumping to technology:
    Like it is already pointed out many times, Taiwan is small, China is big, Taiwan does not own as much high-tec equipment compared to China or even Japan, but at least people are still trying to create and come up with innovative ideas.
    6.) Languages:
    Yes, China and Taiwan both speak Mandarin, but looking at China due to the “diversity” and accents Mandarin has been altered in so many ways that it is almost like each province in china speaks a different version of Mandarin whereas in Taiwan, it is a unity, they all speak the same, and remember most importantly communication is key, if someone misinterprets something, it is easy to cause conflict and one small thing can lead to a big thing. It is also not just the speaking but the learning in China and Taiwan are both very different, the Chinese using romanji spelling to learn Mandarin writing and reading, the Taiwanese uses Pin Ying which is actually in fact much more accurate towards reading, writing and speaking accurately. And also due to the fact that Romanji used in China uses English spelling but yet the pronounciation with English vowels differ, this causes the Chinese to get confused easily and that is why it would be quicker and easier for a Taiwanese to learn English faster and accurately than a Chinese.

  18. According to the constitution of Republic of china, Taiwan and mainland are of one China–Republic of China. Therefore, officially Taiwanese themselves maintain the ‘one China policy’ as what Chinese mainlanders do.

  19. I love all people but I was angered when i read this. Who ever wrote this apparently doesn’t know what they are talking about. First all, this person seem to have a strong bias against Chinese people. Lets take ambition for example. People are ambitious in any way or form, not just Chinese. It is stereotypical to say that taiwanese are not ambitious. In all, I think you’re just ignorant for listing all those statements that aren’t necessarily true. As an advice, thinking and do your research first before you start to babbling shit on the Internet.

  20. @kiwi Haha. Actually, it’s pinyin in China and zhuyin or bopomofo in Taiwan. If you’re going to make a point, get the facts straight. Romaji is Japanese. And yes, it’s true many consider zhuyin better than pinyin.
    Honestly, China and Taiwan both talk shit about each other and each have their own story. No way to know whose telling the truth when it comes to political crap. But most people decide to believe all of Taiwan’s story simply because they’re not communist.

    • i am chinese living in south east country, for me taiwanese politics are joke after ruled by dpp, LGBT supporter, lesbian gay can go to taiwan to living there

  21. Personally I’m from taiwan and I think they’re all the same, same ancestors. But only that the governments are different. Just like twin brothers separated from a fight but their parents are the same.

  22. i think there really isnt a difference except that people have differewnt ideas and thoughts about controlling other people…even in usa europe people disagree fight over politics, religions..in the end doesnt matter..there are also good and bad people all over all races..so to say all chinese are not big hearted is wrong

  23. I have friends from China and Taiwan. From my experiences, Chinese are ambitious and Taiwanese are nicer than the Chinese. Therefore, I agree with the article.

  24. I was born in Jiangsu Province, mainland China, and personally, I think the ROC is currently better by far than the PRC.

    Do you Americans know how mainlanders see your country? People literally let off fireworks in 2001, when the Twin Towers were bombed and destroyed; some interviewed Chinese were literally laughing as they spoke their mind.

    Osama bin Laden was killed; most Chinese were saddened by his death, according to an online poll, and some, after hailing bin Laden as a “hero” and “brother”, even vowed to attack the U.S. and kill the President in revenge for his death.

    I mean, Taiwan is America’s ally in Asia…and I personally think the Taiwanese are a better people by far than mainland Chinese.

    • Hear hear. That is actually true. Not to mention the fact that bin Laden wasn’t even communist, it basically proves that parts of China are completely against the USA. Btw I said parts, not all. So relax everyone.

  25. I am a Taiwanese person who now lives in America and I must say that this article is very biased.

    There Chinese and Taiwanese relationship is more complex than described above.

    “People living in China are known as Chinese, and those in Taiwan are known as Taiwanese. Ethnically, Chinese and Taiwanese are considered to be the same. Though Chinese and Taiwanese have many similarities in their culture, language, politics and lifestyle, they differ in many ways. Since 1949, Chinese and Taiwanese are in conflict with each other.

    China is known as the People’s Republic of China, and Taiwan is known as the Republic of China. When talking about the demography, Taiwan is smaller compared to China.”



    “First of all, let’s see how the Chinese and the Taiwanese differ in their character. The Taiwanese are considered to maintain better human relations than the Chinese. The Taiwanese are considered to have a more loving heart than the Chinese.

    Unlike the Taiwanese, Chinese are more ambitious.

    Taiwanese have more respect for each other, and they also upkeep the equality of males and females. On the other hand, Chinese women do not have an equal status to Chinese men. Moreover, Taiwanese women have more freedom than Chinese women.”

    The part where they say that Taiwanese people are more ‘loving’ is completely untrue. The kindness of the person depends on the individual, not their nationality. A truthful statement MAY be that Chinese people are more direct, especially the girls(when compared to Taiwanese girls). However, this directness is mostly good humored type of directness. The part about more equality between the female and male in Taiwan is completely bulls**t. Women in Taiwan are not politically limited (I am unsure about women in China position in politic), but the social expectations and stereotypes are very sexist. The women in China is also getting surprising amount of attention (especially in a society that used to be very sexist only half a decade before) and are fiercely independent. This is because the One Child Policy and many family chose to have abortion when they discover that the child is a girl. This led to the problem that they have in China now. Which is a higher male population and a lower female population. In a modern society where less women wants to get married, this leads to many desperate guys but not enough girls for a lot of the guys. Which is why woman are actually gaining much respect. If you are not respectful and is mediocre, why should the girl marry/date you, they can just find someone else.

    Taiwan is, however, more advanced than China ON AVERAGE. AVERAGE being the key word. China is soooo much bigger than Taiwan and there are still many issue in the rural area when compared to the problems that Taiwan have in their rural area. This is only because of the size of the country and it is definitely not because Taiwan is “richer or more advanced”. Also, someone has already said this but Taiwan and China focus on different aspect of technology. The industry in Taiwan and China are different. Also, China currently has more influence in terms of military and economy.

    Taiwan does have more political freedom than China and have more diverse and open media. The Taiwanese media are barely (if at all) censored whereas the Chinese media is heavily censored.

    Chinese and Taiwanese attitude towards each other is quite complicated (want to know how complicated? If you know Chinese, try reading the comment section on YouTube). The Taiwanese and Chinese have a lot in common historically and in terms of language but is very different in terms of modern society.

    The attitude towards the Chinese and their belief in terms of whether or not people are Taiwanese or Chinese or both depends on which political party they belong to (or agree with more). Many Chinese people believe that Taiwan is part of China but most, with some rare exception, Taiwanese people does not want the Chinese Communist to rule Taiwan. Also, most Taiwanese get annoyed (if not completely pissed off) when a Chinese person tells them that Taiwan is part of China. Personally, I just shut up but secretly get annoyed but there are people that will argue. This is a very sensitive part between China and Taiwan relationship. The current administration’s (KMT) stand on independence is blurry and uncleared. This is largely due to fear of war (Chinese communist’s missile threats).

    The relationship with other countries is also very, very different. A obvious example is the Chinese and Taiwanese attitude with Japan. Many Chinese strongly dislike the Japanese but most Taiwanese people like the Japanese (both understandable if viewed with historical background put into consideration). This is due to history and also depends on the background of the person. My grandfather from my mom’s side hated the Japanese because he fought in the Sino-Japanese War before coming to Taiwan (with the KMT) but my grandfather on my dad’s side like Japan and actually speaks Japanese (Taiwanese people were under Japan’s rule at one point and they were taught Japanese).

    Overall, this is a biased article with very little facts.

    • I noticed something strange that most people tend to do. When referring to China doing something, they say “Chinese Communists” or “Communist Chinese.” Now, this would make sense if you are trying to differentiate different Chinese, such as calling Taiwanese “Democratic Chinese”, but no one does that. So what is the point of calling them “Communist Chinese”? We all know that the country is communist.

      • You could say that Taiwan was China before 1949 before fleeing to Taiwan. In the UN, it lasted until 1971. So it was a habit, as most people refered to China as Communist China to differentiate between Taiwan and China, which the only difference in name at the time was the word “people’s.”

  26. While this article is very biased against Mainland Chinese people, it is mostly true, except for the stupid parts like Taiwanese are nicer.. However it doesn’t cover the actual differences (or does it? since there aren’t many real differences)

    I am American, born in California. However, my family is from Hong Kong. I am actually Hakka Chinese, and Hakka make up a large minority in Taiwan. However, I consider myself Chinese-American, not Hong Kong American or Hakka American. I don’t care that Hong Kong wasn’t part of China, the fact is that a few generations ago my family was in China.

    The fact is that 98% of Taiwanese people were originally from mainland China not too long ago. That, and Taiwan was simply a province of China before 1895, so they would all be grouped up anyway. In fact, we all know Taiwan is called the Republic of China, because even the government is from China. Therefore, I believe Taiwanese people should consider themselves Chinese-Taiwanese. There is nothing different about their blood and DNA, just their culture.

    The main problem is of course that they hate China, for several reasons. China is their rival. China threatens them with war. China is poor. China is communist. Therefore, they have tried to create a non-Chinese identity just because the mainland is known as China. It would be different if the two sides were equal halves, like N. and S. Korea.

    But honestly I think it is stupid for people from Taiwan, especially those who live in America, to call themselves Taiwanese-Americans. It simply does not make sense. Taiwanese is a nationality and so is american. Youre supposed to use your ethnicity and nationality, which is Chinese American for 98%. I don’t call myself Hong Kong American just because my family is from there. My cousin calls himself Taiwanese American because he was born in Taiwan, which makes more sense. But there are people who are born here, so it makes zero sense to call themself Taiwanese because they are not aboriginal Taiwan blood nor are they born there. Its literally like if I moved to Iraq w/ my Chinese-American gf and then had a child, would our child be an American-Iraqi? Thats just stupid.

  27. Someone used the argument that just as North and South Koreans became differ after the split of the peninsular country, so is Taiwanese from Chinese…. This is not true, both Koreans (North & South) are deeply intertwined in the same language, culture, history and even historical attires ( very distinctive from neigbouring countries of Japan and China) and many have families and distant relatives still existing on both sides of the border just as East and West Germany was. The East and West Germany were unified after the collapse of the communist regime of the Cold war era. Both North and South Koreans expect the country to be unified someday (though it will be heavy burden for S.Koreans to use capitals out of their own pockets to rebuild the backward country of North Korean infrastructure and reeducate the brain washed Koreans of the North just the same path the West Germany undertook for the cost of unification.

    • Though I now understand the purpose of the comment – using the North and South Korea analogy (sorry for this late realization)- I wish to point out the fact that the mentality amongst Koreans are a bit differ from Taiwanese people. Taiwanese seem to distant themselves from China which I could almost totally understand – true, Taiwan is different in a sense that it is a developed capitalist democratic country with higher living standard. South Korea on the other hand, is preparing for the collapse of the Northern kinsmens’ regime (maybe in 10 or 20 years??) and bracing for unification just as West and East Gemany were. Both

  28. Well, Even though I’m Taiwanese, I couldn’t help but feel this article is baist (towards my favor of being Taiwanese)

    I mean even though it is some what true, I can’t help but feel that this article screams out “China is trash and should fall apart” in a nice way. I think it’s because that everything has to balance out to exist such time. This author is missing something that makes China great, you know the pros of china instead of all the cons. culture and history perhaps? and we should at least poke some flaws of Taiwan, it doesn’t seem right that everything favors on 1 side.

  29. Agree with RT. My family is from TW, but no one ever told me I am some kind of taiwanese. I am Chinese for sure, although none of my friends really cares. They think all asian are basically chinese.

  30. I think this question is just like:
    What’s the difference between USA and UK, Germany and Austria, Egypt and Jordon, and so on.
    Although they are speaking in almost the same language while there are still differences like accent and different terms, plus they have similar culture because of the same ancestors, they are just different countries with different governments.

  31. What’s the difference between Chinese and Taiwanese? Lol……

    This question makes me laugh so hard…why? Because it is the stupidest question I’ve ever heard. Whoever made the comments about the difference are stupidest as well.

    Most people in mainland China are Han people, and most people in Republic of China which a.k.a Taiwan are Han people also, besides they came from mainland China. So the bottom line is They are the same people! They are all Chinese! It doesn’t matter where in the world Chinese people move to, it can not change the fact that they are Chinese. So Don’t compare 2 apples from the same tree!

    • I agree with your opinion. Why China and Taiwan dispute about their different in culture, race? One solution may be they must check their DNA, if the result likely similiar. China and Taiwan become one brother, dispute solved.

    • Say you are American, will you call yourself English. If not, then your opinion is simply rubbish.

      • The us government is not from Britain, but how about republic of china?? plz google what roc is and read their constitution carefully and see if the roc officially includes the mainland

    • Poeple has the right and power to choose their identities ( in terms of politics and orgins). It does not matter how poeple may act the same or act different. They are different once they believe they are different. If you really want to check DNA, you should start with monkeys.

  32. hong kong and taiwan inderpent nations
    not chinnese slaves

  33. This is kind of sickening. It’s mostly the Taiwanese that try to differentiate themselves. Which is how this article is viewed because all the negative points seem to be pointing right at China.

    You’re all the same people. Although with a different dialect of language, you’re basically the same ethnicity wise.

    Why bother fighting all the time?

  34. Taiwan: Population of about 23 million (2002), more than 70% originate from Fujian China. 10% originate from Guangdong, China. Approx. 2% aborigines (malay-polynesian idioms), approx. 15% mainland refugees and their offspring.

    This article is a joke, you need to research your historical facts before you start going around calling yourselves Taiwanese and denying yourselves as Chinese.

    Why does Taiwan not have a seat in the UN? ‘cuz people view “Taiwanese” as Chinese. When I speak to foreign visitors on the subject of “Taiwan,” most of them see the people there as Chinese islanders .. and some does not even know what “Taiwanese” is. Stop promoting nonsense.. hating on Chinese is like hating your great grandparents. Maybe one day you will be recognized as a “Taiwanese”.. the day you stop speaking Mandarin Chinese. I’m half HK and half TW. I travel to Shanghai, Taiwan and HK all the time and I’m a New Yorker. I simply tell people I’m Chinese. Because if I call myself half Taiwanese, half Chinese. They’ll just think I’m annoying because it’s like saying I’m half New Yorker and half American.. u get?

    That aside, Taiwan is of course better than Mainland China But is comparable to Shanghai and Hong Kong.

    • What is wrong with hating your ancestor? Think of North America and Europe. All people came from monkey and look at what we do to those cute little monkeys in the zoo.

      • You’ve to be joking. There’s no country I know with people who care more about their ancestry than America. Who’s the one invented the term German American, Irish American, Italian American, Korean American, African American, etc?

        The white Americans I know are obsessed about their ancestry and that’s also why they go to Europe for vacations first as their first time traveling out of the country, to visit their “homeland”, they tell me!

        The white Americans I know are much more emotionally involved and connected to their ancestry than immigrant citizens of other immigrant countries eg Chinese Singaporean, Japanese Brazilian, Chinese Malaysian.

  35. my ten year old cuz thinks that they are the same bc of their eyes

    thank u , paul reyes

  36. I am a Taiwanese Canadian, I desagree with this article at come parts.
    First, I do not believe Chinese and Taiwanese are the same. People should be known for what they want to be known for, Taiwanese hate to be called ‘Chinese’, and so they shouldn’t. It does not matter how they are the same or how they are different. If they believe that they are different then they are different. Like how I would never call a Canadian an American even though they share some many similar characteristics, I know they are different because they told me they are different. I think it is really rube to call Taiwanese Chinese, when they are saying they aren’t.
    All human trageties come from attacking or questioning the identities of others.

    I live in Taiwan when I was little, I have seen many polite poeple like how the article describes it, and many rube ones. If you see some Taiwanese that are rude, it often has to do with their education level and their level of happiness (I hate to use the word wealth). This is a fact, it applies to many places, not just Taiwan and China. Think about the average level of wealth and education in China compare to Taiwan, and most of you can probably guess how did the creator of this article come up with such opinions.

    It is totally true that Chinese are taught to respect Taiwanese, but Taiwanese are taught to disrespect Chinese (by elementary social teacher). This has something to do with the politics. One of the Taiwanese politic party (Republic of China) was once the ruling party of China, it was the time that China was in war with Japan. Chinese people do not respect Taiwanese as Taiwanese, but as the people of the politic party that once portected them from Japan. So Republic of China taught younger Taiwanese people are taught to disrespect Chinese because their current party (People’s Republic of China) once almost destory them (basically out of anger). It is very stupid of Taiwanese government to pass down their hatred. It took me a while in Canada to wash those bais information out of my head.

    This article only partially apply to general population of Taiwanese and Chinese, and obviously do not apply to individual cases, so it is rediculous for intelligent people to get angry over such a incomplete piece of information.

  37. i am Somali from Somaliland and i found this searching about Taiwan history. there is something Taiwan and my country somaliland share, and that is we are both in the unrecognized countries category. same as the Taiwanese and Chinese, there was no much difference between the people of Somaliland and somalia until 1981 when may people started to fight against the government of Somalia (we were part of Somalia at that time) .

    finally after 8 years struggle in 1991 our liberation movement called SNM (Somali national movement ) and other rebels overthrow the communist dictator regime then my people decided to establish their own state, today my country is democratic growing nation but the problem is no government in this world recognize us as an independent nation while Somalia is failed state since we broke out. any Taiwanese wants to visit my country is more welcome than any other citizen we have good tourist attractions and also open for investment don’t worry about visa ! . WE SHOULD LEARN SOMETHING FROM TAIWAN !

  38. I’m Chinese studying in US. Among all Asians in America, Taiwanese is the cheapest and most hateful.

    • My dear.. you are a racist… anybody can say just about the same thing to some particular Chinese and apply to the entire Chinese population in general. I am a Canadian and lots of my friends are from Taiwan. They happen to be the most fasinating people I know. They are polite, and easy to get along with. They are the first one to blend in with the locals compare to other Asians. Of course I won’t apply them to the entire population of Taiwanese, BUT THEY ARE NOT DOG (yes, yes, I google translate the simplified Chinese you have above).

      用中文说,就是台湾人自己分明是条狗,但却觉得自己比人还高贵。让人鄙视。= In Chinese words, Taiwannese are obviously just dogs, but they think themselves to be above others. Make other people want to discriminate them.

      I don’t know who particularly you are talking about, but making such a overgeneralization that apply to all Taiwanese is possibly the most racist thing you can say. You are saying they think themselves above others while you are saying they are dogs. And speaking of the “cheapest, hateful”, you are more applying to your self rather than the Taiwanese to the audience since you are the only example displayed.

      Are you born in China? Stop thinking like this or you are be the cheapest in wisdom and the most hateful.. and bring shame and bad names to your great nation is probably something you don’t want to do.

      Oh wait, why don’t I just apply what you just posted to the entire Chinese populationand say all the Chinese are racist? I won’t because it will be stupid.

    • Perhaps you should use traditional characters instead of the dumbed down version…..unless you are Chinese.

    • some Chinese people are such uncivilized — no wonder?

    • Im a chinese. I’m ashamed of our people like you. Generally speaking, Taiwanese are more civilised than mainland Chinese. I suggest you go to taiwan for a visit and see if people there are more friendly than Beijingers. People like you, racist and provincial, are not worthy of going abroad for education.

    • Oh sweet Lord help this individual! You sound very angry at Taiwanese! Very disturbing indeed!

  39. I like both chinese and taiwanese. but if i have to choose who to be friends with… i would choose taiwanese 🙂 i have both chinese and taiwanese friends and most of them are nice, and if i compared who were nicer to me, i would choose taiwanese! chinese are nice too:))) but my taiwanese friends are loyal to me, and some of my chinese friends talk behind your back( once, one of my chinese friends said im ugly-looking and said i look like poop) i might not be the prettiest person in the world but i look fine!!

  40. i kinda agree with u cuz i have both taiwanese and chinese friends too
    and i have to say that too:) my taiwanese friends are kind-hearted….. c: but i saying the truth tbh, i think it depends on who they are not what’s their origin ……./…….. im just saying my perspective

  41. It confused me that:
    even if mainland China is poorer and mainlanders are ill-mannered and you taiwaness people really really look down upon us. Why you don’t like to be lablled Chinese?
    There can be two koreans and two Germans, why can’t there be two Chinas? even for the purpose of self-distinction from the mainlander?

    • 中國與台灣都是華人,所以兩個地方的人都可以成為“華人”。 用Chinese的話會帶一點政治的色彩,所以台灣人會感到噁心。 我本人蠻喜歡中國人,就是中國政府那麼爛,有一點可惜。

  42. Respect……….is the only way to resolve the dispute between brothers. I am Taiwanese American, I love Taiwan, I love USA, But China is where my ancestor are from, and definitely the Chinese culture and customs has made a huge part of who I am. So please do respect each other so that the future of ours will be brighter!

  43. So many people are using the Chinese origin of Taiwanese people as an arguing point for considering Taiwan a part of China.

    By that logic, should Canada not be considered a part of France or Britain? Those countries are where the majority of the population originated from.

    Country of origin cannot logically be used as an arguing point for this matter. Countries attain sovereignty for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps those reasons should be looked at instead of pointless origin bickering.

    • If I were to say anything I won’t support their argument using the country of origin, I’d use the point that Taiwan was part of China during the dynasty era.

      Oh and about that Canada part, the difference is Taiwan never officially declared itself as a country, but more of a different party. In other words, it’s comparing an apple to an orange. I don’t know why Taiwan never declared itself as an independent country especially when China had a lot of internal conflicts during 60s or 70s. I think it has more to do with Taiwan was very different back in 50s to 70s, it wasn’t until 80s they’re what they’re now.

  44. I am Taiwanese, and I am Chinese, too.
    Taiwan and Mainland China is now getting better than before.
    I think you don’t know much about Chinese in mainland china.
    All are brain-washed by western thoughts and media.

  45. 台湾敬酒不吃,迟早会吃罚酒。台湾不知死活。

  46. I’m so surprised that this highly biased item is still here and not removed.

    REMOVE this item please! Full of crap.

  47. 下三烂的台巴子写的帖子在这个网站上放了这么久,竟然没有人投诉?删掉这个条目!所以我相当怀疑这个网站的管理者是台巴子在操控。






    • 所謂「民族」顯然只是藉口 ,否則人類都是亞當夏娃的後代,全世界人民(尤其美國)都是與中國(PRC)人同民族啊LOL

      某些在中共政權下的人似乎有被害妄想症 ,



      • 中国被欺负太久,大陆人已经受不了了.不过看起来有些台湾人还是宁愿去舔干爹的脚也不愿意站起来走路.

    • You should get your brain checked. And yes, I understand every single word you typed out, even if it is in horrible simplified Chinese.

      • Dude, what’s wrong with simplified Chinese? Language is not eternal, just so you know. Writing in simplified is much easier, but I don’t have any problem reading traditional. I admit that traditional should also be taught in Mainland, but I totally don’t understand why you would ever need to devalue simplified Chinese and Mainlanders.

    • 真心的贊同啊, 本來就不是同胞啊, 我爺爺就是日本人, 留居台灣在二戰之後,假冒閩南人,, 是我爺爺親口告訴我的,

      來殺呀, 願意奉陪,來單挑啊

      我有很大陸朋友, 也不像你那麼囂張腦殘的
      我女朋友也是大陸人, 也不像你要殺光臺灣人啊 哈哈
      求你了老兄,別在優質了, 你以為攻打臺灣是很簡單的嗎?
      臺灣人是吃閑飯的嗎? 每個男生在臺灣都是兵啊, 都會拿槍啊,

    • 住了大陸10多年, 我深深的感受到中國人被洗腦的嚴重程度. 小學國文課本基本上只有交三種內容 1. 中國的偉大古蹟/人物. 2. 中國古典文學 3. 解放軍抗戰多偉大, 國民黨當時多殘暴…etc. 還有一科目叫”思想品德”.

      Lived in Tianjin, China for 10 years and it is not surprised why so much Chinese have this hatred toward us Taiwanese, or have such strong feelings about Taiwan being part of China. They are brain-washed since day 1 in elementary school. The articles for Chinese subject has basically 3 categories. 1. Praising the Chinese ancient buildings/people etc. 2. Chinese ancient lyrics 3. Elaborating on the civil war on how brave their soldiers were and how cruel the ROC soldiers were (Taiwan). They even have a subject called ” Thought Morality”.



    You’re a disgrace to your own kind, it’s because of people like you, mainlanders are considered uncoth. I had a lot of Taiwanese as friends in school back in Atlanta, and I don’t think any of them hated me because I from the mainland. And to all you guys, not every Mainlander is rude you know.

    BTW sure… Simplified Chinese may be an easier version, but it’s not like a bunch of us don’t know how to read Traditional Chinese and it wouldn’t be that hard to learn it as well. So who’s the dumb one now…

  49. OK first of all, this is a completely biased article. Based on my real life in Canada, I’ve seen a lot of hatred towards Mainlanders, and I think it is understandable. A huge amount Mainlanders (those past generations) are not really educated due to the long invasion war started by the Westerners and then by the Japs (P.S. I personally don’t hate Jap people in general, most of them are very polite and respectful), and to the cultural revolution mistakenly lead by Mao.
    Talking about Taiwan, we were indeed told at school that Taiwan has always been a part of China and it will always be a part of China. Which imo can’t be more true. Why? Because what I understand by the word “China” is its origin, its whole 5000+ years of history (basically the ancient empires of China). I do see the clear distinction between Mainland (PRC) and the general word “China”. So please tell me if Taiwanese think they are not Chinese, why would their country be called “Republic of China”? Thus is makes no sense to me that today’s Taiwanese would prefer calling themselves Japanese rather than Chinese if they had to choose between. Westerners put too many biases onto Chinese only because of the CCP, which is obv improving itself progressively (VERY VERY rapidly during recent years), regarding to freedom and stuff. This thing is now developing into a sort of racism, the only difference is that we don’t discriminate you for having a specific skin color but ONLY BECAUSE you are from the mainland. THIS NEED TO STOP, and it will.
    “Hisstory” is the story of the conqueror, and I believe “brainwashing” happens in every country. Maybe you think I was brainwashed, but as long as I don’t harm myself and the others, I’m okay. But can you now tell me, how do you prove that you, yourself, was not brainwashed? If I used to bully a kid, I’m pretty sure that I will not write it in my biography.

    • Hello Chen, I agree with you. I hate the split of China. I hate the goverment of CCP but love the Country and Taiwan.
      I have been to Taiwan and China once.
      I am a neutral Chinese, not standing in the communist-side and the kapitalis-side. I hate Mao because he turn China in Communist Country, I hate Chiang Kai-shek, because he didn’t fight, but was a corrupt-pieace-of-trash. Look Mainlander and Taiwan what Sun Yat-sen did, not those 2 trash, Sun Yat sen is our father. Not those 2 arrogrant men. I realy like Taiwan and China, ofcourse i understand the reason of hate towards Mainlander, i have been in that situation once, but still I am Chinese, so were they.

      -Mainland China has to change.
      -Taiwan young generation must not let the ROC-faith go, but instead hold it.
      -Taiwanese poeple are Chinese
      -Mainlander are Chinese
      -Hong Kongese are Chinese
      -Don’t give me that bullshit that you aren’t Chinese.
      -It does matter where you ancestors come, It does.
      –Reunite as one country, for democracy, for Sun Yet-sen, for the future. For the “New China” what Sun Yet-sen said.

      I don’t like the hate towards each other.
      I feel shame when i call my self “Chinese” Or say the word.
      Here in the West, people have a different vision on China, rether racism, hate, discrimination. Sometimes i say “Ï am form Korea Or Vietnam”, because i don’t want to know that i am Chinese, but that doesn’t mean i am not, in the end of the day am i still Chinese. You can agree or disagree, but i know how Taiwan feel. I have experience 2 China in my hole life. Yet i don’t choose these 2 China.

      If you call me “Communist” or “traitor” I don’t care, fine
      When you ask me where i form, I am form The Netherlands, far away form the fight between those 2 country.
      I hope one day China and Taiwan reunite together NOT as communism, but as Democracy.

  50. To fix the main message of this article + my thoughts.
    Taiwanese are Chinese.
    Mainlanders are Chinese.

    Taiwanese is NOT equal to Mainlander.
    Taiwan is NOT equal to Mainland.

    Taiwan (ROC) is in China.
    Mainland (PRC) is in China.

    In conclusion, China is an entity and both sides are just a 1/2 each.

    Concerning the level of education at the moment (generally speaking).
    HK > TW > ML

    Adding some HK things to here.
    HK is in PRC (since 1997).
    HK is not in Mainland.
    HK people are Chinese, and some UK x Chinese (mixed).
    HK people speak Cantonese, and some English.
    HK’s status is not comparable with that of TW.

    Non of the two parties should be allowed to represent China on its own.

    Thank you.

  51. I am a truly taiwanese. 15% of people in Taiwan comes from China about 50 years ago. 80% of people of people they come to Taiwan 200 years ago. In Taiwan, these 80 % people have been governed by Dutch and Japanese, so the have developed different culture from chinese. Those 15% people who come later are trying to forced other people to say they are all chinese. My grandpa is Japanese solider in World War II. Those 80 % people , including me, think they are true Taiwanese. Because the 15% people , when then came from China 50 years ago , they DO KILL A LOT of Taiwanese here. That is why Taiwanese love Japanese, but don’t like Chinese. Because they think all Chinese are like those 15% people in Taiwan.
    But recently, the new generation of Taiwan people has changed. Young people started to call themselves Taiwan no matter when their ancestors come.

  52. Maybe Taiwan and China share the same cultural. but since Mao who was a member of PRC established People’s Republic of China, they totally different countries anymore. Also i can’t see any “Republic” in People’s Republic of China. What an ironic fact.

  53. Many people said the article is biased. But except the terms that can’t be measured, other terms are true. Like gender equality, economic position, education standards…etc. It can be proved by statistics.

  54. The article is not true.Actually,each nation or country exists people kind or evil.It’s no doubt that a country full of evil can’t be kept in developing for over 60 years.And I am sure women in China own rights as same as men.(About 100 years ago,women were unequal to men assuredly,but that became history after hundreds of revolutions were done for women’s equality.)The best way to know about a country is to be there personally rather than learning from others.

  55. Actually, a lot of Taiwanese have firecrackers between Chinese. They always consider Chinese as rude and low-class. In general, kind of true in some more countryside places but not all of them. Taiwanese have this kind of weird idea because they’ve gone through a lot of wars when the Chinese was conquering Taiwan, and made unfair treatments to the Taiwanese. However, modern Chinese are actually not as bad as we think. Some of them I met were really nice. Even though I am a Taiwanese, but I respectfully disagree with this kind of mindset. I am just sharing my opinions, I’m not trying to attack or debate, thanks.

  56. The biggest difference is about economic history. The Great Wall of China not only represented the wall to keep Mongolians out but also walled the Chinese from the global economy. Taiwan embraced global economics. Taiwanese aboriginals also looked very similar to the Fijians and the Native Americans making mixed offspring very different than the Chinese, ethnically.

  57. I cam here for facts, not opinions.

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