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Electronic databases have become the most essential part of most businesses since it was created. But the needs of most companies have increased, not only in terms of capacity but also in its complexity. Faster and better database systems are being developed constantly to address these problems. Structured Query Language or SQL was one of the technologies that was developed to make it easier for both developers and consumers to implement database software. Although you might think of SQL as a programming language, its functions are limited to accessing and modifying databases. It creates

Oracle was the first commercially available RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) software that utilized basic SQL commands. It was owned by RSI (Relational Software, Inc.) which later on changed its name to the Oracle corporation. Oracle also has a few versions of their software that should fit the needs and budgets of their clients. The cheaper versions have limitations in terms of the number of CPUs that can be used, maximum amount of memory, and maximum amount of data. Even if you have a multicore CPU with heaps of disk space and memory, it would go to waste as the software wont use it. Oracle can also operate in a wide variety of operating systems, giving their clients the freedom of choice. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and on IBM and HP machines.

But SQL is not exclusive to Oracle as all of the big software makers who produce RDBMS have also switched to using SQL. This includes its competitors Microsoft and IBM who also produces their own RDBMS. There are also problems when planning to migrate from one provider to another. Because even though they all use SQL, their implementations vary widely and are not compatible with each other. Part of the reason for this is their drive to keep their current customer base.

SQL is the most dominant language in use with database management softwares today. Though there are other languages that are being developed to replace it, they still hold no imminent threat to SQL. But when it comes to a specific system to use, there are still a lot of choices around, Oracle is just one of them.

1.Oracle is an RDBMS while SQL is the language used to access most modern databases
2.Oracle was the first commercially available RDBMS that uses SQL
3.RDBMS providers that use SQL do not have compatible implementations

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