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Full vs Queen Mattresses

Mattresses are usually classified according to their sizes. That’s why there are terms such as a queen-size bed mattress and a full-size mattress. So how do they differ?
Foremost, it all boils down to inches. A queen-size mattress is obviously larger compared to the full mattress. On top of this, some health organizations have acknowledged the significant advantages that one type of mattress brings over the other, most especially if you share your mattress with your partner.

Otherwise known as a double mattress, the full mattress has a 54” x 75” (54 inches by 75 inches) dimension. It is approximately wider than a standard twin-sized bed by as much as 15”. The full extra long variation is quite long at 80,” which is as long as a queen-size mattress.

According to the ISPA (International Sleep Products Association), the queen-sized mattress should be 60” wide and 80” long. It is therefore wider, (6” more), and longer, (5” more), than the full-sized mattress.
In this connection, the queen-size bed offers the bigger bed space for a couple by giving away about 30” of space for each. A couple using the full-sized mattress receives only 27” of sleeping space per person. The difference of 3” may not appear significant, but in actuality, it keeps the couple on bed all night (without falling off, of course). The total area for a queen size mattress is 4,800 in2 while for a full mattress it’s only 4,050 in2.

In terms of cost, the queen mattress costs a little more compared to a full mattress most likely because of its bigger bed space. Queen mattresses usually sell as low as $400 while some ultra luxurious variations reach as high as $5,000 (like those having the ultra-plush memory foam). Full-size mattresses, on the contrary, can go as low as $360 and as high as $3,800.
Based on a study conducted by the Better Sleep Council, the queen-size mattress has become the most well-known mattress choice in America since 1999. This is also because of the fact that many couples like to use the queen mattress especially if they spread out a lot on the bed. This is also the reason why most hotels are now using the queen-size mattress for their guest rooms.


1.The queen-size mattress is longer and wider than the full-size mattress.
2.The queen-size mattress is more expensive than the full-size mattress.
3.The queen-size mattress is more popular and is more often used in most sleeping setups compared to the full-size mattress.
4.The queen-size mattress has a bigger surface area than the full mattress.

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  1. I think that you explain some very important fact here. Not everyone is aware of what each of the different sizes really mean. I work with 1800 Mattress so I was knowledgeable when I purchased my full mattress. I think that for most people this decision can be a little overwhelming. There are just so many different options from the size to the brand to the comfort level that it can be almost too many options. I think its just like buying a wedding dress thought. Set the budget, stick to it and narrow down the options within your range. This make the process alot more manageable!

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