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Difference Between Eastern King and California King

Eastern King vs California King

When someone sees ‘Eastern King’ or ‘California King,’ it does not mean that there is a king of California. Instead, these were names that were given to oversized mattresses which have become increasingly popular in large bedroom homes. These beds are bigger than the traditional queen or full-sized bed, and in some cases require owners to special order bedding that fits them appropriately. In the United Kingdom, their king-sized bed is the size of an American queen bed, and their super king is the same as an American king. California king and Eastern king beds can be purchased at any mattress and furniture stores with prices on the higher end for mattresses as you are paying for the size. Unfortunately, because these beds are so large, they are difficult to move alone and are hard to get in and out of certain rooms. You must be sure you have enough space to house an Eastern king or a California king if you are going to purchase one.

An Eastern king-sized bed holds a 76-inch wide by 80-inch long mattress and is typically referred to as just a king-sized mattress. A California king-sized bed holds a 72-inch wide by 84-inch long mattress. This is the largest bed available in the United States. The Eastern king bed is typically considered equal to two long twin-sized beds with four extra inches of width. So it does take up plenty of room; however, there is ample room for two people to sleep comfortably. The Eastern king is four inches wider than the California king and is popular for larger sleepers and couples who want to spread out and have additional comfort. California king is four inches longer than the Eastern king bed and is popular among taller sleepers who find the traditional king too short for comfort. When shopping for sheets and bedding, the Eastern king-sized bed will be labeled as ‘king sized’ alone, whereas to find longer bedding, it is necessary to special order for the California king. Both beds were created with the intention of helping taller and larger-than-average sleepers, and even those who just like to spread out, with more room than a queen-sized mattress.
While the Eastern and California king beds may seem to have many differences, in reality, the differences are only a few inches from each other.

1. The Eastern king and California king refer to beds that are of larger than average queen sizing. The Eastern king is also referred to as a standard king-sized mattress.
2. The Eastern king is four inches wider than the California king, and the California king is four inches longer than the Eastern king mattress. The size of the Eastern king is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long and the California king is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long.
3. The Eastern king and California king need plenty of room to house them as well as more than one person to move the boxed springs and mattresses.

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