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Difference Between Rifle and Shotgun

shot-gunRifle vs shotgun

Though these two may look somewhat similar, rifle and shotgun differ in structure, usage and other features.

One of the major differences that can be noticed is that while shotguns come with a smooth bore, rifles comes with spiral bores or rifling, as the name itself indicates.

Another thing that can be noticed is that a shotgun fires as many as several dozens of smaller lead or steel pallets, which is known as shot. On the other hand, a rifle fires only one lead at a time.

Rifles also have more power than the shotguns. When talking about their effectiveness, shotguns are more effective at close distance than the rifles. The shotguns are easier to aim and it is good for self-defence as several rounds simultaneously hit the person targeted. But coming to long distance, rifles are better to aim than the shotguns. When shotguns are used for longer shots, it cannot deliver much load beyond 50 yards. As shotgun fires dozens of pallets, it is less helpful in targeting a distant object. Whereas rifles delivers the perfect shot at a longer distance. Moreover, as it delivers only a single pallet, it can hit a specific target.

When a shotgun can hit targets less than 50 yards, a rifle can hit targets anywhere between 75 to hundred yards. There are also some high-powered rifles that can hit targets close to a mile. While a shotgun is more accurate in hitting a moving object at a short distance, a rifle is exclusively for longer shots. Moreover, the bullets used in a rifle are small with a diameter between 6 mm to 8 mm, which helps the bullet to travel to a longer distance. The speed at which a rifle shoots a bullet is much faster than a shotgun. This is because a rifle shoots only one pellet, which is small.

While a rifle comes with a single projectile, a shotgun has multiple projectile features. When rifles are useful for a long range, shotguns help in short range. While the rifles come with Front and Rear Sights, the shotguns come with only Front Sight.

Another difference that can be seen between a rifle and the shotgun is in their bore walls. The barrel of the rifle comes with thick walls with spiralling groves. Bt the shotgun barrel is very smooth, which allows the shot to glide down the barrel without any friction.

When handling, a rifle comes heavier than a shotgun.

1.Shotguns come with a smooth bore. Rifles come with spiral bores or rifling
2.Shotgun fires as many as several dozens of smaller lead. A rifle fires only one lead.
3.When rifles are useful for a long range, shotguns help in short range.

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  1. Shotguns only fire one lead if it is loaded with a slug round.

  2. Rifle required barrel with rifiling grooves but shotgun dosn’t

  3. this article is horribly innacurate

  4. Agree, many inacuracies and generalizations.

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