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When you have internal issues, it affects the way that you make decisions about almost everything in life; should self win over ego ‘“ or should it be the other way around? It actually depends on the situation, but it is good to be able to distinguish one aspect from another.

First, let us talk about one’s self. This basically refers to your higher self ‘“ the part of you which is connected to God, the Universe, nature or whatever form of higher being in which you believe. Your ‘self’ may be a vast term, but it generally refers to a person’s soul and center. When you go deep inside yourself, and you are faced with a tricky situation, that self actually knows the right thing to do. Perhaps the only time that you will encounter problems with your ‘self’ is when self-doubts occur, or when some negative emotion rules over what you know you’re supposed to do.

How about one’s ego? If the self is assured and quiet, ego is loud and self-important. Your ego actually believes that you are more important than somebody else. It is your ego ‘“ not yourself ‘“ which constantly requires approval from someone else. It’s that emotion which always needs validation, gratification, and is always in need of attention. At the end of the day, ego is all about the way that you compare yourself with others.

In essence, self could also be equated with self-esteem, and ego can be attributed to a condescending behavior. Let’s say that you are dining in a restaurant, and you are waiting for the staff to give you a table. Your ego is that unselfish instinct to bark orders at the waiter, while your self, or your self-esteem, is what will allow you to become respectful to everyone with whom you make contact. Impatience, self-importance ‘“ these terms are usually associated with ego, while self-esteem and self-assurance is that something which is developed within one’s self.


1. Self is that part of you which is connected to a higher being, while ego is that sense of self-importance that you have when you compare yourself with others.

2. Self is something typically associated with positive emotions, while ego is attributed to negative emotions.

3. Self is assured and quiet, while ego is loud and self-important.

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