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Difference Between Counter and Bar Stools

Many a time is when people confuse between a counter stool and bar stool. The two are different assets but mostly used in the same field, probably in the same room. The key difference is their heights, and how they differ from one to the other.

With the hard-to-note differences, most people end up buying one instead of the other only to find that it does not fit their needs. It’s a disappointment yes, but it can be avoided by learning how to differentiate a counter stool from a bar stool.

This post seeks to explain why the two stools are not interchangeable with the conspicuous difference between them.


What is A Counter Stool?

A counter stool is a type of chair that one can sit on comfortably behind a counter. The stool can be used on a bar counter, kitchen top or working space, or a dining area. Usually, the top is designed in a way that one can access it either standing or sitting. This means the stool has to be tall enough or higher than a regular table.

Normally, a standard counter height is about 36 inches from the floor level. As such, a counter stool will be between 24 and 26 inches from the ground.


What is A Bar Stool?

A bar stool is a tall chair type that usually has foot rests to support the user’s feet. How tall or narrow the bar stool is determines its suitability for use both at high tables and bars in pubs and bars. As the name suggests, therefore, a bar stool is designed for use in a bar even though nowadays it finds its way even in front of kitchen counters.


Difference Between Counter and Bar Stool

The main difference is:

The Height

The height of a counter stool is usually between 24” – 29” while a bar stool is usually between 30” and 36” high. Simply put, a bar stool is taller than a counter stool.

Counter Stool Vs. Bar Stool: Comparison Table


Summary of Counter Stool Vs. Bar Stool

While shopping for a bar stool or counter stool, what matters most and should guide you is the height. Once you know how different they should be as well as other specific features, you will avoid buying a stool that is too short for your table or county. It will also help you avoid buying a stool that will make you bruise your knees below the countertop.


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