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Difference Between Nokia N Series and E Series

nokia_e_nNokia N Series vs E Series
The N and E Series are classifications of mobile phones from the giant mobile phone company from Finland. They are not in direct competition with each other though since they have their own intended market. The N Series is packaged as fun device with a lot of multimedia features while the E Series is a more conservative design geared towards businessmen.

At the hardware level, there are already a lot of differences that can be easily identified. The most prominent of all is the different keyboard designs that are implemented on these phones. The E Series phones have a full QWERTY keyboard to maximize typing speed while most N Series phones only have the standard keyboard, but they also have dedicated player buttons for easier playback controls. The N Series phones also have a much better camera compared to the E Series, along with added entertainment hardware like an FM and DVB-H tuner. These features use up a lot of power and could easily drain the battery with prolonged use, perhaps that is why Nokia chose to leave them out in the E Series. A 3.5mm jack is also available in the N Series models since this is essential to most music lovers who own high-end headsets that can reproduce better sounds.

The productivity suite that comes along with the E Series phones are much better compared to N Series despite the fact that they are both equipped with the Symbian 60 OS. The email application in the E Series phones are generally better and much convenient to use. A licensed version of QuickOffice is also added to the E Series phones to further enhance its usability.

As stated above, the two groups of mobile phones from Nokia have their own purpose. The N Series is packed full of features while sacrificing ease of use and battery longevity. The E Series, on the other hand, maximizes the ease of use and battery life but foregoes any of the other features present in the N Series.

1. The N Series is designed as a multimedia device while the E Series is more of a business oriented design
2. The N Series models have better cameras and built-in entertainment hardware which are not present in the E Series
3. The E Series have QWERTY keyboards while the N Series has the standard mobile phone keys
4. The business oriented software of the E Series are much better and more polished compared to the N Series

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