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Cobbler vs Pie

Cobbler is one of the most favorite desserts among Brits and Americans. It is made of a flavorful fruit filling that is cooked in a large baking pan and later appears to have a thickened crust after baking because of its battered pastry cover. It is actually safe to say that a cobbler is a form of pie.

With regard to history, the Pilgrims were said to be responsible in bringing the pie to Northern America. It was well received by the local folks that it became one of the staple foods in American pastry cooking. The first-made pies were fruitier in fillings, but chocolate, cream, ice cream, peanut butter, and caramel have been added to the design most likely because of the advantage of refrigeration.

The pie has a flaky crust and is baked using a deep dish. The fruit filling is ordinarily placed in between two pastry crust layers, and the top is made out of lattice, sweet crumble, or even a full pastry cover. In rare occasions, the top portion is left open making it a single layer pie. Because of its appeal to the masses, the pie has branched out to many dessert subfamilies including the buckle, crunch, pandowdy, crisp, tarts, and of course the cobbler.

Cobbler is different from pie because it has a single crust. Cobblers can also be made into many shapes giving more freedom to the pastry chef. Oval, circle and rectangle dishes can all be used to make cobblers. Another peculiar characteristic is its filling placement. Cobblers have an odd way of placing their fillings below the dough layer. This dough is either used to cover the filling as a single whole layer or cut into intricate shapes before placing them on top of the filling. In terms of the actual dough used, cobblers were traditionally using the same kind of dough as in pies. However, most cobblers today are already using biscuit dough.


1.Pies are more popular than cobblers in the worldwide sense.
2.Cobblers have only one crust layer while pies often have two layers (top and bottom).
3.The cobbler has more freedom with shapes as it can be baked using dishes of almost any shape. A pie is usually baked using a circular pan.
4.The cobbler filling is cooked beneath the dough layer as opposed to the pie whose filling is placed in-between the two pastry crusts.
5.Cobblers today usually make use of biscuit dough.

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