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Difference Between Kayak and Canoe

kayakGetting out on the water can be a great way to spend the day. Some of the most popular choices for zipping around a lake or river are kayaks and canoes. These two boats differ in their shapes, paddles, origins, and typical uses. Make sure to choose the boat right for your recreational needs.

Canoe ‘“ wide bodied with a flat bottom. Open at the top with seats for the paddler to sit on. A canoe curves up at both ends in a very slight U shape. Canoes designed for lakes and slow moving rivers often sport a rudder for straight travel stabilization.

Kayak ‘“ narrower design than a canoe. Kayaks are enclosed at the top and may even have a spray skirt to create a watertight seal around the paddler’s body. The paddler must sit on the bottom of the kayak. Traditional kayaks don’t have a rudder. Designed to quickly right themselves if flipped upside down.

There are exceptions to every rule when looking at canoe and kayak design. Both these boats have been modified to meet specific sporting needs.

Canoe ‘“ single bladed paddle.
Kayak ‘“ double bladed paddle.

This is the easiest and most surefire way to tell if the boat is a canoe or a kayak.

Canoe ‘“ used by people all over the world from at least 10,000 years ago. Traditional styles were first dugout and birchbark, with canvas and wood coming into being in the 19th century. Larger canoes were used for exploration and ocean sailing.
Kayak ‘“ used by the Inuit and other northern tribes for open ocean hunting. Traditionally made from waterproofed skins stretched over a light wooden frame.

Typical Uses
Canoe ‘“ two or three people generally paddle a canoe. They are used on calm lakes and rivers for distance travel and small fishing.
Kayak ‘“ one (rarely two) people paddle a kayak. They are often used for whitewater rapids and less often for travel on lakes and calm rivers.

Again, these are the most typical uses. There are also rapid worthy canoes and tandem kayaks.

1.Canoes are generally bulkier and larger than kayaks.
2.Canoes use a single paddle while kayaks use a double paddle.
3.Canoes have been used worldwide for early trade and travel. Kayaks were developed for North Sea hunting and fishing.
4.Canoes are generally found on calm bodies of water while kayaks are more suited to whitewater travel.

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