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Difference Between Aluminum and Vinyl Windows

window-waiting-pdAluminum vs. Vinyl Windows

Are you planning to beautify your home? Why not start by replacing those old and outdated windows and window frames? If ever you proceed with such, make sure that you know what material to use for your windows. Will it be vinyl or aluminum?

Aluminum windows are generally stronger windows than vinyl. This material is able to counter against the harsh weather conditions, including the cruel lashing of the wind; no wonder this window type is the one being used commonly in several tall apartments. Being the durable kind of window, aluminum windows are also very easy to repair. The glass can quickly be removed whenever it breaks. This makes aluminum windows easily replaceable, and replacement costs are lower compared to other windows.

Moreover, this window type is said to offer better noise protection than vinyl. The latter has to be made thicker for it to level up to aluminum’s noise insulation capabilities. Besides from noise protection, most engineers or architects recommend the use of aluminum for doors and windows because it cannot be broken down easily when a thief plans to break through the material, as opposed to vinyl windows and doors.

Unfortunately, vinyl windows, on the contrary, are usually glued together with vinyl patio doors. Hence, when the glass gets broken, the whole thing must be repaired, if not replaced. This is undoubtedly a more expensive thing to do than purely repairing the glass of an aluminum window. Replacement costs are generally greater for vinyl. You are required to do lots of routine cleaning for your vinyl windows. You may also end up having to lubricate the hinges of your windows. Because painting is no longer required for this kind of window, vinyl has a very limited color selection upon purchase. The biggest disadvantage of this window type is the nature of the material itself. Vinyl is composed of PVC, or polyvinyl chloride ‘“ a non-biodegradable material.

Vinyl is a bendable and soft material. Thus, too much stretch and flexes, most especially if the vinyl is thin, can easily lead to breakage. It is probably the most common or popular type of window. This may be due to the fact that these windows are cheaper than their aluminum counterparts. Other pros for vinyl windows include their nature of being unaffected by moisture, and that painting is most likely no longer required. Vinyl windows are also a good choice for your home if you want better insulation from heat.

Aluminum windows also have some downsides. Aesthetically, these windows fall short of what can be called beautiful. The metallic look will give a bland impact to the windows of your home. Also, moisture can seep into the material, and this can lead to rust formation. On top of that, aluminum windows are found to be much more difficult to order.

1. Aluminum windows are stronger and more durable than vinyl.

2. Aluminum windows are easily replaceable, and replacement costs are lower than vinyl.

3. Aluminum windows offer better noise protection than vinyl.

4. Aluminum windows are usually affected by moisture, and are prone to rusting.

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  1. Excellent comparison, but do let me point out that there are a multitude of grades when it comes to vinyl frame windows. The better ones eliminate the sagging, fading, and cracking issues by using a better grade of vinyl in the manufacturing.

    As for replacing the glass, many units now have removable glazing strips to facilitate replacement of the glass without removing the frames.

    On the issue of security, look for ones with metal reinforcement on the lock points, that will eliminate much of a thief’s ability to easily force their way in.

  2. Aluminum does not rust. It corridoes, this would take years for the material to break down enough not to support the weight and preform its function.

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