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sheriffPolice dept vs Sheriff’s dept

A police dept and a sheriff’s dept are both law enforcing organisations. These two departments may cooperate in many ways but these two are different in all aspects. Though the two departments have the same goal of providing public safety, they differ in every way.

One of the main differences between a police dept and a sheriff’s dept is pertaining to their area of jurisdiction. A sheriff’s office is a law-enforcing agency that looks after law enforcement or jail services pertaining to a county or subdivisions in a state. A police dept on the other hand looks after law enforcement in a specific city, municipality, town or village. While a police dept’s service is limited to a small area, a sheriff’s dept has jurisdiction over a wide area.

The police dept performs various functions for public safety. They also perform various public services like providing safety education and security within their jurisdiction limits. In large cities, the police dept may specialize groups like riot police and bomb squad. Well, a sheriff’s dept also perform all these functions. Despite all these, it also acts as a coroner’s office, where deaths that require investigation are sent.

Another noticeable difference is that while the police dept handles all city calls and other calls that pertain to their jurisdiction limits, the sheriff’s dept handles all calls from the county. As the sheriff’s dept has a higher jurisdiction, they can often help the various police depts.

Another thing is that the Sheriff’s office has been established by the State Constitution. The duties and responsibilities of Sheriff’s office are outlined in the Constitution. On the other hand, a police dept has been established under municipal regulations. While the sheriff’s are elected officials, the Police chiefs are appointed.

‘Sheriff’ is a word derived from the Old English concept of ‘shire reeve,’ a man who looked after the interests of the King in a shire or district. Police is a word that has its origins in 1700s, which referred to local law enforcement.

1.A sheriff’s office is a law-enforcing agency that looks after law enforcement or jail services pertaining to a country or subdivisions in a state. A police dept on the other hand looks after law enforcement in a specific city, municipality, town or village.
2.While a police dept’s service is limited to a small area, a sheriff’s dept has jurisdiction over a wide area.
1.The Sheriff’s office has been established by the State Constitution. a police dept has been established under municipal regulations.

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  1. Another difference is a sheriff is chosen by voters hence the name sheriff’s office. It’s an elected office. As opposed to a police department. Police chiefs are appointed by mayors or city managers to run a department of the city works.

  2. Whether police or sheriff officers, I have nothing but praise for these people. I thank them all for the jobs they do, sometimes under very difficult and dangerous situations. They have my sincere thanks and appreciation.

    • The sheriffs Dept is outlined in the constitution. The police enforce unconstitutional corporate codes for the thugs in Washington DC. Fuck the police. The are what’s wrong with America. The politicians in Washington could use the sheriffs dept. as they would refuse to violate the constitution. So they started another army, as they did with the DHS. Only need one law enforcement agency unless you are going to do something unconstitutional, and they have. Just goes to show that the police and the morons that support them are to stupid to think for themselves, thus the overthrow of America has taken place. When the police come and take your gun and put you on a FEMA bus to go to Washingtons FEMA labor camps or death camps, I’m going to laugh at you you fucking moron.

      • You’re a typical thug, you hate the police because they get in your way when you want to rob, rape, riot and act like a crazed ape.

        • I cannot speak for him, but I’d just like to be able to do my delivery job without being searched on suspicion of drugs just because of my appearance. You are ignorant as hell, a decent % of America is deeply unsatisfied with our police force, most of them are NOT trying to rape, rob and do all that other stuff your ignorant self implied.

        • I pray you’re one of a few. Or you’re a cop. Regardless, you’re a BONE HEAD.

      • hi. if you have time & can answer or suggest on a couple ?’s plz respond 8178529241. ty

    • People who hate cops do so because of very simple reasons.

      • Yeah, you’re 100% right, real simple reasons. Like being targeted for appearance or seeing your people senselessly shot despite being non-violent.

      • People hate cops because they blindly follow order given by the evil ruling elite. Even when give an order contrary to godly morals, laws, and our Constitution they all refuse to stand up and to do what is right, but obey what is wrong in fear they may have to go get a real job and work for a living. They are blind, simple minded followers and are most definitely not an oath keeper. They violate the Constitution at every contact with the public, but you would not know that as many of them do not because you refuse to educate yourself and have never even read the Constitution. How can a cop uphold what he has never read and knows nothing about. Even if he came to understand how he and his other co-violators ignore and violate the constitution he would not go against the unconstitutional order of his superiors, or other cops he works with, and you and I both know he would do what is wrong from fear of his superiors and what the other corrupt and unconstitutional cops would say or may even do to him. Why because he is weak, a blind follower, always takes the easy road, scared of what others may say, think, or do to him, lacks strength and moral character, and cannot stand alone for righteousness and justice. He could never come out of the world and be separate just to do what is right but will always follow and support the wrong that his superiors, his coworkers and ultimately himself are doing. He works for the corrupt, foreign, global, elite that have destroyed our Constitutional Republic and slyly incorporated America in 1871 under the Crown of England and have convinced the sheep that America is and has always been a democracy, but in fact is a Constitutional Republic where the people retain all power not these pus bags in government. Under a democracy the government rules. Be a leader, be a man, and not another dumb sheep following evil because it’s easier and to scared to stand alone or pay the price of freedom. You will find in the Constitution that our forefathers made a way for a safe society with the sheriffs dept. the only Constitutional law enforcement agency (now corrupted). Police enforce Deep States unconstitutional corporate rules called codes and statutes not our original common law. Police agencies were created by Deep State to show force and generate revenue for the foreign owned corporation that has been fraudulently put in place and incorporated by the foreign banking cartel (House of Rothschild) and by and under the Crown of England who now rules and owns Washington DC, every president including Trump, the Rothschild Federal Reserve Bank, the foreign corporation of the IRS that was incorporated in Puerto Rico and only collects revenue via extortion for the Crown of England and the House of Rothschild.
        All the above is factual, easily available, truth, but like most American sheep you will not seek truth, research this truth, and sure as hell want rock the boat and fight for truth, but will continue on as a sheep because like most Americans today you have grown lazy, blinded, dumb, lack strength and moral character, take the easy path, are scared, and afraid to fight for what is right and for our Constitutional Republic and therefore you do not deserve a free America and may actually be to dumb to be free and need someone to tell you what to do. Therefore I say to you, baaah baah!

    • Obviously you have little to no education, are a follower of both the simple and the smart that easily manipulate you. Some people learn all they can everyday of their life, but early in life you gave up learning and decided to conform along with the other simple minded follower. It is people like you that are the cause of the current bad condition of America and humanity. Even if by accident you came to know some truth when would ignore it and continue to follow the masses all the way down the road of self destruction because you lack knowledge, strength, and are scared to run your own life. Instead you follow the sheep down a life built on lies and ignorance. If you stumble upon a great truth it scares you and you ignore it from fear of being different or what others may say or think that are going to the same path of destruction as you. You chose to be a scared, weak and uninformed little lamb. It is easier for you to be a follower (dumb, manipulated, sheep). If you were to receive great revelation from God himself and knew 100% in your heart that it was just that great revelation and truth from God Almighty you would ignore it, tell no one, cast it off from fear of man and continue along with the masses down that dark, cruel road of destruction while taking others with you. If someone gave you such truth it would not only scare you from fear of being different, but you would call them horrible unjustified names and falsely slander those you know nothing about. I feel sorry for you and those sheep like you. Only I can say to you now is baaah bah!

      • John, anyone who can write a single sentence with 105 words and jam seven different ideas in it must be highly educated. But why does your lengthy rant not answer anything pertaining to the original question?

  3. I was wondering the difference, they both can cuff U. I came from Mass. We didn’t really see sheriff’s up there

  4. It seems rather superfluous to have the two agencies when one is answerable to the people while the other is answerable to elected officials. As there is no Constitutional provision for a “police department” it should not exist in this country. The police department is much more likely to become corrupt then a Sheriff’s department, and I think that has been witnessed. Now I read something about the UN being given permission to “police” America, for our safety? The U.N. would be nothing less than another invasion being a foreign power.

  5. I think that the police are more readily available to their city for those cities that can afford them and cities are somewhat safer having some type of policing rather than putting it all on the county. Sheriffs departments still play a role in some of city crimes. Cities who have police departments pay for the extra protection through taxes. I think Sheriff’s departments are great but am grateful for police department in my city too.

  6. Ps. I need to add that I do feel there should be more accountability of police and I do not condone police brutality in any way.


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