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Difference Between Autonomous Region and Protectorate

governance_politicsAutonomous Region vs Protectorate

A public administration system is widely used to govern the administration of a country. This helps in civil administration for effective and fair people service. Elected government, or the head of the region, carries out the public administration work for the region desired. This covers peacekeeping measures, border security, economic development, development of society, foreign relations, and managing the execution of day-to-day governing activities.

Different forms of government rule various regions across the globe. Autonomous and protectorate are two such types of government. This political institution helps the government to rule the state, and organize and execute administrative power to maintain law and order.

An autonomous region is an area that functions independently from external authoritarian. An autonomous region can be defined either by it’s geographical difference, or by it’s degree of freedom. Countries that practice an autonomous form of government follow federacy. In federacy, one or more states are considered independent from many other states in the country. Autonomous regions can be classified into territorial autonomies, local autonomies and sub-regional territorial autonomies. Different countries define autonomous areas differently, as the ruler of the state governs the definitions. The People’s Republic of China, along with Russia, are holding the most autonomous areas in the world.

Iraq, Southern Sudan, China and Russia’s Autonomous okrug and oblast are considered to be a recognized form of autonomous government.

According to the international law, a protectorate region is a region protected by diplomacy or by military from the stronger states. This form of government allows the state to accept a few obligations, depending on the regions relationship with the powerful state. In spite of this, the protectorate region functions with sovereignty, and provides a government that follows international law.

The protectorate has two types of rational protection in their governance, namely amical and colonial protections. Through amical protection, Christian states and small states with less significance, were protected by the super powers. Later, the non-Christian regions and weaker regions were protected.

The protectorate regions have government along with branches, including divisions to execute their rights of sovereignty. The government also has the power to determine the type of government they want in the region. This form of protectorate governance is popular among the Germans. For example, the people from Czech can form a government which would suit them, based on the region’s character. Protectorates in common wealth are not affixed with any grant, treaty or by any other lawful means.

Besides the head of state, the Protectorate has its own government, and other branches and divisions to exercise its sovereign rights. It is also up to the members of the Protectorate to determine their form of government. The Czech people may create for themselves a form of government which best suits their national character.

The Protectorate has a flag, and carries out administration through authorities. They also have a unique legal system that governs the law and order system.

1. The Protectorate is a region protected by autonomous diplomacy and self administrators.
2. An Autonomous region is an area that functions independently from external authoritarian.
3. The Protectorate has a flag, and carries out administration through authorities.

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  1. Could you explain a bit more on Autonomous Region? Is it not different from Independent state? what kind of rights do the Autonomous Region have?


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