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Difference Between Retail and OEM Vista

vistaRetail vs OEM Vista

Most of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems comes in two packages, retail and OEM, and Vista is no different. The difference between retail and OEM versions of Vista lies in how it is sold. Retail Vista is the version which is being sold in stores as individual packages and are bough by people who already have computers and wishes to upgrade or those who like to build their own computers. OEM Vista is sold from Microsoft to makers of branded computers and laptops. They install this on their computers and sell them as a package that already works out of the box. Taking the hassle and complexity that comes with installing a new operating system.

OEM versions are usually tied to the hardware and upgrading the computer is limited to certain parts only. Replacing the motherboard or the processor might lead to the operating system to stop functioning. This is not the case with retail versions which are not tied to any hardware. You can replace almost any part of the computer without having any problems. The worst that could happen is that Vista requests that you reactivate by calling the Microsoft hotline.

Although OEM versions of Vista are not being sold to consumers without being packaged with any hardware, we can still deduce that there is a big difference in pricing. For most people, this is enough reason to buy a computer with Vista packaged. If you are a not a power user and you only intend to use your computer for word processing and the like, getting a computer with OEM Vista might save you a lot of hassle and cash. You would not need to replace any part of the computer unless something gets damaged. And by the time the computer needs to be replaced, there would probably be another operating system that you can get packaged with your brand new computer. Spending extra on something that you won’t really take advantage of is just a waste of money.

1.Retail Vista is sold as an individual software package to consumers while OEM Vista is sold to computer manufacturers and are then sold to consumers packaged with a computer
2.OEM Vista is usually restricted to the hardware that it shipped with and you cannot upgrade too much while machines installed with retail Vista can be upgraded as much as you want as long as it is the same machine
3.Retail Vista costs more than OEM Vista

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