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Difference Between Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes

Road Bikes vs Mountain Bikes

Bikes are boys’ best friends. These are good as a sport and an exercise as well. When it comes to bikes, there are different options available. The choice has to be made according to the needs. Here we will look into the differences between road bicycles and mountain bicycles. The main difference between the two lies in the riding speed, riding type, technical details, mechanics, and components.

Both bikes are designed according to the driver’s needs. Let us now look into both types of bikes one by one.

Road bikes

The road bikes are designed for running on roads. They are faster and may reach up to a speed of 75 miles per hour. Accordingly, they are lightweight and have a slender body which cuts the wind as much as possible. The carbon and titanium frame is thinner, and the handle bars are shaped in a curve so as to keep the biker’s body close to the bike. These bikes are aerodynamically designed to give accuracy and speed. The tires of the road bikes are thin and very smooth.
Road bikes have the least number of gears. It is done to create a narrow gear ratio. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of the bike. These bikes do not have any suspension. The material of the bike is sufficient to absorb the shocks from the uneven roads. These bikes have
V–brakes which are fitted at the rim of the wheel.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes are made for better control over hilly and mountainous regions. The mountain bikes are run off roads. The path can be full of stones, roots, and various other kinds of debris. Mountain biking requires more of technique and concentration than road biking. As far as speed is concerned, the mountain bike runs slower with an average speed somewhere near to 20 miles per hour.

The frames of the mountain bikes are wider, broader, and heavier. The tires are also wide and are covered with lots of rubber to increase the surface area and the friction. This helps for a better control of the bike in the mountainous regions. These bikes have a greater suspension. They are equipped with front shock absorbers and rear suspension. Some of these may even have a locking suspension for extra cushioning on the road. These bikes have disc brakes which are fitted to the center of the wheel and maintain an efficient braking system for emergency braking. Also, this braking system is good for muddy terrain.


1.The road bikes run on paved roads whereas the mountain bikes runs off road.
2.The road bikes are light-weight as compared to the mountain bikes.
3.Road bikes have a thin frame and curved handle bars. Mountain bikes, on the other hand, have thick frames and broad handle bars.
4.Mountain bikes are equipped with suspension which is absent in the road bikes.
5.The braking system in both the bikes is different.
6.The road bikes are taller than the mountain bikes.

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