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Habits vs behaviors

A person is described by the habits and behaviors he possesses. These habits and behaviors can tell the character and the identity of that certain person. These things are very important in the over all attribute of a human person. It can tell whether the person has a positive character or a bad identity. These things seem to be one and the same but the truth is there is a big difference between habits and behaviors. To define your character and your identity, it is best you must know the differences and the definition of habits and behaviors.

When one say behavior, it means the over all action of the system in coordination with its environment and surroundings. The system of organism around an individual greatly affects the behavior of a person. Behavior is the response to the different actions made by the system or organism around that person or even inside that person. It may be voluntary or involuntary.

Habits are the things a person does repeatedly until such time that it becomes automatic. It is often unnoticed because people don’t keep on checking their routine, they just do it. Doing the same things over and over again can also be a form of learning, until in the long run the one doing the action towards a situation face it with familiarity and not in varied ways anymore. Habits are somewhat mastered acts that people do repeatedly.

While behavior is the reaction of the system on the impulses around it, habit is the thing a person does repeatedly and subconsciously until it becomes a routine. This is the main difference between the two. This means there are times when habits tend to become compulsory. When it comes to behaviors, it is actually triggered by the nervous and the endocrine system, which means if the nervous system has a big effect on a person’s behavior.

Another difference between the two is that the habit cannot be a behavior because, habit is subconsciously repeated and are not intended sometimes, unlike behavior which is just a reaction to outside impulses. This is another major difference between the two that behavior is done consciously while habit is done unconsciously.

One of the most remarkable differences between habits and behavior is that, behaviors are outputs of an individual towards his environment, while habits are the input of the environment on that certain individuals; this is why they say that ‘habits die hard.’

These are the definition and differences of habits and behaviors, with this you may be able to know peoples character and identity.



Habits are repeated actions that later on become automatic and are difficult to stop, unlike behaviors, these are just reactions to impulses in the environment.

Behaviors are done consciously while habits are done subconsciously.

Habits are sometimes compulsory while behaviors may be affected greatly by the nervous system.

Behaviors are outputs of an individual to its environment while habits are the inputs of the environment on an individual.

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  1. The syntax in the article is somewhat garbled, obviously written by a “non-native” English speaker/writer. An example would be “… These habits and behaviors can tell the character and the identity of that certain person. These things are very important in the over all attribute of a human person. It can tell whether the person has a positive character or a bad identity.”

    Really? Does the writer mean, perhaps, that describing and/or examining the habits and routines can provide an indication of, or “give clues to”, the character (forget the “identity”!) of that certain person?

    So then, what “things” are important in the “over all attibute(s)” of a person? Presumedly, it would be the character, the behavior, as described by the routines and habits of the person.

    What is a reader, or student, to do with the strange moral judgments required in applying the labels “positive” and “bad”, let alone in defining the terms “character” or “identity”.

    Confusion rules here, for any reader, native or non-native!!

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