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Difference Between Road Bike and Triathlon Bike

Road Bike vs Triathlon Bike

Bikes are available in different designs according to requirements. The road bike and triathlon bike are two different types of bikes having a different purpose to serve. The triathlon bikes are designed to perform in triathlon events. In triathlon events, a very high speed is required for short distances on bikes. Road bikes are developed for pack riding and for “bicycles only” events which requires longer distances to be covered. These two differ in basic design and structure.

Triathlon Bike

The triathlon bikes are designed with a steep seat on the middle bar of the bike. The seat tube angle is around 80 degrees. This causes the weight of the biker to be aimed in a forward direction and relieves the total pressure on the hamstrings. This position is better in an aerodynamic sense. It is due to this that the biker attains high speed in a lesser time as the forearms are rested on the handle bars (aero bars). The tube top of the tire of the triathlon bikes is usually shorter.
In triathlon bikes the shifting gears are present at the end of the aero bar. This allows the rider to shift with the slightest movement of the body to attain a higher speed.
The frame in these bikes is made up of foil-shaped bladed tubes. This is done so as to reduce the drag acting on the bike by a decrease in the turmoil as the air moves over the bike and also to make the bike heavier.
The triathlon bikes have wheels with a deep dish which enhances the aerodynamics of the bike.

Road Bikes

The design of road bikes is somewhat different to the triathlon bikes. The seat in this bike has a tilt at an angle of about 75 degrees. The handles are positioned in a way which allows maximum efficiency and quick response time which is essential for pack riding.
In road bikes the shifting mechanism is located at the middle of the aero bar. Here, in order to shift the gears, a hand movement is required which deflects the biker from the best aerodynamic balance.
The frame of road bike is made up of round tubes. The main idea behind this is to reduce the overall weight of the bike.
When it comes to wheels, road bikes are assembled with low-profile wheels. These reduce the total weight of the bike.


1.Triathlon bikes are used in the triathlon events. These events require a short span of riding at very high speeds which progresses into another event. Road bikes are used in pack riding and longer races as the Tour De France.
2.The road bike and triathlon bike differ in front end structure, shifting, and geometry.
3.A Triathlon bike is costlier than a road bike.
4.Triathlon bikes are heavier than road bikes.
5.Road bikes are made according to strict Union Cycliste Internationale, or UCI, regulations. Triathlon bikes do not follow such regulations.

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