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Difference Between Vista 32 bit and 64bit

vistaVista 32bit vs 64bit

When you buy an operating system today, you are faced a few choices. The first would be what OS would you like to have, then there’s the version that you would like as operating system come in different versions, and more recently the number of bits in its architecture.

Traditionally, 64bit systems are meant for enterprise servers that handle great loads and demands even greater memory requirements. Most home systems are more than happy to stay at the more established 32bit systems. This holds true for the latest Microsoft OS Vista. But if you want to buy Vista and  thinking whether to buy the 64bit or the 32bit version, you must weight and consider the pros and cons of each before making the purchase.

Before you buy the OS you must first search for compatibility list that has the software that you cannot absolutely live without. If the software cannot run on Vista 64bit, then you have no more thinking to do since you really need to stick with the 32bit version. But if it is able then the 64bit Vista might be your best option.

You must also look at your hardware if it has a 64bit processor in it. But since you are buying Vista which has much higher requirement, it might be safe to assume that you already have a more recent 64bit processor. Aside from that, you must also inspect the remaining software that you use. These are the ones that you use but aren’t you can live without. You should weigh if losing those is worth gaining what 64bit computing has to offer.

If you can actually deploy a 64bit vista, there are actually more than a few advantages that you can reap. As we all know, Vista does eat up a lot of memory already due to its features. The 4GB memory capacity of 32bit systems might not be enough for the OS and your programs may face slowdowns. With 64bit Vista, you can install as much memory as you want, safe in the knowledge that your system can make use of it. Installing a 64bit OS ensure that whatever new software appears, you could already run it. By using a 64bit OS you have already future proofed your computer, since 32bit computing is already becoming obsolete.

When choosing an OS, buying a 64bit version of Vista is a much more sound choice if all the necessary software you have can also run on it. The only reason to stick with the 32bit system is if you cannot use your essential software on the 64bit version.

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