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Science and religion are two very important aspects of every human’s life. Science and religion are subjects which can be discussed extensively and still would be unfinished in the end. However, we can try to understand their differences in a very general and simplified way.

Religion, by many people, is considered as an absolute faith, an absolute knowledge about the universe, nature, humans, and their belief in their own gods. This is a very limiting expression of what religion is. Religion is actually a collection of beliefs and systems. It includes different belief systems, cultural systems, and worldviews.
Religion developed in separate parts of the world as different beliefs, different morals, different ethics, and different lifestyles evolved. People surrendered themselves to their gods; they used religion to explain the meaning of life, the origin of life, and basic human nature and laws binding them together through religion. There are many religions in the world. It has been observed that some religions emphasize more on faith while others on what they practice. Some emphasize on spirituality and personal experiences while others emphasize on rituals observed by a particular community.

Religions have been broadly categorized into world religions which deal with international faiths as well as indigenous religions which deal with national and cultural specific religions and new religious movements; which deal with faiths developed recently.


Science is a study which collects, organizes, and proves or disproves the knowledge that has been collected through analysis. It studies about nature, its evolution, its forces, and different phenomenon taking place in nature with respect to each other.
For a very long time, “Science” and “Philosophy” were considered interchangeable. But after the 17th century, “philosophy” and “natural philosophy” or “natural science,” as it is called today, started being considered as different concepts. Science is, in modern times, considered “physical science” and “natural science,” or a study of chemistry, physics, biology, and geology. Natural science deals with studying the natural phenomena.

Science has been divided into two main categories; natural science which deals with natural sciences, and social sciences which deal with the study of societies and human behavior.

The main thing about science is that it does not claim to have absolute knowledge about the universe, human nature, or natural processes taking place around us. Everything is based upon testing, validating, researching, and applying it to prove why things happen and how they happen.
Science and religion have their own personal importance in each individual’s life. Usually people keep them separate, but sometimes conflicts happen when they overlap.


1.Religion is a collection of beliefs, morals, ethics, and lifestyles while science is a collection of knowledge of natural phenomena and human behavior proved or disproved through analysis and evidence. It does not deal with morals or beliefs which are not proven.
2.Religions have been broadly classified into three types; world religions, indigenous religions and new religious movements while science has been categorized into natural science and social science.

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  1. Religion without “SCIENCE”, is “LAME!”

    Science without “RELIGION” is “BLIND!”

    Albert Einstein

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