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Difference Between Green Antifreeze and Orange Antifreeze

Overheating and freezing in engines is one of the most common causes of mechanical problems in automobiles, but it can be prevented, at least in most scenarios. Among ways of cooling automotive engines, the most recommended is the use of coolants, also referred to as antifreeze. They are available in various colors, commonly green and orange. Although they both keep engines from overheating and freezing, they have several differences in relation to the ingredients used as well as the technology used in the protection of the cooling systems.


What is Green Antifreeze?

This is an antifreeze that incorporates the inorganic additive technology (IAT). It is prepared by mixing phosphates and silicones with ethylene glycol or propylene glycol, which helps in the prevention of the corrosion of metals used in the engines cooling system.


What is Orange Antifreeze?

This is an anti-freeze that uses Organic Acid Technologies (OAT). It uses organic acids to prevent engine corrosion.


Similarities between Green Antifreeze and Orange Anti-freeze

  • Both keep engines from overheating and freezing


Differences between Green Antifreeze and Orange Anti-freeze

Technology used

While the green anti-freeze incorporates the inorganic additive technology (IAT), the orange anti-freeze uses Organic Acid Technologies (OAT).


The ingredients used in green anti-freeze include phosphates and silicones mixed with ethylene glycol or propylene glycol. On the other hand, the ingredients in orange anti-freeze are organic acids.

Green Anti-freeze vs. Orange Anti-freeze: Comparison Table


Summary of Green Anti-freeze vs. Orange Anti-freeze

Both the green and orange antifreeze are effective engine coolants, despite their differences. While the green antifreeze incorporates the inorganic additive technology (IAT), the orange anti-freeze uses Organic Acid Technologies (OAT).  It should, however, be noted that mixing these coolants can result in expensive repairs as the two do not mix well. When mixed, these two form a thick substance that can stop coolant flow hence leading to overheating.


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  1. Another big difference is that one cannot be used in aluminum engines. A good way to ruin them!

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