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Melbourne vs Sydney

Melbourne and Sydney are two of the largest and most densely populated cities in Australia. Both cities are famous in the continent and also in the international scene as tourist spots due to their distinct city characteristics.

The two cities share a history together beginning with the competition of being the continent’s capital city. Both cities vied for the honor but, due to the intense rivalry between the two cities and having no compromise, the future capital city of Canberra was formed in the middle of the two cities. Since then, the two cities became traditional rivals, especially in the aspect of becoming the most popular city in Australia in the field of sports.

In particular, the A League soccer matches are often the venue for soccer clashes between Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory FC. In the ANZ Championship, the New South Wales Swifts competed with Melbourne Vixens for the win in the sport of netball. In basketball, the Sydney’s Kings had a duel with the Melbourne Tigers in the NBL courts. Both cities are playing base or home to some national sports groups. The Australian rules football (Australian Football League or AFL) call Melbourne their own while the Rugby League (National Rugby League or NRL) consider Sydney as their base.

Both cities are capitals of two neighboring states. Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria, with the second largest city with the second highest population on the continent while Sydney is the capital city for New South Wales and holds the record for being the largest city and the most populous city. Sydney is also older than Melbourne, having 478 years of establishment before the latter city was formed. Both cities are located on the Southeast part of Australia with Sydney on a higher latitude compared to Melbourne.

Melbourne is famous with international tourists while Sydney is the preferred city for local tourists. Sydney is famous for being the financial and media hub city while Melbourne is feted as the city of arts, culture, sports, and fashion. Melbourne’s christening name is after the British Prime Minister William Lamb, Second Viscount Melbourne. Melbourne was the home of the prime minister during the reign of Queen Victoria of England. However, Sydney was first named earlier after the British Home Secretary, Thomas Townshend and the First Viscount Sydney of England by Arthur Philip. This means that both cities were named after British politicians and viscounts.


1.Melbourne and Sydney have a long history with each other and share many characteristics due to their closeness in proximity with each other. Both cities are in the same southeast position of the continent, and both share a history of being named after British politicians.

2.Both cities are named after British viscounts. Melbourne is named after the Second Viscount Melbourne, a prime minister of Queen Victoria, while Sydney is named after the First Viscount Sydney.

3.Melbourne is the capital for the state of Victoria, the second most populous and largest city and was founded later compared to Sydney. Speaking of Sydney, it is the oldest, largest and most populous city in the continent. In addition, it is the capital city of New South Wales.

4.Melbourne and Sydney were competitors ever since the two cities wanted to become the capital city of Australia. Since then, the two cities are considered as rivals usually in the field of sports.

5.Different kinds of tourists flock to each city. Melbourne is the favorite of foreign tourists while Sydney has its flock of local tourists. Both cities are also different in their tourist attractions. Melbourne is known for its more artistic attractions while Sydney features the more cosmopolitan magnetism.

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  1. Er, Sydney was established 47 years prior to Melbourne (not 478 years). Sydney in 1788, Melbourne in 1835.

  2. There is no way that Melbourne is 478 years younger……
    Australia since English settlement is less than 300 years old 1770 being cooks landing

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