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Difference Between Reiki End Plates and Standard End Plates

Reiki End Plates vs Standard End Plates

Massage tables have three different options. These three different options are due to the difference in the end plates provided in the massage table. The end plates are an integral part of the massage table and cannot be removed or changed. Thus, when one buys a massage table, one should be aware of the differences between the Reiki end plate and the standard end plate. On both the sides the same type of end plates are fixed, but in some tables like Earthlite, one side has standard end plates while the other end has Reiki end plates. These are called combination massage tables.

Reiki End Plates
Reiki is a special type of massage, and the Reiki masters have to carry out the massages mostly in the sitting posture. This is because it involves a lot of head and foot massages. The massage table with Reiki end plates delivers more comfort for the therapist in terms of sitting and easily putting his feet under the massage table. The end plates have an arch at the end which looks like a “U.” The structural design is not supported as well as in the standard end plate thus the thickness of the end plate is usually greater to make it durable. It helps the knees of the therapist to easily be accommodated under the table, and the legs don’t need to be stretched while sitting for long sessions.


Standard End Plates
Structurally, standard end plates are stronger. They are more stable. The reason is sometimes when massages like sports massages have to be given to clients, the therapist needs to mount the table along with the client and to support the body weight of two people. To endure the vigorous massage techniques, the table has to be strong and stable. It should not rock or vibrate or give way during the vigorous massages. The drawback of standard end plates is that they do not provide leg room under the table. The therapist who does not sit down can get away with the design, but if they have to sit, it is not very comfortable. The legs have to be stretched to accommodate the body according to the shape of the table. The stability of the standard end plate comes from a decorative “X” shape.


1.Reiki end plates on a massage table provide more comfort for the therapist while he sits as the ends are designed like a “U” and the knees can be accommodated under the table. Standard end plate massage tables do not have the shape to accommodate the knees of the therapist under the table thus it is more suited to the therapist who prefers standing.
2.Reiki end plates massage tables are less stable than standard end plates tables; the standard end plates massage tables have a cross-shaped structure to make them more stable. The Reiki end plates massage table has a thicker structure to make it strong.

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  1. I thought this article was good. If you were to improve upon it then you would add more images showing the practioner and positioning differences.
    Other than that it explains that the endplates are refering to the space under the table between the legs which at first was not understanding.

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