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In the realm of hybrid cars, two brands or car models come head to head. These are the Civic and the Prius. Obviously, each car comes from a competing company. The Civic is duly created by Honda, while the Prius is a proud product of Toyota. Nevertheless, this article is just the right thing for those of you who are on the verge of buying a hybrid car.

When choosing between a Civic and a Prius, you first need to consider a lot of aspects, like it’s outer appearance, the inner comfort, the space inside the car, the maximum speed, the controls and the overall performance of the car. In terms of the inside of the car, the Civic seems to have a more modern, or futuristic finish to it’s interior. Honda chose beige as the dominant internal effect, which makes the Civic look more spacious than it normally would. The Prius, on the contrary, has a simple inside set-up. Yet its simplicity outdoes its competitors because the Prius is packed with lots of functionalities on its steering wheel alone. From telephone controls to audio devices and climate regulators, the Prius has it all on its steering wheel. Hence, the driver need not reach farther for the knobs of these controls, as opposed to most of the other cars being manufactured today.

It is also evident that the newer versions of the Prius are more technologically advanced than the Civic, because it is full of amazing add-ons, some of which are expensive. It even has a keyless start system that enables the driver to start his or her own car with a push of the start button, as long as the keys are within the car’s vicinity, but not necessarily inserted into the keyhole. Moreover, the Prius can carry a 456L cargo, whereas the Civic can only hold as much as 376L.

On the outside, the Civic is undoubtedly more appealing to the eyes. It even has its own set of indicator lights that are built within its mirror wings. The Civic also looks more high tech and more eco friendly than the Prius. It may be because of Honda’s alloy wheels that make it look friendlier to the environment. Although both car models feature alloy wheels, it is still the civic model that makes the head turn when placed side by side with the Prius.

There are still lots of differences between the Prius and the Civic car models, but for now, the most basic are:

1. The Civic is from Honda, whereas the Prius is made by Toyota.

2. The Prius is more ‘gadgety’ and expensive, with lots of add-on tech features built inside the car, than the Honda Civic

3. The Civic looks more elegant and futuristic on the inside compared to the simpler interior design of the Prius.

4. The Prius can carry more cargo than the Civic.

5. The Civic is said to look more attractive on the outside than the Prius.

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  1. The article is accurate as far as it goes but is quite basic. It does not mention any performance figures or any economy figures, quite important for a hybrid, or any indication of ability to hold its value, vital for any car.
    It is fair to say that the Prius performs better than the Civic in all these areas. It is still the cleanest family car on sale here in Europe and the only area where the Civic really scores is that it is relatively cheap.

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