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Difference Between Gold and Silver Tequila

Whether you have been a tourist to the scenic beaches in Mexico or have had margaritas, you’re more likely to have heard about tequilas. There are many types of tequilas but the most common are gold and silver tequila.

Tequila is Mexico’s national drink and could be the most guarded secrets as far as alcoholic drinks are concerned. One can make scotch from any part of the world, but it can’t ever compare to the scotch made in Ireland, the same concept applies to tequila. They say tequila is not tequila unless it was made by a Mexican.

Tequila’s origins can be traced back to almost 2000 years back, when the drink was used for religious ceremonies. It is only within the last century that the drink has evolved into an alcoholic beverage for cocktails and shots.

The base ingredient of tequila is blue Agave which is a plant that belongs to the lily family. The drink is then processed and fermented, then classified based on the taste, aging and ingredients used up.

The grading however is not based on the qualities good or bad but they are graded with differences from one another. The grading does not give detail on the quality only the process of making and fermentation process adopted.


What is Gold Tequila?

Gold tequila is made from the blue agave plant as mentioned earlier. However, it is not purely made of it but a mix which is less than 100% agave is distilled into alcohol. The gold colour is then acquired from two different sources; the barrels where the tequila was aged in or coloring additives.

The barrels often give it a brown hue, sometimes caramel. Adding caramel to the mix gives the drink a smooth taste making it an optimal choice for the famous shots. In the case that the brown tequila is 100% agave, the mixing process must have involved adding silver tequila with top-notch aged tequila.


What is Silver Tequila?

Silever tequila also known as blanco or white tequila is characterized by being clear and transparent in colour. It is more common to find in bars, clubs and liquor stores. This tequila is easily confused for vodka due to the look and sometimes the scent for amateur drinkers.

Silver tequila is bottled immediately after the distilling process; this means that it is not aged or it is aged for a very short period.

White tequila is distilled in stainless steel storage containers and the total concentration can either be 100% agave or a close mix. Silver tequila can have a rather harsh taste which is often neutralized with salt and lemons in clubs. This is because the drink is not aged like other high end tequilas that are intended to be sipped directly. On the brightside it works perfectly as a budget friendly base for cocktails.


Differences between Gold and Silver Tequila

Color of Gold vs Silver Tequila

The main difference which can be spotted almost immediately is the difference in color. Silver tequila has a clear transparent look which makes it appear as clear as water. The gold tequila has a brown almost caramel appearance as it is matured in barrels. The process makes the drink absorb a different color and flavor from the wood it is stored in.

Process of Gold vs Silver Tequila

Gold tequila is stored in barrels for a while during the aging process. The longer the tequila ages the more the perceived quality and price. Silver tequila can be packaged between anything less than two months after the making process.

Finished Product of Gold vs Silver Tequila

The process of making gold tequila is completed once additives and the necessary colouring is added. Silver tequila is packaged in its purest form without any additives.

Taste of Gold vs Silver Tequila

Gold tequila has a rather smooth bearable taste. This taste is acquired from the aging and flavouring processes. Silver tequila has a harsh taste which often make consumers cringe when taking straight shots.


Gold tequila is often made of a lower concentration of agave and is often a mix of less than 100% agave. Silver tequila is often a composition of 100% agave.

Use of Gold vs Silver Tequila

Gold tequila is best consumed directly due to its smooth taste as shots. White tequila is best used for cocktails as its pure form is rather harsh to consume. This is however a best use practice doesn’t mean it is not used alternatively.

Price for Gold vs Silver Tequila

Tequila gold is pricier compared to tequila white as the process involved in the first is longer and costlier. Some distillers can take years to age the gold tequila therefor increasing its value.

Gold tequila vs. Silver tequila: Comparison Table

Summary of Gold vs Silver Tequila

  • The best tequila globally comes from Mexico.
  • There are around five different types of tequila; tequila silver, gold, resposado, anejo and extra anejo, but the most popular is white and gold.
  • The main difference between tequila gold and white is the process involved in making; gold is stored in barrels for aging while white can be bottled right after distillation or within 2 months.
  • Silver tequila is more popular in clubs compared to gold.
  • The colour difference of the two is the outright difference; gold is caramel brown while silver is pure like water.

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  1. The first paragraph claims Ireland makes the best Scotch. All scotch comes from scotland, which is where the word scotch derives from. I can’t accept anything you write when you can’t ever get this basic fact correct.

    • Yes, Wes is exactly right. Only whiskey made in Scotland can be called scotch. Likewise, Canadian whiskey can only be made in Canada, Kentucky Bourbon can only be made in KY and Irish whiskey can be made in only … you guessed it … Ireland.

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