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Difference Between LG Scoop and LG Rumor

lg_scoop_rumorLG Scoop vs LG Rumor

These two devices from LG are the same exact mobile phones but are being distributed by different telecommunications companies. The LG Scoop is being sold by AllTel while the LG Rumor is from Sprint. LG has done this mutiple times with their mobile phones and it comes as no surprise that these two also have the same specification from the toes to the tips of their metaphorical hair.

There is really very little that can be discussed with these mobile phones since they are exactly the same, for better or for worse. They have the same low resolution screen and bulky form factor relative to candy bar phones. They both have no 3G support and LED flashes in to go with the camera. But they also have the same excellent keyboard that is quite a treat when writing long messages.

Although they are the same, AllTel and Sprint have software implementations that give one a tiny bit of advantage over the other. Sprint painted theirs with a white minimalistic look while AllTel went for the metallic and black look, whether you like one over the other is subjective. The camera on the Scoop has added a few more options like an additional resolution and some color settings. All these added features are only in the software and doesn’t mean that the Rumor’s camera is inferior to the Scoop’s, but it’s always nice to have additional options. Other software features like games, applications, and direct links to their services usually equate in the end and offers very little merit for extended discussion.

In the end, it is no longer a decision of which mobile phone you like better since the differences are very marginal at best. It all boils down to which company you are more comfortable with. If you like Sprint over Alltel then the Rumor is for you, but if AllTel provides better sevice in your area then you should go with the Scoop.

1. The LG Scoop is marketed by AllTel while the LG Rumor is marketed by Sprint
2. They have exactly the same hardware inside and are capable of the same exact things
3. The only visible difference between these two is in the color of its casing
4. They also differ in the software since differing mobile phone companies implement their own branding on the phone.
5. The Scoop’s camera has a few more options in its software compared to the rumor

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