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Difference Between Honda Accord and Toyota Avalon


Honda Accord vs Toyota Avalon

The Honda Accord and Toyota Avalon are two four door sedans that share similar features and compete for the same market share. Comparing the two in terms of the base price, the Accord is cheaper compared to the Avalon.

Under the hood, the Accord has some minor advantages over the Avalon. Its engine squeezes three horsepower more. It is also capable of getting an extra mile per gallon on the highway but has just about the same mileage when traveling in city streets. These are really very minor and might not even be noticeable for most users.

The Avalon offers a lot more when it comes to features, which should be the case since it costs more than the Accord. The Accord uses the traditional key system for access and ignition. Though you also have this on the Avalon, you can get keyless access and ignition on some models. The same is also true when it comes to windshield wipers. Variable intermittent windshield wipers are what you get on the Accord while you can get rain sensing wipers on the Avalon. With rain sensing wipers, you no longer need to fuss with the switches as it detects when it’s raining or not and turns on or off accordingly. Looks wise, door sill trim plates comes as standard on the Avalon but are absent on the Accord.

The Avalon also has more features when it comes to the instrumentation panel that drivers can use. A trip computer comes standard in all Avalon models but is absent on the Accord. A trip computer gathers data like distance travelled, mileage, and fuel consumption among other things that can be useful to the driver and for the maintenance of the vehicle itself. For those who still prefer to use maps or simply can’t get a good GPS signal, the Avalon has a compass on its instrument panel that you can use in order to get the proper orientation.

1. The Accord costs less than the Avalon
2. The Accord’s engine is a little bit more powerful and fuel efficient than the engine of the Avalon
3. You can get keyless access and ignition on the Avalon but not on the Accord
4. The Accord only has variable intermittent wipers while you can have rain sensing wipers on the Avalon
5. The Avalon has door sill trim plates while the Accord does not
6. The Avalon is equipped with a trip computer and compass while the Accord is not

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