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Difference Between Islam and Hinduism

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While religious denominations tend to share many things in common, the difference between Islam and Hinduism starts with their respective origins, and goes all the way through to beliefs and practices. In the desert of Arabia, there were kinds of people who were ready to revolt against the traditional religious beliefs of the time. Once the prophet Muhammad received his divine revelations, Islam was formed, developed, and taught.

Hinduism began as more of what could be called a ‘coming together’ of various belief systems. At the time, the subcontinent of India was a destination of many wanderers, the exiled, the seekers, and of course, the prophetic. There are much greater ties to Jewish and Christian beliefs in Hinduism, than can be found in Islam.

One can find many vast differences in the founding principles of each denomination. Islam is formed from a sense of activism, a need to rush out and find the world, teach those in the world of Islamic faith and tradition, and embrace the humanity in which it resides. Hinduism is based on principles of patient listening, tolerance for those who are different in faith, and the strong belief that, in given time, there will be an awakening of the people. This awakening will bring the people to Hinduism.

Religious denominations have been historically named to define either their location of origin, or the principle prophet or founder of the denomination. While this is accurate for Hinduism, Islam is one of the very few religious denominations named after the theory of commitment to God. This theory preaches the practices of purity, peace, and the unconditional and unquestioned obedience and immediate submission, when it comes to the will of God.

In Hinduism, there is a strong belief that God is in form, in everything, and His unconditional love of the people is available for all. What this translates into is, that God can take up any form he sees fit in order to reveal himself, and that means he is not always male. It is common to practice the worship of God to his female forms, as well as, to the form in which He was made. The path to God is not so much a path, but the simple ability to see God reveal him (or her) self.

Islam teaches that there is only one God, and that God sends angels rather than opening up a divine revelation. The angels are protective, and do not need human comforts or qualities.

With all of the differences, each denomination understands that free will is part of human quality, and was given to them as a gift from God. This notion of free will makes the study of either religion more potent in the eyes of the devout.

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