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  1. Matt B.
    May 14, 2020

    This is enlightening, concise and very well presented in a fairly clear matter. Jurisdiction, fairness and due process are of paramount importance for any legitamate court, country, land, possession or personal human being! I can speak from personal experience of when I was pushed//manipulated/coerced into attending and being a part of a corrupt, dishonest, and post-secondary kangaroo “court”. I was basically setup with collusion, slander/libel, character defamation/assasination and all the forced upon shame that was apart of it. I lost my education opportunity for a degree/diploma, went into a deep depression/anxiety, worry, of huge Toxic stress, coped as long as I could alone until telling some family an then tried to suck it up like a man which led to quick deterioration of my emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual and physical life an well being. Memory problems, attention issues, motivation, energy, hairloss, unhealthy eating/drinking/sleeping/thinking coping mechanisms were also consequences of being falsely accused, tried by fake “jury/judge” misconduct board, and then ostrasized by my program dean/chair/profs of my department program and then persecuted with a dishonest course program grievance (power/control grab an Jurisdiction issue again) of not being able to finish my education. Then setup by the false accusers and then the institution overtly prevented me from continuing my schooling all due to lies, slander, gossip, fear of the unknown and personal subjective biased so called evidence. Objective facts were no-where to be found here, but I guess thats to be expected in a kangaroo court run by people who dont understand due process, justice, and jurisdiction. Have set me back almost 8-10 yrs by the fallout. Anyways, guess no body comments here but I did see how innocent people get convicted in courts thru UN-due process and fake jurisdiction by imposter judges an juries. Thanks for the good write up on jurisdiction!


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