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  1. Hawkeye
    April 11, 2011

    I disagree totally with this statement:

    Tomato paste is used either as ketchup or tomato sauce.

    This is just plain wrong! It can be used for MAKING those things, but not USED AS. Have you ever tried putting plain tomato paste on a hamburger, or covering your pasta with tomato paste? Yeccch! Tomato paste is an uncooked ingredient which must be combined with olive oil, seasonings, and onion and/or garlic to create a sauce and then the ingredients must be cooked. Or you may use it to coat a meatloaf, but then again, it is only one ingredient in the recipe and it is cooked. You can’t use it raw, it would be awful.

    Tomato sauce, on the other hand, is a cooked and finished product, and to be used on pasta, rice, meats or in other recipes, like lasagna. It can be made with fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, chunky style or smooth, and tomato paste may be added for a thicker sauce.


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