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dyson_d15DC15 vs DC25

When considering the line of Dyson products, the difference between the DC15 and the DC25, creates an interesting predicament for anyone trying to choose their next model. Each has many similar features, so it’s important to understand the features they share, just as much as it is to know the features that differ, so you can be sure that you make the most appropriate selection.

There are two available sub-models for each model. The DC15 comes in All Floors and Animal, as does the DC25. Each model and sub-model for the DC25 is considered to be a version of the DC15, that has been upgraded for better performance or longevity, which can vary from model to model.

There is a telescoping wand that is part of the standard equipment for the DC25. The DC15 is devoid of the wand, making the option of vacuuming above floor level, very difficult to impossible.

For those who are in need of respiratory relief, the DC25 has been certified by Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The DC15 has not. This means that the DC25 meets the requirements for releasing clean air, offering full benefits of air purification when using the product.

When considering which has the most tools, the DC15 is ahead of the game. When compared to the equivalent model of the DC25, you get the animal tool, the stair tools, and the combination tool, with both models. The DC15 also offers the additional groomer tool, low reach floor tool, and the crevice tool.

The DC25 is the larger of the two models, but it is also the lighter of the two models. The difference in weight is about 4 pounds. The DC25 offers 2 inches to 5 inches more, when it is compared to the height, length, and width of the DC15.

Most retailers offer the DC25 for a fairly competitive price when compared to the DC15, although, either model is not available for less than $500 in new condition. For the Animal sub-model of either model, you should expect to pay about $50 more, when compared to the All Floors version.


1. The two models share many features, and have the same type of sub-models.

2. The DC25 has been endorsed and certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

3. The DC15 comes with more standard on-board tools.

4. The DC25 is larger in volume, but lighter in weight.

5. The DC25 tends to be only somewhat more expensive than the DC15.

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