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Difference Between Fiction and Non-Fiction

‘Fiction’ vs ‘Non-Fiction’

Here are some facts about these two types of literary work:


Fiction is any narrative form that deals with events, places, and people that are not factual. The characters are imaginary and are just the creations of the author. There are many fictional literary works that are being used in theater, films, and music.
Fiction can be:
� Realistic Fiction–something that is untrue but could actually happen.
� Non-realistic Fiction–something that cannot really happen. It deals with the supernatural and things that are impossible and are not supported by historical facts.
� Semi-fiction–a fictional account of a true story.
There are three main elements of a fiction, namely, plotting, character, and setting. The plot is very important; it is how the story is being rendered and consists of a stimulus and a response. It must have a scene which is where the action occurs and a sequel or aftermath.

Like all stories, a good work of fiction must have an exposition where the characters are introduced, the setting is established, and the conflict is initiated. Hints about the plot and development in the story are done through foreshadowing. The rising action which comes right before the climax is used to build the suspense. Then there is the climax which is the most exciting part of the story. The falling action and resolution come next and show the effects of the climax. Novels, short stories, fables, fairy tales, plays, poetry, films, comic books, and video games comprise fiction.

‘Non Fiction’

Nonfiction is a factual narrative account of a subject. It can be accurate or not or a true or false account of the subject. It is based on facts which are intended to inform, and it is simple, direct, and clear. It deals with events that have actually taken place.
Major types:
� Essays
� Journals
� Documentaries
� Histories, almanacs, encyclopedias
� Scientific papers, science books, natural history
� Biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries
� Textbooks
� User manuals, handbooks
� Diagrams, blueprints, design documentation
� Travel books
� Photographs, non-fiction films

1. Fiction is based on the writer’s imagination and is just his creation while non-fiction is based on factual events and people.
2. Fiction is not a true story while non-fiction is true.
3. Fiction is meant to entertain while non-fiction is meant to inform.
4. Non-fiction presents facts in a clear, simple, and direct manner while fiction does not.

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