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Difference Between Chipotle Burrito and Bowl

To order a chipotle burrito or a bowl? This is one of the most confusing things to most diners. While most prefer burritos since they are an easy meal especially when on the go, customizing the ingredients can be a tricky task especially when in a rush. But what exactly is the difference between chipotle burrito and bowl? Let’s see below. 

What is Chipotle Burrito?

A chipotle burrito is a Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine where a flour tortilla is wrapped around various food ingredients such as meat, vegetables as well as other additions. To make it more pliable, the tortilla is often wrapped. They are often eaten by hand since the wrapping keeps the ingredients together. However, they can also be served with a sauce and can be eaten with a knife and fork. The most common fillings include different variations of meat and vegetables as well as other condiments such as crema, salsa and guacamole. 

The ingredients in most burritos can be customized. 

What is Chipotle Bowl?

This is the serving of a variety of the Tex-Mex burrito in a bowl as opposed to serving it wrapped in a tortilla. The contents of a chipotle bowl can vary based on a person’s preferences as well as what is offered in different restaurants. Most people prefer chipotle bowls as it is easy to cut down on calories as well as unfavourable contents such as gluten. 

Burrito bowls can either be purchased in restaurants are made at home. Even with the variation of the contents, most burrito bowls contain meat, different variations of vegetables and other additions such as cheese, sour cream and guacamole. They can either be mixed or layered on top of one another. Most Tex-Mex restaurants claim that burrito bowls are healthier compared to large tortillas. 

Similarities between Chipotle burrito and Bowl

  • The ingredients of both can be customized
  • Both contain different variations of meat, vegetables as well as other additions. 
  • Both are Tex-Mex dishes

Differences between Chipotle burrito and Bowl


Chipotle burritos are served wrapped in tortillas. On the other hand, chipotle bowls are served in bowls.


While chipotle bowls are considered a not-so-good option for health-conscious people, burritos bowls are considered a healthy option given the ease of customization. 

Mode of eating

Chipotle burritos can either be eaten by hand or fork and knife. On the other hand, chipotle bowls are mostly eaten with forks. 

Chipotle burrito vs. bowl: Comparison Table

Summary of Chipotle burrito vs. bowl

Chipotle burrito and bowls are similar in many ways. The main difference, however, is how they are served. While Chipotle burritos are served wrapped in tortillas, chipotle bowls are served in bowls. Despite the differences, both are popular Tex-Mex meals. 

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